fashionable underwear 2016 Preparing for the upcoming season, every girlrevises and updates his wardrobe. And the most intimate part of it deserves special attention, that is, the rich world of underwear: fashion 2016 simply requires fresh colors from each of us. Therefore, it is worthwhile to worry about buying one of the best gifts for yourself and your loved one, enriching your collection of sexual combinations and piquant negligee. Naturally, you should choose clothes with the mind, focusing on those features that do not depend on trends and trends and always remain relevant. Now we are talking about convenience - this is important for every girl: whatever you choose, bra, panties, negligee, all this should give freedom of movement and give only comfortable feelings. In this case, all new items of underwear 2016 should also be environmentally friendly - the topic of security has become quite relevant. That is why natural fabrics become a real trend in the coming season - both the leading design houses, and the customers themselves make the choice in their favor. On the first place there are models from cotton, satin, guipure, velvet and even leather, that is, those that not only give comfort, but do not harm your health. There is another criterion of choice, invariably remaining important - preference is given not just to the beautiful underwear of 2016, but to models that can correct the features of the figure. After all, every girl wants to be charming and sexy, emphasize virtues and turn small cons in tempting pluses. Therefore, paying attention to the color, quality, style and appearance of the laundry, it is necessary not to forget about how it sits, whether it fits your figure. And then you can focus on the current trends today, especially since with the number of collections produced by popular design houses, you can easily select models that this season will be at the peak of success.

New underwear 2016: fashion trends

  • As already noted above, the coming summer will beonly natural fabrics are relevant - ecological purity becomes a trend and this can not but rejoice. Stylish and beautiful underwear 2016 can be made from guipure or cotton, velvet or leather, but most importantly, to make it safe - today in fashion health.

underwear 2016 pictures Time passes and the already popular trends return - we can soon be sure of this: it will be enough to look at the emerging collections.

  • Success will enjoy retro and classicalwomen's underwear 2016: photos of masterpieces of designer houses tell us about the wide belts, panties with an overstated waist, pointed bra. This is a very sexy lingerie female. Thanks to this the girl can create a very attractive image: a seductive and at the same time a moderately reserved modesty - down with vulgarity, long live elegance, this combination always attracts a strong sex.

Fashionable underwear 2016 photos

  • Particular attention in the coming season will bepaid to bras, visually enlarging the chest and giving it a rounded shape - this is another of the trends. It is noteworthy that in this way couturiers emphasize the slender aspen waist, emphasizing its elegance.

In this regard, it is clear and the relevance of panties withinflated tops, belts, stockings and body: such fashionable women's underwear in 2016 will help to slightly pull the figure, make it more refined. Well, those girls who want to emphasize their bust, can always do this with push-up bodices and corsets with bones or foam cups - in the summer they will also be very popular. women's underwear 2016

  • If we talk about panties, on the wave of success will bea variety of models, like the classic slip, and bold thongs and even sports shorts "boxers." The fact that the design houses presented their collections, in which even casual models look bright and elegant enough, while remaining all the same convenient - comfort is given a huge role.

Fashion Underwear 2016 In short, in the coming season we will be pleasedsurprise many trends, so enrich the intimate part of your wardrobe will be even more interesting - every girl will be able to pick up exciting, sexy and attractive combinations.

What color to choose?

underwear spring summer 2016 You can identify a few nuances, but in general the palette can be very rich, one that your imagination and desire dictates - listen to yourself and start experimenting.

  • So, the classic black color will always be popular, always attracting a strong half of humanity: strict and simultaneously sexual combinations, bras, panties will be a win-win option.
  • Fashionable and pastel colors of underwearspring-summer 2016: beige, light brown, gently pink color perfectly emphasizes the tenderness and fragility of the girl. Calm and unobtrusive light shades are a wonderful option for romantic and elegant natures, with impeccable taste.
  • In summer many women of fashion will preferbright and color models with an abundance of ornaments: prints, ribbons, bows are only welcome. They add originality to panties, bras and combinations, favorably emphasizing the individuality of their possessor. We recommend choosing just such underwear: fashion 2016 says that in the summer it is worth giving preference to brightness, shine and not to be afraid of even the most daring experiments.

Golden brown, champagne or beige colorlooks mysterious, black or red - underlined sexually, turquoise, purple or scarlet - predatory and unusual. As you can see, there are enough options, so we want to give one more tip: stopping at some color, take into account your feelings, how much it goes to you personally: the trends set the direction, but do not determine your choice.

What secrets does the beautiful underwear store?

Each emerging trend or trend hastheir own characteristics, those little secrets that deserve our attention - so let us soon get acquainted with the most interesting solutions of leading design houses. Many have emphasized the large number of accessories of fashionable underwear 2016: photos of the latest Milan collections perfectly reveal the elegance and subtle sexuality of such ornaments. As an example, you can take the bras from Victoria Secret: they are quite closed, they bribe their elegance and rich decor of embroidery and lace - this promise promises to be the last squeak of the coming season. new items underwear 2016 By the way, silhouettes generally become more strict: to see this, it is enough to look at the change of bold and frank bikini with classic panties with an inflated waist, the growth in popularity of corsets that support the slenderness of the figure, and bras with a push-up effect. We should also mention the variety of materials used by designers to create fashionable women's underwear 2016: couturiers are not afraid to use leather and materials that imitate it, erotic underwear is also fashionable. And at the same time, we can note the traditional popularity of velvet and satin, cotton and guipure: the main thing is that they are environmentally friendly - this is the feature that all design houses pay attention to. Another secret is the brightness of lacy underwear: this season the color palette of elegant and elegant models will make it more saturated and bold. Gold, bordeaux, silver - an exaggerated delicate taste can be to sexual delight, and very soon each of us will be convinced of this. And the flower patterns and motifs were replaced by geometry: panties and bras are decorated with mesh, cages, stripes - all this looks very attractive. women's underwear 2016 photos But the most courageous and at the same time very successful decisiontook those couturiers who decided to add to the world of new underwear 2016 metal rivets, rhinestones and precious stones. Of course, such panties, bras or combinations the girl can not wear all the time, but from this effect, which she will produce in such a sexy outfit, will be only stronger.

Beautiful underwear 2016 in world-famous collections

beautiful underwear 2016

  • The name of the Wolford design house is today atlips - the Austrians pleasantly surprise us with a combination of sexuality and elegance. The emphasis was not only on the refinement and smoothness of the lines: looking at the collection of this brand, you understand that even the seemingly calm pastel colors can be relaxed and even passionate. Wolford sexy underwear photo shows novelties.
  • Italians from Incanto focused their attentionon the practicality of the produced women's underwear 2016, but the photos will tell us about his bold and even piquant eroticism. And one more plus of collections becomes their rather accessible cost - the Italian quality many girls can afford.
  • A true embodiment of hot seductivenesswas the last show from Victoria Secret: great attention was paid to the design house seductiveness, openness and originality. The highlight of the collection was small jewelry - with them, underwear Spring-Summer 2016 looks really elite and luxurious.

Brightness and originality, convenience andnaturalness - all these qualities are fully inherent in the leading models presented by Incanto, Wolford, Victoria Secret, with them each of us can feel comfortable. Girls, hurry to enrich the wardrobe and emphasize their beauty - start choosing fashionable underwear 2016: photos of sensational Milan collections will be excellent assistants in this exciting and enjoyable business.