can I make love with thrush Many representatives of the fair sex,faced with thrush, is interested in the question: is it possible to make love before full recovery? After all, it has long been known that candidiasis is transmitted sexually. What's wrong with condoms in every pharmacy? But infecting a partner is not the worst thing that can happen in this case. In fact, women who prefer not to abstain from intimacy during the treatment of thrush, are at great risk to their health. Agree, you can wait, not have sex for a couple of weeks. And there will be no tragedy.

What do we know about thrush?

Thrush is a disease caused byyeast-like fungi. Once in the body, they begin to actively multiply, poisoning the products of your body's life. The reasons why you could get candidiasis are very many, from weakened immunity, ending with infection from a partner. By the way, that after your recovery you do not have to go to the doctor again, you should find out what stimulated the reproduction of mushrooms. After you pass the examination, remove the cause, if any, you will be prescribed treatment. Usually doctors prescribe special antifungal ointments and medications. Pay attention: do not use self-medication in this case. Improperly selected medications can cause exacerbation. For example, all antibiotics stimulate the spread of fungal diseases. By the way, to avoid the reproduction of fungus, you will also need to follow a diet. So, it is necessary to exclude from its diet all the spicy, sweet, fatty, salty, sour, yeast. Otherwise, after consuming one of the above dishes, all symptoms will increase several times. You can eat vegetables and fruits, cereals and fresh soups. And, of course, the doctor categorically forbids you to make love not only during thrush, but also several weeks after full recovery. Plus, he will recommend to undergo the examination and your partner (permanent and temporary) to exclude the risk of infection in the future. You do not want your young man to be a carrier of the disease. After all, you can get infected even after one act of love. can I make love with a thrush with a guy

What is dangerous sex with thrush?

For women who do not imagine life withoutsex, thrush - not a way for refusing pleasure. Indeed, what to worry about if you can use condoms. They protect not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from many diseases that are sexually transmitted. But in fact, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Did you know that the fungus that causes thrush is transmitted and during oral sex. And in the oral cavity, he does not feel bad. Therefore, ladies should avoid even oral caresses, both with him and with her. By the way, you should always remember that a condom does not protect 100%. And imagine that you have been treated, and your partner is not, as you hoped for protection. The next time you have sex, the risk of re-infection is too great. It does not matter whether he has symptoms of the disease or not. The carriers do not always immediately manifest thrush. Is it worth it to risk your health and the health of your beloved man, and for the sake of one minute pleasure? Let's say you are protected and confident that the partner will not become infected. Good! But did you know that during sex you can put an infection in the bladder. In this case, the presence and absence of a condom does not play any role. As a result - a banal cystitis. The genitourinary system of women is characterized by a short urethra. Bacteria and microorganisms very quickly make their way to the bladder, where they begin to multiply. Thus, if cystitis develops because of the thrush, sex is completely contraindicated before complete cure. And one more point to pay attention to is the presence of pain during intimacy. Very rarely does a fair sex enjoy the process itself. And only true masochists will tolerate pain. Therefore, talk to your young man, explain that for a while you will forget about making love, because you do not like what is unpleasant, but unbearably painful.

What should a woman remember when thrush?

If you or your partner have been diagnosed -candidiasis, a number of rules should be followed that will help prevent infection and avoid exacerbation of the disease. If you ignore them, you may experience a relapse later. But you hardly want to once again undergo treatment, suffer pain, itching and discomfort.

  • Refusal of sex

First, try to abandon the occupationsex until full recovery. A loving man will go into position. It is unlikely that he will be able to enjoy sex, looking at the tormented and pained wife. If there is no such possibility (you never know), be sure to use condoms. But if there are unpleasant sensations, immediately stop the partner and put off intimate affinity for later. And in any case, do not suffer! Do not experiment, thinking "And suddenly it will not hurt" if you were diagnosed with a chronic thrush. In this case, the risks of infection of the genitourinary system are too great. It is better to wait a couple of weeks than after a long and tedious treatment for cystitis.

  • To be treated together

With thrush should be screened bothpartner. In this case, a man can be explained that this disease is not always immediately apparent. It's over, the representatives of the stronger sex will have hard times, since smears are not a pleasure of the most pleasant. But for the sake of love, you can not go for it. After all, you will know for sure that you are completely healthy. And under no circumstances do not engage in sex with a partner, without first not being convinced that he is not the carrier of the disease.

  • Do not play doctor

And never try to choose a medicine at random. After all, when we are engaged in self-treatment, we play the game "Saper" with his health. Luck or not - depends only on luck. And what are the consequences - you can only guess. Even doctors go to each other for treatment! can I make love with thrush with a man

Hygiene in thrush: general rules

As with thrush, and in the ordinary everydaylife, a woman must respect personal hygiene. Unfortunately, not all girls and women are able to take care of themselves. And some ladies simply because of laziness neglect this, believing that enough and once a day to wash. In fact, everything is not so simple. So, remember once and for all: your genitals need to be washed at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. And, of course, before every sex. After all, cleanliness is the guarantee of health. It is necessary to wash out only clean, best filtered warm water. Directions - from the pubis to the coccyx, ie from front to back. This rule must be observed so as not to infect the bladder. Do not forget to wash your hands beforehand, as there may be dirt on them. And before intimate caresses, your partner should also take care of cleanliness! For washing, special products are used, which are sold in pharmacies. A normal soap should never be used. The fact that it washes away and lactobacilli, which protect against the entry of various infections and pathogenic microbes inside. And our already weakened body simply can not cope with such a load. When choosing gels and special means for intimate hygiene, always pay attention to the composition. They must contain lactic acid. In this case, no dyes, flavors and other harmful additives should not be. Otherwise, you will be irritated. By the way, during thrush you can not wash out with soda solution, do douching, etc. Such procedures should be carried out only on the advice of a doctor. If you resort to these methods on occasion and without, then in the future you will simply violate the acid-base balance. As a result, the spread of thrush, that is, active reproduction of the fungus. And during illness, and after recovery use a personal towel. Even if you drink with your husband from one mug, you do not brush your teeth with one brush. Wipe your genitals should be gently, slightly moistening the moisture. But rub to redness of the skin is not worth it. After do not forget to dry the towel. Make sure that it is always dry and clean. Every two or three days, change it to a new one. Old machine wash, rinse well and iron with an iron to get rid of possible bacteria. The next thing you should pay attention to is hygiene compliance on critical days. So, the first thing you should remember is the timely replacement of gaskets. During thrush period, this is done at least once every 2-3 hours, in ordinary life - every 4 hours. The fact is that bacteria begin to appear on the surface, which can get inside. Plus, the "greenhouse effect" that is created in these two hours, stimulates the reproduction of the fungus. By the way, with candidiasis tampons are not recommended at all these days. Secondly, do not forget to rinse your genitals every time you change the sanitary napkin. If this is not possible, use a special wet wipe. Just make sure that they are not flavored or deodorized, otherwise it will cause irritation. As for the daily visits, the gynecologists about them in general negatively respond. In fact, there is more harm than good. Therefore, with candidiasis, try to refrain from using such hygiene products. Of course, this is convenient, but your health is more important. An important role in this case is your underwear. The first point concerns the frequency of the change. It is desirable that in the morning and evening you wear new pants, even if you use pads. The second is the material from which these things are made. Do not buy synthetics that do not absorb moisture, do not conduct heat. It only hampers ventilation, the skin does not breathe, which just creates a favorable environment for the appearance and spread of the disease. By the way, all your favorite thongs (panties, consisting of only strips) can cause the emergence of cystitis and thrush. The thing is that while walking that very thin piece of tissue begins to rub the organs, causing irritation. Plus, this is how bacteria are transferred from the anus to the vaginal opening and urogenital canal. Thus, with thrush it is better to give up everything that is uncomfortable, which prevents it from moving normally, causes diaper rash and discomfort. In our time, you can buy a lot of good underwear, which in beauty is not inferior to synthetics. Worth such products are not much more. And if you comply with all the above rules, that is, do not neglect treatment, hygiene, at the time refuse sexual intercourse, then soon get rid of thrush. And then you can enjoy intimate caresses, without fear of pain and discomfort. After all, making love means giving yourself completely to your feelings.