• Hats

This fall is especially popular knitted or crochetedfur caps, hats and berets. They are given special glamor by bright appliqués, brooches or ribbons. Very catchy colors of shawls, tied with eastern turban. For those who prefer a classic style, fashion designers suggest decorating the headband with black satin bows.

  • Headbands

They are feminine, elegant and beautiful. In the autumn season in the fashion rims, decorated with bows, flowers and other elements. The tendency is clearly traced: the bigger the accessory, the more attractive it is.

  • Glasses

Designer collections break the stereotype thatsunglasses are an attribute of sunny weather. They are ideal in any weather and perfectly complement the coat or coat. In fashion, non-standard forms of frames and two-colored glass.

  • Gloves

In this season, fashion designers focus onLeather or suede models decorated with fur or rhinestones. The bright colors chosen in combination with the clothes prevail. The classic option - all models of the same brand. If - from Valentino or Armani, then gloves should ideally be branded.

  • Belts

This fall everything is possible. Belt from the category of necessary accessories goes into the category of jewelry. Fashion legislators offer to wear leather and suede belts instead of necklaces and bracelets.

  • Decoration

Cold metal goes into oblivion. As an alternative, designers offer spectacular necklaces and necklaces, made in several tiers and decorated with rhinestones. This season, rhinestones are relevant for shoes, gloves and ties. A distinctive feature of any jewelry is a large size. Necklaces almost completely hide the neckline, and the rings reach the phalanx of the finger.

  • Ties

Hit of the season - women's ties in black. This tendency was announced by Karl Lagerfeld in the beginning of spring. Later, the German designer was supported by fashion designers from other countries.

  • Stockings

Once simply practical things - stockings and socks,gradually become a trend of fashion, an attribute of style. The most optimal variant of autumn is white and black knitwear, as well as bright tights from lurex. Bottom line: Most autumn accessories catch the traditions of oriental folklore. So there is no need to pack summer decorations in the box in anticipation of the next season. They will actually look complete with a dress, leather boots or a Kazakh hat. We advise you to read: