how to love a husband There is only talk of how to makefall in love with a guy, how to attract the attention of men, how to get married. And what if you are married for a long time, and he, your husband, is a very decent guy - he gives flowers and cleans the dishes diligently, and even does not skimp on the new coat? It seems to be the dream of any woman! Yes, that's bad luck: you do not like him, and that's it. It seems to have been earlier feelings, when only got married, but everything melted like snow. And neither joint walks, nor new things, nor other signs of attention make you happy. Simply because you lack something more: love quivering, real. When the heart freezes at the sight of a beloved man, when you want to be with him every second of your life, both in sorrow and in joy. What to do, how to fall in love with her husband again and find harmony in family life?

Looking for change

Since you once chose this guy as your husband,then something in it has hooked you. It is possible that during the marriage life in him much has changed, and it happened unnoticed, somehow by itself. Look attentively at your betrothed, paying special attention to his shortcomings. What if you try to fix them? Perhaps then you can look at it with your previous eyes, full of love and affection? Monotonous sex Before the wedding, you considered yourself a hot little thing that could lead a beloved man with a half-turn, and now he has turned your intimacy into a boring, monotonous process? There is something to think about. The period of conquest of you, as a woman, has long passed, now you are not a romantic girlfriend, which you need to conquer and surprise, and the wife, washing clothes and raising a child. If the sexual relationship is very important for you and its incomprehensible coldness is simply enrageous, then try to take the initiative and take the "bull by the horns". Remind him that you are a sensual woman, beautiful and sexy. Put on a beautiful underwear, dance a striptease, offer a couple of role-playing games. If a man is impenetrable, there is only one chance: to cause jealousy in him, showing that other guys find you both sexual and exciting. For example, let him "accidentally" find you behind pulling on elegant stockings before going to the bakery. Certainly in his rational head will come very sober thought: someone is ready to offer you a much greater pleasure in bed than he. External degradation Women are often blamed for marrying, they immediately turn into such "klush" in an old dressing gown and with curlers on their heads. I must say that this strict observation is relevant for men. Until recently, your husband played biceps and razed you on the spot with his beauty and irresistibility, now every evening he sits near the TV in stretched exercises and drinks beer. A familiar picture? Do not hesitate to remind him that when you married James Bond, you did not expect to see an untidy orangutan in your apartment every day. If you do not take your comments seriously, then try to "look" at the pretty macho from the neighboring apartment - maybe this will force him to lift the fifth point from the couch and put himself in order? Unreasonable Jealousy Sometimes after the wedding, a man begins to be jealous of his woman as if she daily gives reason to doubt her loyalty. He begins to forbid her to paint, wear short skirts, meet with friends. With such a life, all other positive qualities of the husband become secondary, the woman moves away from him, slowly beginning to hate. Lovely ladies, do not tolerate such behavior from the side of her husband. If you let him lock you in a tight frame at the very beginning of the relationship, then spend the whole of your life in a cage. Immediately begin to educate your husband about respect for your freedom: if he loves, then he will change for you. And when this annoying factor disappears, then feelings for him again will make themselves felt. Bad parent A maybe you are cold to him after you have given birth to a child? Many young mothers think that men are completely unable to appreciate the happiness when the baby finally appears in the house. And they do not find time to walk with him, and the diapers change their squeamishness, and the screams of the night irritate them all the time. Let's open a little secret: the percentage of men who adore fiddling with babies is critically small. Most of them begin to actively engage in kiddies only when they grow up a bit and cease to resemble "helpless dolls." This does not characterize them from the bad side, in the future they are quite capable of becoming exemplary daddies. So give your men time to realize their paternity, be more condescending to them. Whatever fault you find, do not rush to put a cross on your husband. All of them can be either corrected, or simply understood and accepted. Be tolerant of his weaknesses, after all, you are also not perfect. If you are wondering how to fall in love with a husband again, then, for your feelings, not everything is lost. You just need to work on relationships in your family. how to love her husband again

Say goodbye to illusions

Some young ladies married by a tremendouslove, it seems that their candy-buketny period with a man will never end. That they will eternally experience a burning passion for each other, feeling unearthly happiness from living together. Unfortunately, the common life and habits of each other very quickly spoil the idyllic picture, and the once adored man turns into a source of constant irritation. And then these girls with longing and envy look at their girlfriends, whose romantic relationship with a partner is just beginning: the first dates, the trembling expectations of calls, insane passion in bed. Everything that once was in their possession, but without a trace. There's nothing to be done, the first passion really passes quickly. But this does not mean that love passes. It just becomes completely different, more mature. The fact that you no longer go crazy with his words and views does not at all mean that it's time to part. A happy marriage means a constant work on relationships and feelings. Harmful habits of her husband can be tried to change, or take them along with him "in a load", as an inevitable evil. After all, if you decide to break off relationships with a view to finding a new happiness, then where did you get that the next husband will be better? how to love her husband anew and for a long time

We rest together

Sometimes in order to re-penetrate to her husbandby old feelings, it's enough to leave together somewhere far away and how to relax. Far from your native penates, from everyday turmoil and eternal fuss, where you will be left for a long time only to each other. You will not be dominated by domestic responsibilities, nor the eternal lack of time. Only you, the sun and the sea (as one of the options). Although, you can relax not only in hot countries: to be alone with each other anywhere, at any time of the year will only benefit you. As a rule, during a joint vacation, romantic feelings become aggravated. All around full of loving couples strolling under the arm and gazing faithfully into each other's eyes. Willy-nilly and you will imbue with the atmosphere of universal love and begin to behave as if a husband - and there is a hero of your novel. Try at least to fall in love with her husband "for fun", pretending to be crazy about him. Perhaps, it will inspire your behavior and you will have hundreds of reasons to love it for real. Sometimes we often do not appreciate who is next to us. Our husbands are our chosen people, the people whom we ourselves have chosen as our partners in life. And they have their own merits and their shortcomings, but if we are loved by them, if they appreciate us and adore our children, then it is worthwhile to gain wisdom and patience so that the marriage remains strong and happy. Do not constantly compare your husband with other men, because and those are full of their "cockroaches" in the head, which seem invisible at first glance. Where better to try to understand how to fall in love with her husband, who every day gives you his love and tenderness. Perhaps, many years later, you will thank destiny for what she gave you this person's life companions. We advise you to read: