types of haircuts for short hair Almost all girls dream of long,luxurious and dense hair, which look delicious, simply loose or collected in the usual tail. However, short hair can look no less beautiful if you choose the right haircut or styling for them. There are a lot of such hairstyles today, but we will talk about the most popular of them today.

Kare: timeless classics

At the heart of any short haircut is always a square- a universal haircut, suitable for almost any type and color of hair. It can be chosen as the owner of thin, and more dense, heavy hair. The quads can be made on straight and wavy hair, the main criterion is the shape of the head. For example, if the shape of the face is round, then it is advisable to prefer a graduated square. But the square, made in the form of a ball, will conceal unnecessarily wide cheekbones. Girls, whose face has the right oval shape, will approach the square with a kind of oval contour. A competent hairdresser will always be able to pick the right kind of carat directly for your face, hiding its possible flaws and making it more refined. names of haircuts for short hair


Another popular haircut for shortHair, which helps to give a good volume of hair. In addition, it looks like "ladder" is always very bold and dynamic. This is the choice of really fashionable girls. A haircut in the shape of a ladder corrects the shape of the face, makes it more feminine, and the features - smooth and soft. Hairdressers recommend a similar hairstyle to those girls whose face shape is more unusual than classic: square, round or triangular. It's just a rescue for weakened and delicate hair that needs to be restored. All at the expense of extra volume, which allows delicate hair to look magnificent. Such a haircut will relieve also more dense hair.

Short hair and curls

It is a mistake to believe that the owners of beautifulcurls can only be girls with long hair - delicious curls can be made on short hair. In general, usually those girls whose hair is straight, dream of large curls, and those who are endowed with such curly hair by birth, now and then suffer with their straightening. Paradox! Choosing curly short haircuts, approach the process unconventionally, creatively. However, give preference to hairstyles that do not require difficult daily adjustments - you will hardly like every morning to "fight" with your hair in order to get the desired result. Again, graduated strands are an ideal option. Note that small curls look better with a short nape. If the hair by nature has a curly structure, then the aforementioned haircut "ladder" or "cascade" will look great.

Haircut bob: for daring fashionistas

Haircut bob remains at the peak of popularity ofseason in season is an excellent choice for those who like experiments and, at the same time, prefer stylish classics. The history of the name goes back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when the dancer Irene Castle - a fan of short skirts - created a scandalously short for those times hairstyle - a bead-bob. Since then, this haircut has become popular with many girls! For short hair, there are many kinds of hairdos. It can be more feminine, gentle models or, on the contrary, more non-standard and youthful types of haircuts. By the way, the bean is chosen not only by girls, this haircut is suitable for men. Speaking in general, the master cuts his hair just above the chin and about a couple of centimeters below the cheekbones. If the short hair is devoid of density, if they are weak and dull, the bob will give them the right amount, and special balms, sprays and modeling tools will help you in this. The shorter the bean, the more impertinent it looks. As a rule, the length ends at the neck, which allows you not to burden your hair. On thin hair, perform this kind of haircut carefully, so as not to damage their delicate structure. Do not use a hairdryer - you can achieve the required volume without it, by drying your hair with a towel. simple hairstyle for short hair

Haircuts for owners of a round face

All models of haircuts are developed under thean individual face shape - in any case, it should be so. Those girls, whose face has a round shape, you need to choose short haircuts that extend the oval of the face, slightly narrowing it downwards. The most suitable option is a multi-layered haircut, the accent of which is the volume on the top of the head. Strands, framing the contour of the face, fall on the cheeks, which makes the face narrower. Asymmetry is an ideal option for chubby young ladies. By the way, asymmetrical haircuts today at the peak of fashion trends. The technique is simple: we make torn ends that should fit on the cheeks. It will complement the effect of the bangs hairstyle, which is also performed in an asymmetric form. It can be oblique, torn or thinned.

Variants of short haircuts for an oval face

Girls who have a natural facethe correct oval shape, you can only envy. This form should be emphasized by properly selected stylish haircuts, the variants of which are mass in this case. A girl with an oval face can choose any haircut, symmetrical or asymmetric, different varieties of bangs, and can also experiment with the color scheme.

Haircuts for fat girls

Speaking of short haircuts, it should be noted thatthey are ideal for fat women. Such hairstyles on the general background of a full-bodied physique can be beneficial to present the person, forming a harmonious, complete and fashionable image. Curls are the most suitable hairstyle. They allow you to mask some problem moments, make the image feminine and softer, focusing on the lips and eyes. It's great if short hair has a curly structure. Hair will allow to balance the face oval: the chin becomes narrower, and the face as a whole looks much thinner. If the hair is straight, your choice is the bob mentioned above. However, remember that in this case the length of the hair should not be shorter than before the chin. model haircuts for short hair

Haircuts with bangs

The bang is the element that allows you to adjustany form of face or unsuccessful haircut. Probably, every girl at least once in her life tried on herself various variants of bangs, trying to find the most suitable for herself. The fringe can be long or short, straight, slanted, raised - no options to count. It allows you to split the face geometry into specific asymmetric zones. As a rule, the bangs more go to the owners of an elongated face and longer hair, however, short hair can look good with a bang. If you, for example, have an angular face, then its shape will be softened by a bang-arch. Especially this option is suitable for girls who suffer because of the strong fat content of hair or because of their weakness. By removing this bang on one side, you will always look neat, stylish and well-groomed. If the bangs are slightly profiled, then the effect of dense curls will be created. Ragged asymmetrical bangs - an option suitable for many types of face and hair color. Such a bang brings artistic disorder to any seemingly classic haircut. Ragged bangs help to look more stylish and young, regardless of whether it is thick or more rare, short or long.

Short hair: rules of packing and care

The simplest way to lay hair of any length will allowFoam or fixing mousse, due to the use of which you can slightly twist the hair or up, or down. Sometimes it's enough just to put the bangs right. In the case of a narrower face, it is necessary to give more volume to the entire hairstyle. Very carefully handle thin, short hair. If the thick hair can still carry too rigid thermal protective packing materials, then you can not tell about such thin hair - you do not need to abuse gels, lacquers or foam. It is best to style short, thin hair using curlers and hair dryers. Once you notice that the strands on the curlers have dried, the styling is complete! In order for the resulting shape on thin hair to stay longer, you can sprinkle on the roots a little varnish. Drying hair, pull them up, directing hot air from above. Take care not to overdry the hair, because then about the beauty and health of hair will have to forget. If you often use styling products, hairdryers or hair curlers, you somehow cause harm to your hair - even incorrect combing them can damage, not to mention chemicals. Do not forget to pamper your hair with masks based on natural ingredients. Several times a week, apply caring natural oils. For the hair is best suited coconut, olive, apricot oil. No less useful is wheat germ oil and macadamia oil. After washing with shampoo, always use a balm that will make it easier to comb and, accordingly, minimize hair damage. Short hair can look as delicious as long, it's important to know how to properly emphasize your beauty. Daily caring for your hair, experimenting with haircuts and hairstyles, you will always be on top - do not deny yourself the pleasure of being different and admire yourself and others with your images!