what hairstyles do men like One of the most important components of the image of the BeautifulLadies, who makes a stronger man's heart beat stronger, are her hair. Not for nothing are the lovely women's hairpieces sang for centuries by poets and singers, described by prose writers in different languages ​​of the world from time immemorial. No wonder that the question of what kind of hair men like in girls, does not give rest to the beautiful half of humanity since those very old days. For a long time already lovely ladies arrange experiments on themselves, changing color and length of hair. Fashion for haircuts, styling and coloring then passes, then again gaining momentum. The length of the hair changes, they are curled, then straightened. How much effort does it take to understand just one thing - which men like hairstyles to attract his attention to his person? For many women to find a good hairdresser who can realize all the wishes, inspired by fashion or their own preferences, is a real luck. After all, the search for an answer to the questions of interest may be delayed. In addition, many women like to change by themselves. But we still try to find out what our brave knights like, what haircuts and hairstyles, the length and color of the hair of adorable strangers attract them the most.

Capital Truths

Men are unanimous and categorical: female heads, no matter what haircuts or styling on them, should be clean. This is a prerequisite. There are no dull, dull strands, sadly hanging along the face! It is appropriate to recall the saying of French women, who are not in vain considered icons of sophistication and excitement. They say that clean hair is already a haircut. Who will undertake to challenge the opinion of women, famous for being able to turn a head to any man? Perhaps, it would be most reasonable to adopt their opinion. Moreover, the strong sex clearly shares this view. Guys also do not like women's haircuts, which require a huge amount of stowage. Almost every representative of the strong half of humanity says that, touching the hair of his lady, he wants to feel the hand silkiness and softness, rather than a steel frame. Although the times of slaughtering styling funds are in the past, but to abuse the amount of varnishes, waxes or gels applied to hair, it is still not recommended. The guys are loyal to the coloring of the hair, but with some reservations: the young lady must follow the growing roots and attend a hairdresser in time, so that their color does not differ from the general tone of the hair for too long. The second point concerns extreme shades. Adherents of extraordinary and screaming shades in the hair of brave ladies are much less than lovers of girlish braids more familiar to the eye of shades. As a rule, those who like rainbow-colored hair, you can immediately calculate - their haircuts, most likely, will also shine in similar colors. Assess the presence of dreadlocks on your head, with rare exceptions, only those guys who can boast of their presence on their heads. Usually this applies to representatives of a younger generation or to fans of certain subcultures. Making a decision to create a similar hairstyle from your hair, remember - there will be no way back. After this procedure, pigtails should only be sheared. Although some girls need experiments and thrills, think twice before taking this step.

Length matters

Yet most girls wash their hair regularly,Avoid painting them in the color of fire engines and subject them to experiments capable of destroying the beauty given by nature. But what's next? Men do not make secrets, what else do they like - they are attracted by length. Yes, long hair is a classic of the genre! True, men believe that everything needs a measure. Therefore, the hair that descends significantly below the buttocks does not represent much interest for them. Especially if the canvas does not look well-groomed: there are broken hair, lacerated edges. The male opinion is that loose hair with such a large length does not look attractive. In most life situations this does not seem appropriate. But the hair to the waist or middle of the back attracts admiring men's looks. They cause in their hearts a desire to run fingers into this treasure, touch them and pat them. The structure of the hair does not play a very important role here - the guys pay tribute and ideally straight locks, and gently flowing curls, and curly fussy shocks. If you are the owner of straight hair, you just sometimes need to try to wind curls and slightly give them a waviness - and get another portion of admiration from the opposite sex. Many gentlemen find it insanely sexy when a girl makes her long hair a pony tail. This method of laying looks equally stylish and if there is a bang, and in its absence. You can create an image of a daring Amazon or a refined business woman, in both cases you will remain in the win - the guys like when the girl is confident. If you are confident in yourself, but do not like tails or think that this is not yours - there is a way out. Braid the braids. Long hair has an undeniable advantage in this - the braid braiding options are simply an unthinkable amount. As well as those men who consider it very feminine presence "compound" spit on the female head. Lovers of braid recognize that the appearance of a girl with braided hair causes them to associate with romanticism, tenderness and touching. what kind of hair do men like

Haircuts are all necessary, haircuts are all important

If you for some reason have not yet becomemodern Rapunzel, there is no reason for sadness. After all, there are men in the world who have other tastes and preferences for cutting your hair. For example, a huge number of guys say that a stylish square will attract their attention to its owner. The length of women's hair up to shoulder blades and up to the shoulders like many men - especially if the girl skillfully changes the image from time to time. This length allows you to try different types of haircuts - bean, cascade, ladder, asymmetry. A beautifully selected accessories - another touch, capable of attracting the attention of the attracted representative of the opposite sex, to emphasize the beauty of hair and the spectacular haircut. There are short haircuts for lovely ladies who can also be appreciated by men. The style of the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn and DemiMur - an image simultaneously feminine, touching, refined, defenseless and attractive. But here there is a fine line that should not be crossed. Quite short hair like a hedgehog or Jane's soldier will definitely attract attention to you. But is it the way you want? Instead of being liked as a woman, you will cause the guy to have only friendly feelings. hairstyles that men like

The color of your hair - what he says to a man

Since the girls are different, respectively -white, black and red, as is sung in a once popular song, in men the color of the hair causes certain associations and emotions. We are all aware of the one whom the gentlemen prefer. And also, according to the popular continuation of this famous phrase unforgettable Marilyn, on whom they marry and with whom they eventually sleep. But opinions, as always, diverge. All because many men attribute to owners of a certain shade of hair certain personal characteristics. Someone ascribes to the Goldilocks naivete, tenderness, infantilism and femininity. Someone speaks about their limitations and empty-headedness. For someone, a light woman's head denotes danger - a hunter goes after men's heads and states! For someone, a brunette is a ruthless bitch who can walk the corpses to satisfy her own desires. Even the black-haired girls got the status of rabid workaholics, not interested in anything, except their own career and professional achievements. However, to the brown-haired, who are also sufficiently dark-haired, the attitude is less biased. Their men tend to consider more family-oriented. Girls brown-haired and brown-haired have earned the reputation of responsible ladies who are seriously related to family values, compared with blond and black-haired beauties. Red solar charmers, in the Middle Ages, burnt on the fires of the Inquisition, who believed that such a hair color could only be a witch, may not be afraid of a terrible fate. But the color of hair like copper, fire, orange juice and autumn foliage still refers to their possessor in the eyes of men to witches. Red-headed beasts are considered insatiable in bed, with no complexes and no restrictions. Often this causes Titian's girls to change their natural color to another, calmer. And in fact there are among men and those for whom the copper shock of your hair - this is another reason to admit to you in tender feelings. Do not forget about this! Probably, in order to understand what kind of women's hair like men in general, it will take more than one study. After all, the tastes of different men are different - and it's just wonderful. After all, women are not the same in essence. We are distinguished not only by the color or length of the hair. We are unique in many other ways. Understanding the strengths of their feminine beauty and attractiveness is often much more fascinating to the stronger sex than the change in hair color. True, the ability to change is also important for lovely ladies. We wish you to be different and always be yourself at the same time!