pillows with your own hands Probably, every real mistress likes to contributein the interior of his house all sorts of decorative elements to make the room play with new colors and become more modern. It can be all kinds of padded stools, vases, paintings - anything. Today we will talk about one of the ways to decorate a room - about a pillow. It can be bed or sofa or simply decorative. Let's look at how to make original pillows with your own hands, using a minimum of improvised tools.

Decorative cushion-roller

Cushion cushion-roller will help you relax andrelax, and also become an exquisite decoration of your apartment, adding an oriental flavor to it. To make it is not at all difficult, besides, your pillow is always better than the purchase - this will not be for anyone, and it will look original.

  • Roller

First you need to make the roller itself. For this purpose a simple foam rubber is suitable. Pieces of foam rubber need to be rolled and just sew them on the long side (you can contrive and sew with a machine, but with your own hands you'll do it pretty quickly). Use a thick thick thread. The second way to make a roller is to form a hollow cylinder from pieces of foam rubber (it's better to take a thin one). Inside the cylinder, you need to put any woolen products that you no longer need. Just roll them and evenly distribute them inside the cavity.

  • Pouch

It is necessary that the cover is firmly seated on the roller,because its size should be slightly smaller. Measure the width and length of all parts for the roller and add a couple of centimeters to the seams. The resulting pattern folded along and in half, the front side must be inside. Make a line at each edge, leaving the middle uncoiled. This will need to sew a zipper. Remove the cover and sew any decorative ribbon or thick cord.

  • End parts

Especially for the end parts of the pillow you needcarve a couple of strips of cloth, adding a half-centimeter to the allowance. The length of the strips should be equal to the circumference of the roller, and the width to the radius of the given circle. Short ends need to be joined and stitched. Now sweep the ends to the made cover and sew them. Stitch as tightly as possible to the ribbon. The last thing we do is fold and stitch all the rough edges, and also thread ribbons and cords to the kuliska. Now insert the roller into the cover by tightening the ribbon on the sides. To tighten it even more tightly, you must tighten and tighten the cord, the ends of which then hide in the roller. From above, sew an ornament that you will like. It can be a decorative brush or a large button. cushion

Winter cushions

No less original and beautiful are knitted, warm andcozy "winter" pillows. They will help create an atmosphere of calm and comfort in the house. In order to make a knitted cushion, you will need the remains of wool or old products made of it, as well as knitwear. You will also need a crochet hook that will allow you to connect all the pieces of fabric, and also tie the joints and fix the irregularities. Everything is very simple. Tie two canvases in size 72 by 72 centimeters, using any tight yarn. It can be different colors and textures - show your imagination! Cloths made? Now sew them together, leaving one side uncross-plated. Fill the pillow with wool or sintepon to such an extent that you can comfortably rest on it, because some people like more dense ones, and some people have softer options. You can decorate such a pillow with brushes, buttons or ribbons.

Pillows not for sofas

Even the original pillows with their own hands, whichmake it quite simple, can be useful not only for a sofa or a bed, but for any furniture. For example, they can be used for kitchen chairs - it's not only beautiful, but also comfortable, and chairs with such decorations look in a new way. In this case, the pillow is made in a standard way, by sewing together rectangular or round pieces of fabric, but the color should be chosen in accordance with the shade of the curtains or tablecloth in the kitchen. If you prefer to read books or watch TV while sitting or lying on the floor, then such a pillow can also come in handy. True, it should be slightly larger. Many designers use pillows, casually scattered on the floor as an original decorative element. For example, pillows and carpet, which are perfectly matched together, is an excellent combination for a living room. make a pillow with your own hands


Maybe you have accumulated a lot in the apartmentold pillows that are no longer suitable for sleeping on them or for decorating the room? In that case, maybe they should be modernized and made something new from the old one? To fill the interior with new colors, first of all, replace the old pillows with covers. In addition, you can use a variety of applications that you can now purchase at any clothing store. Such applications are easily glued to different surfaces simply under the influence of an iron. The simple ribbon sewn on the edge or on the side will decorate the look of the pillow. If you like to embroider, then use your talent to decorate the pillow - any embroidery looks truly delicious on any pillowcase!

Pillow of tissue remnants

Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish a pillow. If you do not have excess time to knit or embroider, but you still want to have an original pillow, this method suits you most perfectly. All that is needed are small pieces of various fabrics that are simply combined with each other. One pillow can consist of striped and checkered fabric and patches. It is suitable for scraps of cloth of old blouses and scarves. The joints of the fabric are decorated with simple ribbons or braid. You can use lace or rows of buttons, which looks especially unusual. Everything depends on your imagination!

Some useful tips

All designers like one say that the fabric drawingon the decorative pillow should be easy and at ease. Excellent looking floral prints or just plain fabrics. The main rule: there should be no difference between artificial and natural. Excellent on the pillows look shades of yellow and green. By the way, they are perfectly combined with a bright cell. However, the color depends on the interior. You need to pay attention to all the details and choose the shades so that they are in harmony with each other. Playing on contrasts is another way to make a boring room brighter. Note that color plays a very important role. If the colors are too faint, then this can be depressing for all occupants of the apartment, - the psychological moment is important. But excessively bright colors, on the contrary, will irritate or tiring - find the right balance. To do this, simply follow the basic rule. If the furniture and curtains are very bright, the cushions should be more reserved. If, on the contrary, the overall interior is quiet, the pillows are bright. Pillows with their own hands is not just an ideal decoration for a home interior, but also an excellent gift. Agree, everyone would be pleased to receive the original present, made by own hands. Pillow surely in any house will not be superfluous! Demonstrate your sharpness and imagination to the maximum, and you can make a bright decorative element for your home.