hairstyles for fine hair Many girls who possess very fine hairall the time complaining of difficulties in care and lack of volume at the roots. Experts in this solidarity: thin hair - not the best option. They are hard to pack, they are difficult to take care of, and hairstyles and piling do not last long and quickly lose shape. Today we will consider what hairstyles for fine hair are the most relevant and fashionable at the moment and what is recommended to pay attention in the process of hair care of this type.

Long thin hair

Owners of long thin curlshairdressers are advised to make complex multi-level haircuts - the voluminous hair looks more beautiful and attracts attention. Asymmetry and different lengths - that's what will give the hair volume and make them very lush. No less popular and haircut layers - this is one of the options for a multi-level hairstyle. Cutting the layers allows you to focus the main volume on the thread. Excellent with such a hairdo will look dense rather long bangs. In general, stylists recommend always to leave a bang if your locks are very thin. You just need to correctly choose its shape - for an oval face, an even and straight bangs fit, but for a round face - asymmetrical or bangs obliquely. Doing laying on long and thin strands, it is not necessary to use forceps. They will weaken the already weak hair. It is best to use a small curler. The more curls your curls grow, the more magnificent, more spacious and interesting your new haircut will look. hairstyles for thin hair

Thin hair of medium length

With not very long hair to handle a littleeasier. Despite this, all those hairstyles and hairstyles that hairdressers advise to take note of the owners of long curls, are suitable for those whose hair is of medium length. The first method, which will help to increase the volume of short hair, is the usual melioration. Painting the hair in one color, you can not create a three-dimensional effect. Therefore, we use two or more shades. Pay attention to the fact that the paint used for melioration should be very soft, gentle - try not to injure weak hair. It is best to carry out the highlighting in the salon, but if you have the necessary skills, you can do this procedure at home. To make a magnificent hairstyle for thin hair of medium length, use a large round comb. Slightly twisting the strands, lift them. Due to the gel, foam or varnish, fix the raised strands upwards - start straight from the roots. Such a simple hairstyle looks very nice and natural on thin hair. Also, you can cut large strands, giving them a different length. Now, on the vertex, lift them up and fix them with a round comb. In this case, asymmetry is also a winning option; it will make your image more bold, playful and careless.

Thin short hair

Thin strands of small length - this, perhaps,the most simple variant of a hairstyle which does not demand such thorough leaving, as, for example, long hair. In addition, the volume obtained on short hair can last the whole day without changing its shape. Today for short, weakened hair, there are so many varieties of stylish hairstyles. The most popular of them and at the same time always fashionable - bean and quads. To make a hairdo, the hairdresser aligns the length of the locks on the back of the head and the head - this allows you to create a uniform and good volume throughout the head. Lockers will allow you to leave long locks in front, and short ones will remain on the back of the head. Kare - another great option, which today is especially relevant in its various variations. It can be a graduated neck, an elongation to the face, yes anything - such shapes allow you to give even more volume to the hair at the nape, thereby sealing their structure in front. Very popular today haircuts performed with hot scissors. Such haircuts are more useful for hair than ordinary hair: hot scissors can seal the tip of the hair, preventing its cross section and thereby strengthening its structure. Note that all haircuts for fine hair master perform using a huge number of stowage tools. However, we know that any, even the most expensive and fashionable varnishes and gels, foams and mousses all the same adversely affect the condition of the hair, and if you resort to the use of such cosmetics daily, you will further weaken your hair and destroy their structure. In your case, it is better to devote more time to complex hair care. hairstyle for fine hair

Professional recommendations

And now we would like to bring the recommendations of experts to give volume to thin curls:

  • Staining

Few know about this, however there is an excellentThe way to give the volume too thin and weakened hair is the darkening of the roots. It is quite easy to do this. Choose the paint you need. It is very important that it is a couple of shades darker than your natural or colored hair. Apply the paint on the roots. If you want to get the most natural effect, do not forget that the length of darkened roots should be on average three centimeters. The boundaries of color transitions must necessarily be soft and smooth, so that it looks natural. For this purpose, hairdressers apply "stretching" along the entire length of the hair, combing the paint directly from the roots. The only disadvantage of this technique is that the darker your hair, the less obvious the result will be. Therefore, if you are a natural brunette, then it is best for you to resort to the technique of coloring strands of the parietal zone, as well as in the face: strands need to be painted in lighter shades. Between themselves, honey and chocolate are perfectly combined.

  • Volumetric laying

Fashion trends from year to year confirm oneand the same: voluminous and curvy hairstyles for fine hair are always relevant! Even if you correctly and correctly picked up a new hair color, it will become noticeable only after a good styling. In order to give the hair a little volume, you will need a hairdryer, a comb of ceramics and a mousse of light texture, which will give a radical volume. Do not be superfluous and protein lotion. The lotion will seal the hair, protecting them from high temperatures, and will help to consolidate the result for a long time. In addition, the lotion does not glue the hair, which makes the laying process much easier. Dry the hair gradually, strand behind the strand. The thinner the strand, the better the result. Consistently change the direction of the curls: first from the face, and then to the face. This will achieve the desired volume. After the styling is complete, sprinkle the hair with varnish.

  • Building

It would seem that everyone has already realized that building uphair does not bring any benefit - hair look unnatural, dull, and this is not at all relevant today. The build up spoils and structure the hair itself, thereby making them very "tired." However, the girls continue to build up their hair, and they do it in vain. Under the weight of accreted hair, your hair breaks, split and lose shape. Sooner or later they will have to be removed. And what will you see? Only damaged hair, which requires immediate recovery. Do you need such consequences? On this money it is better to get high-quality professional cosmetics for hair care.

  • Lamination

It is impossible not to remember and about lamination - namelythis method is often resorted to by many girls to tighten the structure of the hair and revitalize the head of hear. In Europe, long ago we switched to the use of natural laminating agents - silicone has already been forgotten there. However, such technologies have not reached us yet. As a rule, in beauty salons, clients are offered not high-quality, cheap lamination, from which more harm than any aesthetic effect. Even in conventional cosmetics, silicones are present in huge quantities, what can we say about cosmetics for lamination? Do not follow the advertising and give preference to this technique - make a choice in favor of competent care for your hair.

The rules of thin hair care

Of course, it is important to emphasize howyou need to properly monitor the beauty of fine hair. By their structure, these hair are softer and prone to damage, so when making haircuts or hairstyles, you need to show maximum accuracy. First of all it concerns combing. Do not use combs made of plastic or metal - such coarse materials will only damage your hair. To comb it is necessary only the dried hair, using soft brushes, made of natural bristles. It will not be superfluous to pamper yourself with a head massage a couple of times in a few days - it allows you to speed up the blood flow, thereby setting up food and active, rapid hair growth. Your food is very important. Set your diet, including primarily vitamins B-group, as well as vitamins A, H, C and E. Improve the appearance of hair zinc, calcium, sulfur, iron, selenium and silicon. These minerals allow you to strengthen the hair from the inside, making them alive, healthy and incredibly soft. Pay attention to how you wash your hair. Do not use hard water for this. Rinse hair with mineral water or herbal decoctions. Excellent sage, plantain or chamomile. For thin hair it is not recommended to use usual shampoos and balms - get specially for yourself a professional series of cosmetics, which is designed to care for thin, weakened hair. As a rule, such preparations contain protein and keratin. The system of thin hair care implies the use of masks that will provide external hair care. It is best to use clay or egg masks, you can try also no less useful kefir or olive versions of masks. Masks based on linseed, wheat or castor oil are very effective. Choosing the right fashion and trendy hairstyles for fine hair and providing good hair care, you will always be irresistible! Eat right, take care of yourself, forget about stress and provide yourself a good sleep - then your hair will not know what is weakness and dullness, but will exude a healthy shine and strength!