serum for hair To what means for hair care andmodeling hairstyles we used to the most? Shampoo, balm rinse, conditioner, mousse, hair spray, burdock series care products. It seems that nothing is forgotten? This is quite a standard set, available in almost every woman. It will provide comfortable washing, proper care and competent styling. But tell me, do you have serum for your hair? Far from a fact, it's quite a new and unusual means for us. What kind of serum is it, what is it made of and why is it needed - let's try to figure it out.

Whey dairy - long-term use

Usually, when the word "serum" in humans appearstwo associations. The first is a dairy product, which is obtained during the preparation of cottage cheese. The second is the mysterious "serum of truth", widely known to us by fantastic fighters. We will not torment you: there will be no speech about heroic guys with a syringe of serum in their hands. But about that transparent liquid that turns out after the coagulation of milk, we will tell in more detail. Serum is not just muddy water, which it is useful to drink on an empty stomach. This product contains a storehouse of useful substances and vitamins: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B, C, E and A. Did you know that washing the head with milk whey will allow you to forget about the problem of thin hair with split ends? Serum can not just rinse your hair, it can completely replace the shampoo! Mix in equal proportions the serum with the broth of the burdock root and wash the resulting mixture with hair a couple of times a week. All those micronutrients that are contained in the dairy product and the root of the plant, will heal the bulbs and restore the structure of the hair. You can use the serum and as a therapeutic mask - the roots in the hair get stronger, and the metabolic processes in them will accelerate. Yes, and cook it easily: dilute a little oatmeal in warmed serum, apply on hair. Then cover with a plastic cap and then with a towel. You can wash off the mask after half an hour. Hair will become strong and silky; in addition, this nourishing mask is an excellent remedy against the greasy shine of the hair. That's just not all girls like to mess around with home recipes, preferring to buy ready-made cosmetics in stores. Although this product is not the most frequent item in the list of purchases of our compatriots. For absolutely unknown reasons, our women of fashioners bypass this miracle-means party. However, it's not about the quality and effectiveness of the product - most of us are not used to seeing serum for hair on the shelves in the bathroom. The scheme of hair care has long been worked out: washing the head with shampoo from a well-known advertisement, after - applying a balm, preferably the same brand. That's all, "beauty and brilliance of your hair" - even more! But the serum - something completely unfamiliar, until it fits into the concept of hair care. That's why ordinary consumers do not hurry to buy it. whey for hair growth

You can not spoil the porridge with oil, and the hair with whey - especially

What can be useful for hair serum,sold in stores? First of all, we note that this is an excellent tool for express hair care. It can be applied to both wet and dry hair, the result will impress in both cases. Serum for hair combines three important components for hair care: balm, mask and mousse; Perfect for healthy and split ends. And there is nothing surprising in that, after its application, the hair looks healthy and well-groomed, and the hair style is stylish and voluminous. Having in its composition such active substances as oils, provitamins, proteins, elastin and others, serums restore hair flakes, nourish the scalp with oxygen and accelerate the growth of hair. However, do not forget about the need to moisturize the scalp, neutralize the alkaline components of shampoo, antistatic effect on the hair - all this will give you the usual balms and conditioners. Owners of weakened and split hair should approach the solution of the problem in a comprehensive manner. Using hair serum, you will add shine to your hair. In the end, it will help them simply grow - for these purposes there is a special burdock serum for hair growth. Moreover, this remedy perfectly copes with the problem of dry split ends, hair loss and dandruff. And the fact that this charm is produced in a small convenient flacon is just a real gift: you can easily put it in a small purse and use it whenever you like! What else is so good in the hair serum?

  • Serum for hair does not require flushing. Applying it to your hair, you can calmly go out "on people." All this time the hair cells will be saturated with the active substances and vitamins that make up the serum.
  • Serum can be applied to wet and dryhair, the result will be equally positive. Although it is worth noting that washing the head is an excellent occasion to use the hair serum: this way you will noticeably facilitate combing, and this, in addition to convenience, will help to avoid brittle and split ends.
  • In addition to the normal restoration and protection of the structurehair, serum protects hair when laid with a hairdryer. It seems to envelop the hairs with a protective film, protecting the scales of hair from a jet of hot air. This is especially useful for owners of dry and split hair - they get the most out of hot styling.
  • Helps to model a hairdress - hair notstick together, and the hair becomes bulky and durable. For owners of rare, dry hair, this is an excellent reason to replace the foam and musk on the flacon of hair serum.

for dry hair tips serum

Serums are necessary, all serums are important

There are many different kinds of serums available for You can buy a serum of general effect, it is perfect for both split and healthy, strong hair. Any whey - nutritious and moisturizing, its application will benefit any hair. But it's much more convenient to buy one that solves your problem specifically. The list of the most popular serums includes:

  • Serum for hair growth (burdock). Long hair is always in fashion. For most women, hair extensions are irrelevant: they want to have natural hair. And then a wonderful burdock serum comes to their aid. The active substances contained in it help to nourish hair cells and scalp, stimulate the work of the follicles. As a result, burdock serum at times speeds up the growth of your hair. And unlike oil, after applying you will not need to wash your hair - your hair will remain clean.
  • Serum for the tips of the hair. The reasons that the hair cut off - the mass. This and washing with poor-quality shampoo, and improper combing, and lack of proper care. The main advantage of the serum for the tips is that it does not make the hair heavier and does not add any greasy sheen, as if you did not wash your hair for a couple of weeks. And the scales on the hair are perfectly glued, which allows the hair not to be cut and not to break.
  • Serum for straightening curly hair. How many women who dream of beautiful curls, as many as those who dream of getting rid of them. Serums for straightening curly hair will help ease the work of ironing, making the hair soft and obedient. Simply apply the product to clean hair, dry it well with a hair dryer - and straighten it out!
  • Moisturizing reducing serum. This means of care - just a treasure for dry and split ends. To give shine and a healthy look to the hair, use this serum regularly, because such care will not take long: sprinkled from the bottle, combed your hair - and you're done!

To make your hair the subject of yourpride, do not be lazy to look after them. Believe me: washing your hair with milk whey is not such a difficult procedure. And if you prefer ready-made cosmetics, then do not pass by the wonderful serums in the stores. Burdock mask, balm rinse, mousse and foam - hair serum took all the best from these remedies, to give your hair as much shine and strength as they can bear! We advise you to read: