harmless hair dye Paints without ammonia and peroxide, henna, basma,tonal shampoos - manufacturers promise that their products are completely safe, while the quality of coloring does not affect the absence of harmful chemicals. However, in fact, everything is so good and wonderful, or is it another trick that attracts girls who believe in advertising. In fact, there are also advantages and disadvantages, which every woman should know about. And only after you weigh the pros and cons, you can start serious experiments on your hair.

Henna: red color for bright girls

Henna - the most harmless hair dye, whichcan use dark-haired beauties for treatment and coloring in red color. It does not contain harmful additives and substances, so this option is ideal for girls in the position and nursing mothers. Henna gives a healthy shine to the hair, makes it soft, silky and smooth, and as a result, the paint ends do not split, do not break and do not dry, as it happens after ammonium dyes. It also positively affects the scalp: relieves dandruff, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, so that the roots stop quickly glossy and fade. Another plus, which is worth mentioning - is that henna does not burn out in the sun. Thus, you can enjoy a summer vacation on the beach, without fear that by the end of the holiday your hair will deteriorate and lose its former brightness. The intensity and brightness of the color you can adjust yourself, keeping the paint, depending on the desired result, from 10 minutes to several hours. And if you can not wash henna even after forty minutes, allergies, rashes, redness and itching you definitely will not. An exception is if your body does not tolerate this substance completely. However, there are a number of restrictions on the use of henna. For example, if you recently made a perm, painted with usual paint with ammonia or peroxide, experimented with melioration, clarified, then the result can be unpredictable. Hardly you want to become crimson, green or purple. But even if you paint this tool completely healthy hair, the color may be very different from the promised or painted on the picture. Therefore, it is recommended to first apply a small amount of paint on the strand, wait for about twenty minutes, rinse the curl and look at the result. It should also be remembered that not all products are equally useful, since for a greater effect, a more saturated and bright color, some manufacturers add special components. Therefore, pay attention to the composition and the promised result. Everyone knows that natural henna paints only in red, and not in chestnut, walnut and similar shades, but still buy such products. Also there is a white henna, about the harm and benefit of which there are still disputes, since chemistry is used to remove the pigment. In order to dye the hair with this substance, it will take a lot of time and effort. Firstly, we will have to wait until the cooked mixture has cooled down to the right temperature so as not to burn the scalp, and secondly, towels, shirts, dressing gowns and aprons will have to be thrown out after the procedure, as the stains do not wash out, but get an unpleasant greenish tinge. Thirdly, to achieve the desired color, you need to wait more than one hour. But even if the result does not suit you, you can not repaint it, and you will either need to wait a few months until your hair grows completely, or get a haircut, or repeat the staining after a couple of weeks. However, remember that henna manifests itself on the second-third day after the procedure, so do not panic immediately. the most harmless hair dye

Basma - a natural paint for the brown-haired woman

To date, basma is considered one of thethe oldest colors that our ancestors used not only for color changes, but also for painting clothes, making inks. In the beginning, it gained popularity in India and China, after which the eastern countries began to use it. Nowadays this magic remedy, obtained from an indigo plant, is widely used in cosmetology. Basma is the safest paint for girls who wish to become darker. However, pay attention to the fact that you only need to use it together with another natural dye - henna, otherwise you will get green instead of brown strands. As for the minuses, here everything is the same as in the previous case: complete incompatibility with other ammonium paints, unpredictable result with improper application on the hair, poorly selected proportions or small exposure, marchiness and the presence of a large number of counterfeits. Before painting, always check the expiration date, as the final result is directly dependent on the freshness of the product. And never wash your hair with shampoo beforehand, do not apply balms, masks, rinses on them. You should also know that if you do not repeat the procedure in time, your head of hair can acquire a purple or blue hue, so getting rid of the dark color in this case will be much more difficult.

Paint without ammonia: what the producers are silent about

Bezammic paint appeared relativelyRecently, it was immediately announced that this is the most harmless product, which will not only not spoil your hair, but also make it brighter. In fact, safe dyes, in which there are no harmful substances, are very expensive, so if you see in a store a pack for one hundred two hundred rubles, on which it is written that the component is completely missing this component, then it was replaced with oxidants (hydrogen peroxide) . They do not affect the hair any better than ammonia, while unpleasant sensations such as itching, burning, etc. can occur during painting. Therefore, using this product at home is too often not recommended. If you chose the professional bezammiachnoy paint, then in this case, everything will look a little different. Hair, of course, will not so deteriorate as before, but the color will not last more than two months. Thus, if you decide to experiment with the style, the best option is not found. Even if you do not like the tone, you just have to wait until the paint has washed away a little, and then you can paint again. Another rather significant disadvantage is that such products are not intended for painting gray hair, for this you should choose dyes with ammonia.

Tonics: in which cases they are used

Tonal shampoos also belong to the classsafe dyes, but a fairly large percentage of the fair sex are completely disaffected by them. Firstly, the result does not last long - two or three weeks (about eight times washing your head), and secondly, after each hair wash, you will detect dark spots in the bathroom - traces of the washed-away tonal shampoo. This can cause discomfort if you, for example, go to the pool, plan to go to the sea. An important role is played by the fact that it is rather difficult to carry out the painting procedure, since the stains are not rubbed off. But with the tonic you can change your style even every month, without harming your hair, as this is the most unstable paint. But, despite this, the low cost of production and the absence of harmful chemicals still attracts the attention of some girls. Typically, the bottle is enough for several staining procedures, in addition to storing a tonal shampoo can be quite a long time. At any time you will be able to tint the overgrown roots or ends, from which the paint has already washed away without spending extra money on it. Use this tool can girls of any age, with the original hair color does not play an important role. good harmless hair dye

Herbal decoctions: folk beauty recipes

If a brunette or redhead becomes simple, thenblondes have to paint more harmful and aggressive substances. However, even for fair-haired beauties there is an alternative - constant washing of the head with herbal decoctions. Tinctures of nettles, chamomiles - the best clarifying paint, which not only does not damage the scalp and hair, but also treats. However, in order to achieve the desired result (lightening by one or two tones), you have to spend more than one month, so, unfortunately, this option is not suitable for anyone. As for the benefits, it's a complete hair restoration, getting rid of dandruff, accelerating the growth of the head of hear, etc. We advise you to read: