skirt styles Sometimes it seems that it's time to start saving onclothes and not necessarily every season to change their wardrobe. But how can you imagine the rejection of the boundless sea of ​​emotions, when we make another shopping before the start of the new season! After all, to imagine yourself with the onset of spring in an old dress or skirt is simply unthinkable for any woman, especially an avid fashionista! Looking over your wardrobe, you'll surely stumble upon several skirts from last season, because without them it's hard for any woman, even the most desperate in terms of choosing clothes! Let's try to figure out what fashion styles of skirts 2016 are offered to our attention by fashion designers from different countries.

A variety of models and styles of skirts 2016

This season, the distinctive feature of allstyles of women's skirts will be bulk. It can be achieved both with the help of a special cut of a product, and at the expense of a ruffle, scarf or multilayered fabric. For those who like pockets on their skirts, this year for such models a special demand, because they are the ones who give the product a special splendor and dimensionality. For today, the girl in a skirt is hard to meet, the younger generation mostly prefers comfortable and up-to-date jeans, but the designers are persistent in their intentions to give the girl femininity, so let's consider the models of the most popular skirts in the current season of 2016. skirt styles 2016skirt - pencil Skirt pencil. This model has been popular for several years now and almost does not go out of fashion. This year on the shelves of shops you can find it in black, brown, blue and beige. The material will fit a more dense texture, such as wool, drape or leather. As an ornament on the fabric there can be embroidery, drapery or patches. fashion styles of skirts 2016skirt - tulip Tulip skirt adorns the collectionthe famous Gianfranco Ferre, if we consider the colors in which the model was shown, then they also have a dark accent: brown, gray and black. This model is more suitable for ladies with lush forms, who try to hide their tummy and emphasize the calves of their legs. In such a skirt, a woman will look gently and sensually, without losing her grace. fashionable skirtsskirt with flounces. Skirt with flounces. Simple and simple at first glance ruches are a "chip" of the spring-summer 2016. In such a skirt you will be like flirting with others, and your gait will acquire lightness and airiness, as well as the fabric from which these models are sewn. The original styles of skirts with flounces are presented by fashion designers from such fabrics as chiffon, guipure, taffeta, veil, organza, etc. Many of them have a wide gum belt, not necessarily in the tone of the flounces themselves. The colors of such models are very diverse: both in monochromatic color, and with patterns in the form of colors throughout the product. To fashionable trends can be attributed and skirts with flounces of light denim fabric soft blue. skirts styles photoskirt - mini Skirt-mini. It was invented in the 60s by the English fashion designer Mary Quant and still holds its position in the fashion world. In the new season it is more lush, not tight hips and is complemented with a floral print across the surface of the fabric, and a number of buttons, buttons and fasteners. Models mini and crocheted flounces are advised to wear to women with a slim figure. Their length should not be below the knees, otherwise the model will visually break the figure into several parts. Skirts of different styles: classic mini, lush with waves and skirts to the knee with drapery, will sit very well on slim ladies, but maxi skirts, just create an image of sacking, and are completely unacceptable for such a figure. styles of women's skirtsskirt - maxi Skirt-maxi. Last season, the maxi-sarafans were very popular, and in the current season - Maxi skirts. These skirts we began to wear back in the 70s of last century. If the color of such a skirt is monophonic, then it turns out to be easy and inviting. When the spring is still cold enough, in a woolen skirt of this length you will not only be warmed, but also emphasize the inherent sense of fashion and style. Models and styles of maxi skirts are widely represented in the collection of such famous couturiers as Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors - with their help, designers have perfectly emphasized the refinement of the female figure. This style of skirts is suitable for women with wide hips and it is best to look for products in light colors, then the attention of others will be concentrated on the upper part of your body and at the same time distract from the bottom. original skirt stylesskirt - year Skirt-year. These skirts have always remained in vogue, and in this season around them a special stir was formed. Ideally repeating the thigh lines and easily flopping down, the skirt-year looks feminine and elegant. This extension in the area of ​​the bottom of the product each designer tries to emphasize in its own way. The colors remain surprisingly diverse: from black to bright crimson. skirts of different stylesskirt with drapery. Skirt with drapery. The original style of skirts with draperies will be models with elements of a Greek character. In these models, the worship of the goddesses of beauty of Greek mythology seems to be seen. And, the unusual the drapery, the more stylish the skirt will look. skirt styles 2016 photosskirt pleating skirt pleating. The length of this skirt changed every time, once it became fashionable and popular again. In this season, she closes her knees and does not look like an integral part of the Soviet-era school uniform. To decorate such a skirt can a small elegant strap or a wide flirt. The model and style of the pleated skirt is suitable for a woman with thin legs that need to be hidden and under no circumstances opened! A girl with thin legs and bulging knees will not attract the attention of men, if they are shown in every possible way, and the skirt pleating or flared skirt will help to save the situation. models and skirt stylesskirt with a smell. Skirt with a smell. This model is very comfortable and beautiful. It is present this season in different forms: trapezium, pencil, bud. Women's skirt styles with an odor in the light version for the summer look beautiful with ethnic themes and a variety of ornaments. The number of diverse fashion skirts photo, which are presented in our article, is striking in its quantity. And if earlier in the wardrobe of Soviet women there were only a couple of styles of the same length and sewn from the same fabric models, now in stores you can just lose your head from the richness of the choice of colors, fabrics and tailoring products. fashion fancy skirts photoskirt - the sun Skirt-sun. If you like a romantic image, and you like to surprise others, then in the wardrobe should be a skirt-sun. To sew such a skirt is not difficult even for an ordinary beginner in this matter. To do this, a piece of cloth will fit, in the center of which a small hole is made for the future belt. There are no seams in this skirt, and so it looks easy and airy on any figure. Famous fashion designer Emilio Pucci suggested wearing such a skirt model on the beach, giving it the maximum length possible. They are sewn from wet silk and their folds are simply flowing in waves along the figure. skirt styles spring 2016skirt - balloon Skirt balloon. This style, as mentioned earlier, is more suitable for slender girls. This season, in their collection, the Moschino trading house demonstrates them to us. Their length is slightly higher than the knee, and the belt is slightly inflated to the waist. fashion styles of skirts 2016 photosskirt - military Skirts styles spring 2016: skirt military. In the sewing of this model, a distinctive feature is a number of buttons and buttons on both sides of the product and wide pockets with deep folds. The fashion included both mini and maxi models. Madly sexy combine such mini skirts with corset and ballet.

What will complement and beautify the skirt of any model?

Choose a skirt for any fashionable woman, butit is a problem to properly supplement it with the right accessory. One of these small, but fashionable details can serve as a belt. Depending on which style of spring skirts 2016 you pick it, it can be thin or thick, leather or fabric. If you ask a number of men that sexually sits on a woman, a skirt or trousers, then most of them will answer - a skirt. The skirt is that part of the wardrobe that invariably distinguishes all women from men. Fashion of fashionable skirts, photos of which descended from the Parisian catwalks, please the eye with its beauty and ease. So, for example, a fluffy ballet skirt fits perfectly to a blouse or jacket without unnecessary details, and as an accessory a wide belt with a golden chain along its entire length will suit. To a chiffon skirt, the sun is better to pick up a T-shirt or top on a darker tone. Maxi skirts are recommended to be worn with dressed blouses and with a strap - an important accessory of the fashion styles of skirts 2016, photos of which you have already seen a lot. A pencil skirt is worn with knitted jackets and knitted cardigans. The color of the top in this case is necessarily combined with the color of the bottom. In addition, pick up a handbag-clutch and a mandatory condition - shoes with high heels. A skirt with flounces on the contrary is not advised to decorate with details in the form of a belt or embroidery, in it the frills themselves play a role, so as a top it is necessary to put on blouses and blazers from light fabrics. With a variety of styles of skirts designers are advised to wear turtlenecks. As a rule, they are picked up on a shade lighter than the fabric of the skirt itself, and when approaching the wardrobe selection creatively, they also pick things that are incongruous in color. Well blended with skirts jackets and vests, can be knitted, leather or woolen. For products made from chiffon, jackets and cardigans are more suitable. As you can see, if you understand the habits, tastes and preferences, you can pick up a lot of fashionable skirts, photos of which are specifically designed to help you find your unsurpassed image for the spring of 2016. We advise you to read: