• The beauty of a woman's smile
  • "Insidious" labial herpes
  • Only not a crust!
  • English wisdom for the beauty of a woman's smile

The beauty of a woman's smile

Smile is the guarantee of the attractiveness of every woman. Smiling, you not only increase your charm a hundredfold, but also improve the mood for yourself and others, train your face muscles, strengthen your immune system and cope with stress. Smile is more attractive than even professional make-up! This is your calling card and an excellent assistant in communication. Women can smile joyfully, mysteriously, invitingly, gently, sexually. A light half-smile, slightly opening the pearly teeth, or a carefree wide smile ... Female smiles always served as inspiration for great authors, because before their charm it is impossible to resist. However, these "captivators" of human hearts have enemies.

"Insidious" labial herpes

Labial herpes, or herpes on the lips, perhaps,the most "insidious" enemy of female smiles, since it appears at the most inopportune moment in the form of unpleasant itchy vesicles. Herpes on the lips with ease can not only take away the charm of your smile, but also significantly spoil the mood. erazaban-4 Herpes on the lips can appear in almost everyone, because this virus is in the cages of a significant number of people on the Earth. And at the same time it can in different cases remain on the lips for up to a week!

Only not a crust!

Herpes on the lips develops fairly quickly andpasses several stages. Everything begins with tingle at the site of the future accumulation of bubbles. After there is itching and burning, the skin over the place of appearance of the so-called "cold" blushes. It is at this stage that it's time to take action! But even if it did not work out on time, it's worth remembering that it's never too late to fight herpes on the lips. However, many simply do not pay proper attention to the first symptoms, and the herpes continues to develop. The stage of inflammation begins, the vesicles grow, and the liquid in them becomes darker. At the last stage, the bubbles burst and in their place crusts form. It would seem that the worst is over, but it is strictly not recommended to remove the crust, because then on your charming lips there may appear unpleasant reddish scars.

English wisdom for the beauty of a woman's smile

erazaban-3 How to preserve the "unbreakable" charm of women'ssmiles? There are a number of traditional methods for solving the problem of herpes. But the difficulty is that the herpes virus began to adapt to them2. This means that standard methods of drug treatment may not be as effective as before. The key to keeping an incendiary smile without herpes can be a new generation drug with a molecule , who came to us from England. Molecule Dokosanol, included in its composition, does not allow the virus to penetrate the shell of healthy cells of your body, which in the end can lead to the death of the virus. erazaban Erasaban helps to quickly remove symptomsherpes on the lips: itching, burning, soreness. And if you start using the remedy on the first or second day after the symptoms manifest, it can help prevent the formation of crusts. erazaban-2 Smile more often - it makes you irresistible! To help maintain an impeccable smile, try using the drug with an active molecule of Docosanol. 1 - Goryachkin MV, Belousova TA Herpesvirus infection in dermatocosmetological practice // Russian Medical Journal 2 - Semenova TB Principles of treatment of herpes simplex // Russian Medical Journal 3 - Compared with placebo, based on the study "Clinical efficacy of topical cream containing 10% docosanol for the treatment of simple labial herpes: a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study." SacksStephen L., MD, a member of the Royal Therapeutic College of Canada, etc. Contraindications are possible, it is necessary to read the instructions for use. Registration certificate number: LSR-007705/10.