home slippers with your own hands Slippers, slippers - soft couples! Perhaps, perhaps the only attribute, without which many do not represent home comfort. We come from work, we put on sneakers and ... we are already rushing about the apartment, and our tired legs seem to be filled with new strength. The very fact that your favorite home slippers on your feet, already helps us to relax and feel at home! Do you know where the slippers come from? It turns out that even in the Ancient East concubines were supposed to wear slippers. Allegedly because in such shoes without a backdrop it was impossible to escape through the stony terrain. Although much later, and men appreciated the virtues of slapping. Plunge into the soft enveloping softness of slippers after hours of walking in tight boots was a real delight. But in our time, room slippers are not just a protection for the feet, but also an important element of home comfort. In addition, footwear for the home is a whole trend in needlework. Slippers can be sewn, you can tie them with knitting needles or crochet, you can then glue hard soles to them, paint them, make appliques and even sew them with beads and make embroidery! What materials are allowed to sew slippers by yourself? Absolutely from all that you have at home on hand: old jeans, bootlegs of leather boots, artificial decorative leather, ordinary cotton fabric, plush, corduroy, fur, felt and so on. Filler is the most commonly used filler. Instead, you can use an additional layer of any soft fabric, artificial fur, and still you can take a filler for soft toys. to sew slippers with your own hands

Traditional sneaker slippers

So, you decided: "And I'll make beautiful slippers!""In order to sew stitches with your own hands, you just need to make a few patterns. And already from the ready-made pattern, you can "dance" in your individual direction. You can change the top of the slippers in any variation. Below we will present you a template of the basic pattern (1 cage = 2 cm) and possible modified versions of slippers. By the way, instead of the bottom sole you can buy ready felt or other insoles intended for shoes. And it's even easier to make a pattern according to the size of your foot and cut out an insole, for example, from an old felt boot. This is done in this way: put your foot on a clean sheet of paper and circle around the contour of the foot. Naturally, we do not need a physiological footprint with all the bends. Therefore, correct the drawing with straight lines, visually representing the sole of the sneaker. So, you need to cut out two copies of both parts on each leg of the prepared material and one copy - from foam rubber. Please note, when using a volumetric substrate, you need to add an allowance of 0.5 centimeter to the top outer piece. Then the cut parts must be connected. There are several options for attaching parts. We will describe one of the possible methods. Cut out details of slippers need to be swept away among themselves in the form of a puff cake: a fabric-foam-cloth. Then repeat these lines on the sewing machine and make some curly lines on the surface of the parts - to fix all the layers. The edge of the upper part, which will not be sewn to the sole, must be treated with decorative edging, braid or any existing beautiful ribbon. Next, we need to sew up and down the slipper with the usual method of overlapping each other, and the sewn edges of the sneaker also need to be enamelled with edging or braid. Here comes a pause, and it seems that the slippers are ready! But at this stage you sewed soft slippers. However, lovers of hard soles are recommended to glue the workpiece, for example, to the sole of the old sneakers, or manually sew the sneakers to a more toe soles of felt, etc. Of course, for this it is necessary to use especially strong threads and a thimble. And now comes the time for the manifestation of fantasy. You can decorate the top of the slippers with thermo-stickers, buttons, down, various decorative pieces. Keep in mind that if you want to hide the fastening of parts from the inside and make the toe more comfortable, for example, the embroidery can be made beforehand, before grinding the inner and outer layers of the part. Another option for attaching parts is crocheting. This method is most suitable for soft and medium hardness of the sole and without the use of filler. Although, if desired and a certain skill, it is possible to attach soles of any thickness. For this variant of fastening, it is necessary to pierce the holes along the perimeter of all the parts at a certain distance from the edge of the parts and observe the same distance between the holes. Then, with the help of a hook, we tie the entire perimeter of the details with a crochet without a crochet (two or three bars per each hole). The blanks of the upper and lower part of the sneakers are sewn together in a similar way. All slippers are ready. how to sew slippers with your own hands

An emergency - guests on the doorstep

And it happens that you should come to nua lot of guests !? And the sneakers at all are not enough ... What should I do? We bring to your attention a very simple way of making slippers in a hurry. For this you will need: cardboard for pattern, felt or any other thick non-splitting material. You can even show your imagination and use thin linoleum as the lower layer, and make the upper part of the fabric base. So, cut out the details on the right and left half-pairs. And then it's still easier: we sew together the "wings" by overlapping each other and decorating anything: buttons, bows, stones and the like. Agree, everything is simple and fast. And you can prepare such room slippers for all guests!

Children's slippers

Want another option quick and easy inmaking slippers? Read on! This option is suitable for those of you who at least sometimes happen in the village. As a rule, local people wear boots in winter, because there are more snow outside the city and the wind is colder. Surely your relatives have a few old worn boots worn out, that's why you can quickly make slippers. And to create children's slippers, it is suggested to choose a material that is softer, for example, a thin felt that can be found in stores. For manufacturing, it is necessary to cut out two details of the bottom (left and right) and two identical details of the top (bows). Then the middle of the rim should be pinned to the middle of the heel by a pin, and the rounded end of the rim is pinned to the toe of the insole. The second end of the rim is similarly overlapped on the toe portion of the insole by the previous one. Next, the details need to be sewn together with a needle with an ordinary stitching seam. As a decorator you can use colorful contrasting threads, several layers of colorful threads of mulina and so on. But in order to slippers do not fly off the foot, on the inside of the top, sew an elastic band connecting the sides. That's it, you got wonderful home slippers! House slippers with their own hands, as it turned out, is easy to do. And today we presented to you the simplest of them, which any hostess can sew in a short time. It takes only a little zeal, fantasy and the desire to do something with your own hands. Fortunately, the variety of textures and methods of making slippers is so great that each stitched pair of home shoes will be in demand not only in your house, but will also become an original gift to relatives and friends.