how to get rid of freckles quickly Little golden specks appear on the bodywith the advent of the first spring sun rays and cause inconvenience to many of the fair sex, who annually spend a lot of effort and money to fight them. Peelings, masks, skin polishing - beauties are ready to try everything on their own just to get rid of freckles, while forgetting that the simplest and most reliable methods of removing stains were invented by our great-grandmothers.

Place of dislocation - arms and back

The specific answer to the question,how to get rid of freckles quickly, does not exist, because the body of each person reacts differently to the effect of a particular substance. Someone needs to lubricate a couple of times with cream-protected hands with UV protection, so that the spots do not appear, and some have to do a lot of manipulations every day to partially mask these defects. But still there are universal beauty recipes that will allow at home if you do not remove them completely, so greatly reduce the amount of freckles on the skin.

  • Lemon juice

The fact that the lemon has whiteningproperties, nowadays practically everyone knows. It is added to the water to lighten the hair, it lubricates the nails to get rid of the yellowness, it is also used in the fight against brown spots on the hands. So, cut the lemon in thin rings, put it on the problem areas of the skin for about ten minutes, then rinse your hands or back with a copious amount of water and apply a nourishing cream. Repeat this procedure is recommended not more than twice a week until the problem is completely eliminated.

  • Cream

How to get rid of freckles quickly and forever? Use a special clarifying cream with a unique component - hydroquinone, which effectively eliminates even large dark pigment spots. In such products there are no substances that are hazardous to health, while such tools cope with their task not much worse than expensive and advertised drugs. Such cream is on sale, but it is best to buy them in pharmacies or in places where you can get quality certificates. It is enough to apply the cream on your hands in the morning and in the evening for two to three weeks to achieve positive results. The only thing is that some of the fair sex can have allergies, so before using it is recommended to study the instructions and test the product on a small area of ​​the skin.

  • Sour milk and wine

What unites these two drinks? Correctly, they contain alpha hydroxy acids, which influence the process of exfoliation of the cornified skin particles. Thus, after applying, for example, sour milk, the cells begin to update faster, and the skin does not have time to darken and become stained. There are several ways to get rid of freckles quickly using these two remedies. The first is to rub several times a day during a week of hand with this liquid, that is, use wine and milk as a tonic or lotion, and the second - mix with black bread or yeast to make twenty minute masks. If you do not want to tinker with the preparation of cleansers, you can buy ready-made serums in the pharmacy. how to quickly get rid of freckles

Freckles on the face - we eliminate the problem delicately!

Girls who decided to remove freckles with the help ofprepared at home means, should be as careful as possible with some of their ingredients. Any impact on the delicate skin of the face can cause a lot of negative consequences, starting with banal dryness, ending with serious allergic reactions (burning, irritation, inflammation, rash). Oily or combination skin: solve two problems in one fell swoop

  • Cologne

Girls belonging to this type,it is recommended to use once a week a mixture of cologne and lemon juice, since both these ingredients not only remove dark pigment spots on the face, but also greatly dry the skin. After five to ten minutes after treatment, wash with plenty of water, then if there is a feeling of dryness and stiffness - apply a nourishing cream.

  • Glycerol

If for several days to wipe frecklesa small amount of pure glycerin, they will disappear from your face for a long time. To make it easier to conduct a similar procedure without affecting the clean areas of the skin, use cotton swabs. Caution, dry skin! Representatives of the fair sex with dry skin doubly harder, as most bleaching agents injure her even more. Of course, after the procedure of lightening at home, you can apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream to your face, but this precautionary measure does not always save you. But still, if you correctly choose the components for masks and tonics, aggressive effects on the skin can be reduced several times.

  • Refreshing cucumber tonic

Take a small onion, chop it onmeat grinder or blender, the idea is to mix the resulting gruel with grated cucumber on a coarse grater, pour it all with a glass of filtered or mineral water, preferably boiled, and leave for twenty minutes. Wipe face is recommended three times a day, after which it is necessary to apply a small amount of fresh home-made sour cream to moisturize the face and enhance the effect of the tonic. If after the procedure there is an unpleasant odor, wash with baby soap or shower gel. Do not forget that the product itself should be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed glass container, as the mixture quickly deteriorates and gets a sharp smell.

  • The "fat" mask

This mask is quite difficult to prepare inhome conditions, but if you have the opportunity to get all the ingredients and spend half an hour to prepare, be sure to do it. It not only has a whitening effect, but also eliminates skin defects such as acne, acne, etc. So, you need to mix five hundred grams of white petrolatum melted on a steam bath, three hundred grams of pork fat and lanolin anhydrous (animal wax), one hundred and fifty grams of zinc oxide (you can buy at a pharmacy), two grams of orange oil with over-salt salt (about fifty grams) . You can use the resulting product as a regular skin cream. how to get rid of freckles quickly at home

Dangerous struggle with freckles or what not to do

How would you not like to get rid ofstains on the body, do not use questionable products, even when manufacturers promise a quick effect in a week or two. If it was so potent, it would be sold only in the pharmacy and only on prescription, since a quick result can be obtained after a serious exposure to corrosive and corrosive substances. Such products are used by qualified specialists in beauty parlors and beauty salons. Also, do not go to the solarium, sunbathe in the sun and go out without putting sunscreen on the body. Even if you have long coped with your problem, continue to use whitening cosmetics for prevention. If you plan to go to the sea for a few days, in addition to the sunblock, take a hat with wide margins and special gloves. And last but not least, before any procedures, be it masks made of cucumber and lemon cooked at home, or peeling in a specialized institution, be sure to consult your doctor in order to avoid any side effects. We advise you to read: