adipes on the face You think that the biggest attack of the skin of the face -it's pimples? You are very mistaken! There is still such a phenomenon as zhiroviki - soft fatty formations that arise due to the increased growth of fat cells. Most often, the fatty faces on the face are about one and a half centimeter in diameter, but in some cases they can be much larger. Weners are equally common in both children and adults, both in men and in women. Most often, adipose cells are formed on the forehead, eyelids and cheekbones, and also on the neck. In most cases, lipoma does not degenerate into malignant and does not pose a particular danger to human health. As a matter of fact, zhirovik is just a cosmetic defect. But, of course, definitive confirmation of this can only histological examination of the lipoma (zhirovik).

The reasons for the appearance of Wen

But despite all of the above, you can not missfrom the fact that in some cases the adipose is only a consequence of a disease of the internal organs. Most often these are the following pathologies:

  • Violation of metabolic processes

In the event that a person suffers from a disturbance of normal metabolism, the appearance of adipocytes on the face is not uncommon. After all, metabolism is disturbed, including in adipose tissue.

  • Genetic predisposition

Sometimes in DNA itself there is a tendency toexcessive development of fat cells. As a rule, in such cases, adolescents are formed in parents, and then in children. Most often, greens appear again and again.

  • Endocrine diseases, diabetes mellitus
  • Various diseases of the kidneys, liver

As you can see, diseases that can causethe development of Wen's children, is not so little. Therefore, you will hardly be able to determine it yourself. Therefore, it is still worthwhile to see a doctor - at least for your own comfort. Although, most likely, the reason will not be serious, but it's worthwhile to insure yourself. on face wives


If the wig is more than one and a half centimeters, removeit can only be through surgical intervention. In almost all cases, the doctor removes the adipose under local anesthesia. But in some cases - a child, elderly people, increased anxiety - it can be decided on the need for general anesthesia. Despite the fact that the operation is very simple, a number of studies will be assigned to the patient before the patient is given a general analysis of urine and blood, ultrasound, hormone analyzes, all very individually in each specific situation. In addition, an anesthesiologist will talk with a sick person to choose the best type of anesthesia.

Recipes of traditional medicine

If the fatty tumor (lipoma) is not too large,You can try to remove it with the help of traditional medicine. All these recipes are practically safe. The only thing to beware of is an allergic reaction to any substance that is part of the remedy you have chosen. In addition, it is not superfluous to discuss the treatment you chose with your doctor.

  • Kalanchoe

Treatment of wen with the help of Kalanchoe leaves inin most cases it is very effective. To do this, you need to carefully remove the peel and attach to the wen. The leaf must be fixed with an adhesive plaster and left for 6 hours. Such treatment should last at least three weeks. And you will notice the first results in a week.

  • Golden mustache

If zhirovik is not only big, but also verydense, you can try treatment with a golden mustache. Even if you completely remove the wen after the first course of treatment, it will not be much less and softer, which is also important. The very treatment is extremely simple. Cut a pair of golden-mustache leaves to a mushy state, put on a wen and put a plastic wrap, leave for 6 hours. The duration of the course of treatment is not less than 10 days, after which the adipes disappear and, as a rule, no longer appear.

  • Lamb fat

If you have lamb fat, you can trynext treatment. Melt three tablespoons of mutton fat in a water bath, but do not bring to a boil. After that, rub the mass into the wen. Repeat this procedure at least five times a day for at least two weeks. As a rule, the wen began to decrease in size already on the fifth day.

  • Garlic

Chop garlic into a state of gruel andmix with an equal amount of any vegetable oil. Rub the resulting mixture into the fattyle at least three times a day, for one week. In the event that in two weeks the treatment you have chosen does not give the expected result, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. As you remember, the doctor will find out why the adipose appeared, choose the appropriate treatment, and, if necessary, send for a surgical intervention. We advise you to read: