napkins for decoupage Recently, people began to payself-expression is much more attention, and almost everyone is trying to find a creative vein. But the creation of something new requires not only certain skills, but also innate abilities that need to be developed: to engage in music or, for example, painting by force is far from everyone. But, as you know, demand creates supply. That is why, in connection with this general interest in the creative work of various kinds, various types of applied art, including decoupage, have become popular in recent years. By and large this technique is just a kind of applique. The only difference between decoupage from this technique known to us since childhood is that it is not just sticking different elements on the base in accordance with the conceived composition, but creating an illusion of a picture, a peculiar painting. buy napkins for decoupage

How to choose materials for decoupage

To get a real work of artfor the future picture as a basis you need to use the thinnest paper, and for the elements of the application you need to buy napkins for decoupage. Decoupage napkins can have a variety of patterns. Therefore, it is quite easy to choose the necessary tissue motive for a particular composition, whether it is an ornament for a children's room, a cabinet or a gift to someone specific event. Similar materials for decorative works can have several layers, but if you want to achieve the illusion that the creation you created is really painted, use only the top layer of napkins. You can buy materials for this technique in a specialized store in your city or by ordering them in the corresponding Internet shops. Despite the fact that the technique of decoupage has become popular not so long ago, almost every city has at least a small department with accessories for such works: the choice of different materials, as a rule, is extremely diverse. But in order not to fall into a stupor near the counter and not look at the assortment with eyes wide open with surprise, as it usually happens, if buyers are not ready for such a variety of materials, it is better to think ahead of the composition of the future product. Then, at least roughly using the Internet, you need to pick the right napkins for decoupage: it's much easier to buy the necessary materials if you know in advance the color range of the future work and well imagine what you want to get as a result. To work with such napkins, you will also need special glue and acrylic paints and, ideally, a water based varnish.