crafts from seashells If you had a vacation at sea, then, most likely,returned home with a whole bunch of souvenirs, brought with them purchased articles from shells and stones. And besides traditional magnets and handicrafts from shells, naturally, we returned home with beautiful sea pebbles and seashells that were found on the shore. And it's great! Because seashells and pebbles are a free material for all kinds of crafts, from the most simple to the truly masterpiece creations. So both you and your family members will have something to do in the boring winter evenings: you will be happy to make crafts from shells with your own hands. And especially this idea will please children who love to make something from natural material. From sea pebbles and shells crafts are different. From them you can make cute picture-panels, frames for photos and jewelry. They can decorate flower pots and pencils, caskets and candles. From this natural material interesting souvenirs, charms and even Christmas-tree toys are made. We offer you several variants of simple crafts made of shells, the manufacture of which will not be difficult for children and will please with its simplicity and original result of adults.

Tree of Happiness

Tree of Happiness - very popular today ininterior design of topiary. Such happy trees are made from almost any natural material, from paper and fabric, from plastic bottles and salted dough. So why not make such a cute artwork from cockleshells? For him, we need a newspaper and threads, glue and a piece of plastic pipe, gypsum and a container for the tree, shells and beads. First, it is necessary to select suitable flat shells-flaps and sort them according to their size. By the way, do not forget that for crafts made of this natural material, any shells must be thoroughly washed (possibly repeatedly) and dried. Now we need to glue the flowers for the tree. First we glue together three petals from large seashells and three petals of small ones - two tiers for each flower. Now we collect flowers - their number depends on the size of the tree. We glue two tiers (six petals) and attach a bead to the center of the flower. A ball-base for a tree is made from a newspaper, crushing it and wrapping it tightly with threads. From above, the balloon can be pasted with napkins or painted with aerosol paint. Next, you need to make a hole in the ball and insert a tube there, by placing a ball on it. The tube is fixed with gypsum in a prepared container. We continue to make a tree of happiness, pasting it with flowers from seashells. Blank spaces between the flowers are covered with leaves carved from green napkins or corrugated paper or we use for this purpose sea pebbles. The trunk and "ground" are decorated with any suitable material: braid, lace, sisal, ribbons. And we admire what a pretty handcraft made of shells we managed to make. handmade crafts

Christmas angels

Such crafts made of shells are relevant on the eve of the Newyear and Christmas. They can decorate New Year's compositions or use as Christmas souvenirs. And if in the kindergarten or at school there are New Year's children's morning performances, then such crafts made of shells will become great prizes for children for taking part in competitions. For such crafts, we need large and small pearl shells, artificial pearls, golden beads, thermo-glue, fishing line and decorative cord. If your shells are too dark, then paint them with white, pink or blue acrylic paint. First you need to make an angelic head. We string the beads on a fishing line (five pieces for each angel) and close the ring - this will be a halo. Now we pass the cord into the bead and make a loop, for which the toy can be suspended on the tree. On the top of the bead (around the cord) we glue the halo. Continue to do the angel and glue the bead with a large shell-torso. We glue the bead on the narrowed side of the shell. From very small shells we make wings, glue them on the sides of the torso of an angel. If there are no small shells, then the wings can be made of tulle, organza or a suitable natural material: scales from cones (colored), seeds from the fish head, maple seeds. crafts from shells


Such crafts will entice children of any age. Yes, and you will be pleased to realize that children's photos are framed by a frame, which was designed by children's hands. In short, the pleasure of such crafts will be provided for both children and for you. For a photo frame, we need any wide ready frame: austere and without decor. In addition to the frame, you should prepare glue, acrylic paints or gouache and lacquer, sea pebbles, beads and beads. Give children complete freedom of creativity. Your participation should consist only in a guide to action and observation. Give the child an opportunity to show imagination and decorate the frame to your liking. Just show how you need to glue seashells, pebbles and beads on the frame, and then the child will cope without your help. By the way, you can decorate the frame not only with seashells, but, continuing the marine theme, to mold out of an octopus salted dough or a starfish, a fish or even a boat. By the way, the combination of salted dough and seashells is very popular among those who love to work with children. You can try to make with them turtles and butterflies, frogs and birds, seals and dogs. From this natural material in combination with a salty test, you can make almost any souvenir-toys depicting different animals. And even if your imagination runs out, children will have enough and imagination and energy for a long time - children's supplies are inexhaustible. Dare! At you all necessarily it will turn out. We advise you to read: