"The One from Dolce & Gabbana" and "Be Delicious" from "DKNY" In order to choose the appropriate autumn , they need to be tested on oneself. Aromas are many, and each of them corresponds to a certain mood and environment. For example, the fragrance "The One" from Dolce & Gabbana is the smell of ripe fruits, mixed with floral scents. Soaked in gold and sun, fresh air, peaches and plum, wrapped in a train of aromas of amber, musk and vetiver. And the smell of "DKNY" perfume, updated "Be Delicious", is a juicy note of a green apple, supplemented with a light aroma of lily of the valley, violets and tuberose. "L'Eau Pour Homme" from "Armand Basi" and "Acqua di Gioia" by Giorgio Armani What kind of autumn without the smells of rain? The man's fragrance "L'Eau Pour Homme" brand "Armand Basi" is a strong-willed and fresh romance of the sea, impregnated with scents of patchouli, Mediterranean cypress, wood moss and bamboo leaves. The symbol of autumn rain is the perfume "Acqua di Gioia" by Giorgio Armani, fragrant with the true freshness of water mixed with the aroma of Calabrian lemon, blue mint and water jasmine. The smell of burnt sugar brings in this perfume a certain shade of heat, which is so desirable under the cold autumn rain. "Aromatics Elixir" from "Clinique" and "Vanille Noire" from "Yves Rocher" A perfume "Aromatics Elixir" from Clinique isOctober smell of wilting grasses. Tart aromas of sage, oak moss, verbena, chamomile, jasmine, geranium create a real autumn symphony, which you want to listen to for a large cup of herbal tea. On a cold autumn night the composition "Vanille Noire", developed by the perfumers "Yves Rocher", warms. Passionate, sweet, the fragrance of this composition combines the smells of Tahitian vanilla, vanilla-bourbon, vanilla-uganda, honey and woody bark. "Lacoste Pour Femme" and "Parisienne" from "Yves Saint Laurent"Memories of bouquets from a loved one and walkswith him on the flowering meadow smells like perfume "Lacoste Pour Femme". In the summer heat returns a combination of aromas of violet freesia, Iranian jasmine, Bulgarian rose and white heliotrope. The perfume "Parisienne" by Yves Saint Laurent is the morning, washed by the rain, Paris, fragrant with the smells of a damask rose and a gentle lily of the valley, through which the tart aromas of musk, iris and suede barely make their way.