1 The skin of your face will give the first signal thatthe diet is not chosen correctly: notice its signals in time and take measures. The best thing about your state of health and psychological state will tell the skin. It will be an excellent indicator of what consequences leave riotous parties, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. It is not necessary to trust trustworthy creams safely, after all they bring only a temporary effect and solve not all skin problems. You can give her beauty only with the help of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, well, about regular cosmetic care, too, should not be forgotten. Today, many girls use makeup to hide skin defects that appear due to improper nutrition. They better eliminate the root cause - then the skin will shine with its purity. Let's talk about the 5 most common skin problems: we'll think what causes them, and learn how to deal with them.

What to do when the skin is pale?

The reason for this is likely to beabuse of diets or excessive enthusiasm for fitness. The result is one: your body is underreceiving iron. Without meat, carbohydrate and cellulose skin is bad. By the way, iron is worse absorbed in the case when meals are consumed during a meal, rich in calcium, when tea or coffee is drunk. To fix the situation, you can start the day with cocoa, a drink that is really rich in iron. You can add parsley, sesame seeds to dishes, quite often eat halva, peanuts, dried apricots.

What to do with thinned and flaky skin?

The reason for this is that your body is experiencinglack of vitamin A. Remember that fatty foods do not allow it to be absorbed effectively, so you need to limit the diet of their consumption. To rectify this situation, one should try to eat more foods that contain beta-carotene, which "produces" vitamin A. In large quantities, fats can be used, but only animal origin, for example, sour cream or butter. Then beta-carotene will be assimilated in the best way.

How to deal with the expanded pores?

The reason for this problem is, again, indiet: if you regularly eat a lot of smoked foods, fatty and salted foods, be prepared for the fact that the body will not have enough vitamin P and bioflavonoids. To end this problem, give up all of the above food, make a choice in favor of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables. Particularly should be used that also contains this very vitamin P: citrus, cherry, raspberry, currant, apricot - on the day, we recommend eating them at least 600 grams.

How to deal with an earthy complexion?

Usually, this condition of the skin is associated with problemsdigestion: it causes dysbacteriosis, that is, a violation of microflora. So, you need to limit the consumption of sweet, muffin and canned foods. To eliminate the earthy complexion, you need to restore the balance of microflora: to undergo a course of treatment with drugs freely sold in pharmacies. This should be done within 7-10 days, no less, after which you should revise your menu. For healthy bacteria, there is nothing better than sour-milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits, but they will not survive if the ration is canned and smoked.

How to deal with the first signs of skin aging?

Possible cause of early age changesskin - lack of "vitamin of youth", E - believe me, so it is called not in vain. And in this situation, you need to carefully determine the diet. So, the products taken to increase in the body of vitamin A, neutralize the food used to produce vitamin E and vice versa. Therefore, you need to immediately decide which problem should be corrected first of all - aging or peeling of the skin. To correct the situation, it is necessary to take unrefined vegetable oil and within a year fill it with all vegetable salads. Only the bottle should be kept in a dark closet and each time closed with a cork. This will help prevent the destruction of vitamin E under the influence of air and light. It is often necessary to eat foods that contain this vitamin, for example, egg yolks, milk, avocado, almonds. We advise you to read: