the secrets of the beauty of oriental women Eastern women have always been considered realbeauties. Thick, shiny hair, matte skin, dark almond-shaped eyes. A real dream of the poet! And the subject of envy for other women, whom nature has not endowed so generously. Just want to reassure all blondes, who are haunted by the attractiveness of Oriental women - all this is acquired. Nature, of course, also put her hand to creating women's beauty, but the main thing is the ability of the fair sex to take care of themselves. Therefore you too can become such. It is enough only to know the secrets of the beauty of Oriental women, to drive Western men mad (or whatever you want).

Women of the West and the East: we are looking for 10 differences

Immediately hasten to upset a good halfreaders. For eastern women to be beautiful is a duty. Almost all of them do not work and are only busy picking up in the house, preparing dinner and meeting a husband. Therefore, they all day can turn around the mirror, trying new recipes for scrubs and carefully indulging makeup. That is all that you do on the run in the time left from work, they carry out sedately, long and with great pleasure. You will not believe it, but even the eastern woman is combed three times slower than an ordinary Russian girl. And it's not that the one, the other, the hair is longer. It's just that she has nowhere to hurry. Are you surely already late for something? This is the difference. What to do? Looking for a husband in the East? In principle, you can. But are you ready to wear a veil? And obeying her husband without question? We are sure that some would answer with consent (they would probably just be tired of making their own decisions and putting makeup every morning in a hurry). Then tell me: Do you agree to sit at home without thinking? And forget about the weekly gatherings with friends in a cafe around the corner? No, no, there is a cafe in the East. Yes, and friends will be. But you will be friends with exactly those people with whom your husband will be allowed to communicate. And in the cafe .... There, probably, you will not reach soon. Unless with the husband on a holiday. And then in the burqa. And in it neither to eat nor drink is inconvenient. So let's better learn the secrets of Eastern women and stay free! In the end, the scrub can be applied even before bedtime. oriental beauty secrets

Secrets of Oriental Women

Hair East girls do not like chemicaldyes. That is why their hair is dense and shiny, which can not be said of the ever-split strands of Slavic girls. Do you want to strengthen your hair? Use the henna. It is this natural dye that gently and accurately paints the natural color of the hair, giving the hair a radiant gauze. Do not you want to be like Oleg Popov? Use colorless henna. By the way, to strengthen hair, oriental beauties do not use new-fashioned balms and masks, but ordinary kefir. Were you going to wash your hair? Apply a little kefir on the hair, let it soak, after which you can continue the procedure. Skin, nails Matte skin of modern Scheherazed is the result of a good sleep, thoughtful nutrition and green tea. It is this drink that removes from the body the antioxidants that our body is literally stuffed with. Well, a healthy dream has always been useful for men and women. Just do not forget before you go to bed to ventilate the room. And: no computers in the room. And, all the more, playing in the "shooter" of her husband. The other half should be next to you. This is also the secrets of the beauty of oriental women. If you have already adopted all the tricks of the attractiveness of dark-haired competitors, and your fingernails are still fragile, we advise you to make a salt bath. To do this, dissolve some sea salt in warm water and hold hands in it. Where in the East sea salt, you ask? We answer. Import and export in hot countries is not at all worse than in cold Russia. Do you eat bananas? So why can not oriental women strengthen their nails with sea salt? Snow white teeth As you understand, a faithful wife can not go to the dentist without her husband's consent. And then, the burqa will interfere. How to restore the natural whiteness of enamel? It's simple. Eastern women bleached their teeth with thick sour cream. To do this, they dipped the dry brush into the dairy product, rubbed the enamel and left them for a while (sour cream should not be eaten, bleach teeth, then dine). The procedure should be repeated 3-5 times a day. In a modern interpretation of the recipe, sour cream is replaced with dry milk or natural yoghurt without the addition of sugar. Although it seems to us, than to go with a mouth full of sour cream, it's easier to make an appointment with a dentist. We do not need permission from her husband. Yes, and the burqa is not (thanks God). Smooth body of Oriental women do not feed bread, let me steam up in the hamam and pamper the body with scrub (and what else should I do for the poor thing in expectation of the husband?) At the same time they rub the body with coffee solely. To do this, they steal a natural coffee, allow it to brew. After this, the girls add olive oil in a 1: 3 ratio (the oil should be less) to the next scrub and enrich the mixture with various essential oils. The variety and range of fragrant oils depends solely on personal preferences. Do you like the smell of lavender? So add her extract to the steamed coffee. Do you want to smell like a rose? A couple drops of rose essential oil will fulfill your desire. By the way, Oriental women are very fond of olive oil. They they rub the body during pregnancy (to avoid stretch marks) and eyelids before going to sleep (so that there are no wrinkles). Yes, that there are eyelids! Many girls wash their olive oil to stay old. But, before repeating their feat, please note that the skin condition of the eastern woman and the typical Slav woman is very different. Therefore, for one person - a panacea for wrinkles, then for another - the source of acne and excessive moisturizing of the skin. What I want to say in the end? Do not seek to be like someone. Who knows, maybe Eastern women would very much like to live at least one day of that life, from which you flee? Therefore, love yourself for who you are. And who knows, maybe a French eye cream is 1000 times better than olive oil? We advise you to read: