melt water Scientists have established that a person can not livewithout liquid for more than ten days at ordinary air temperature. The hotter in the street, the shorter the time - this is natural. The daily rate of water consumption, at which we will feel wonderful, is at least one and a half liters. If you start to drink less, the body will seriously disrupt: the metabolism will break down, the skin will fade and grow old more quickly, kidney stones will appear, etc. Water is the source of our life. But, unfortunately, that fluid that flows through our pipes does not correspond to this statement. Impurities, heavy metals, chlorine, sand - this is just a small list of what the lab technician can detect. And this is not to mention bacteria that still manage to multiply in it. Of course, you can boil water, filter, process. But in this case, useful elements are also lost. If we defend it in banks, as our mothers and grandmothers did in the past, not all harmful substances volatilize or settle on the bottom. But there is still a very interesting way of cleaning - freezing. Surprisingly, thawed water has truly magical properties. Its daily use leads to an acceleration of metabolism, rejuvenation and improvement of health in general. Nutritionists advise for a quick slimming drink a melted liquid. By the way, many celebrities therefore prefer to cook or buy only such water. use of melt water

To drink or not to drink - that is the question

Why not buy the purchased melt water

  • High probability of buying a fake

Virtually all manufacturers claim that theyThey extract thawed water from the snow collected in the mountains. When buying a bottle with a life-giving drink, first of all read the information on the label. There should be indicated where and how their products are manufactured. Imagine what harm to health will cause unprocessed and not filtered liquid, poured simply from the water pipe.

  • Lack of useful properties

Experts say that melted snow orIce can not be stored for long. Think, what is the use of melt water, devoid of useful elements? By the way, there are practically no salts and minerals in it. Therefore, prolonged use of this liquid can cause irreparable harm to the body. Some manufacturers forget about this for some reason on labels. Why it is worth using melt water of home preparation Molecules of melt water are more homogeneous. They are smaller in size, so it is easier to penetrate the cell membrane. The one that flows from the tap does not have such a high performance. In some cases, it does not even penetrate the membrane. And, therefore, does not participate in metabolic processes occurring in the body. As a result - premature aging, various diseases, obesity. The benefit of melt water also lies in the fact that with its help you can get rid of allergies, lose weight, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. It is recommended for taking with ulcers, gastritis and other gastric diseases. However, it is first necessary to consult a specialist.

How to prepare melt water

So, now you know about the benefits of thawingwater. Do you want to start treating it? Then you need to learn how to prepare a life-giving drink correctly. Of course, you can simply freeze and unfreeze what is flowing from the tap. However, in this case, chlorine and some impurities will still remain in the ice cube. The damage from such a liquid is exactly the same as that of the usual one. To begin with, you should prepare a suitable container for freezing ice and storing melt water. Plastic containers that can withstand constant temperature changes can be purchased in regular supermarkets. Choosing the right volume, count that one person for two days needs six glasses of liquid (ie 1200 ml). Simple freezing in plastic First, filter the tap water to remove any large impurities. It is unlikely you will be pleased with such additives in the glass, as rust, stones, sand, etc. To reduce the damage from chlorine, put the liquid to stand for at least a day in a dark and cool place. During this time all volatile components evaporate. On the second day, pour clean water into a special dish, put it in the freezer for eight hours. What will not have time to freeze during this time, immediately pour into the sink. It was there that left the substances and impurities that are harmful to our health. Place the container for thirty seconds in boiling water. After you get the ice, put it in an enamel or porcelain pan. Leave it to melt on the table at room temperature. Do not heat on the stove or in the microwave. Heat treatment will cause irreparable harm to the healing liquid. Frozen in a glass container Some experts say that storing and freezing water in plastic containers means to damage your health. When heated and cooled, the liquid will absorb the chemicals released by the plastic. Therefore, it is better to use a heat-resistant glass. So, first filter the water. Pour it into the bottle, leaving a third empty, and put in the freezer. If there is more, it will simply rupture or burst in the refrigerator. Defreeze in the same way as in the previous case. By the way, for preparing ice it is better to take distilled liquid. It goes through several stages of purification, so it will contain a minimum amount of harmful impurities and bacteria. And useful, unfortunately, too. Frozen boiled water Filtered water should be boiled in an enamel saucepan. Try to turn off the liquid before large bubbles begin to appear on the surface. After that, cool it and pour it over the containers. When thawing, make sure that the middle does not have time to melt. Please note, the medicinal liquid prepared in this way should be drunk in the next six hours. After this time, it loses all its useful properties. Of course, the harm from it will be less than from the ordinary water that flows in our taps. Benefit and harm of melt water

How to use melt water properly

To melt water has brought good, not harm,learn to use correctly. First, do not abuse. Do not try to use it everywhere (and for tea, and for cooking, and for quenching thirst). Drink three to four glasses of melted liquid daily. It is recommended to take melt water for 30-40 minutes before you sit at the dining table. Secondly, do not pour completely unfrozen liquid into the glass. If you do not have time to throw out the part with impurities, pour out all. You can not even imagine what harm the remaining substances in the water can cause. Try to make ice again, but do not forget to put the timer. By the way, the first time you can cook the perfect drink only units. To ease the task, you can grind everything on the icebreaker. Frozen ice cubes should be added to thawed water - this will prolong its shelf life. Be careful! Use the drink in small sips, so as not to catch cold and not get sick with sore throat. In the next 20-30 minutes, do not drink hot tea, coffee, etc. Otherwise, the enamel on the teeth may crack or the gum will begin to ache. To reduce the damage of melt water, introduce it into your diet gradually. Start with 100 milliliters per day, so that the body has time to get used to the liquid, completely cleared of impurities, salts, minerals and additives. Based on the lifestyle and body weight, bring the volume of daily allowance to 700-1200 ml. Pay attention, this is not a cure and not a panacea. Do not stop the doctor's appointment! Use this tool only for the prevention of diseases or for cleaning the body. Beforehand, always consult a doctor from whom you are observed.