Trends are not a verdict! How not to be like everyone else, but to follow fashion? What would be interesting and attractive would not befashion world, he has one problem in the 21st century - mass predictability. But in fact, the effect was supposed to be quite the opposite: the one who follows the "freshest" fashion trends should stand out from the crowd and be seen "per kilometer," while now those who are not "being tracked" are seen. Let's recollect at least skirt-maxi - the brightest example! Before the boom that came in the spring of last year, walking girls down the street in skirts to the floor, you could safely be called a freak from the last century or dressed "in grandmother's things." Now - it's a fetish and a must have in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman, regardless of whether it goes to you or not. So what is the essence of trends and how to understand when to really borrow a skirt from Granny? Trends are not a verdict! How not to be like everyone else, but to follow fashion? Of course, one of the reasons for such popularization andThe arrival of trends in the masses can be considered the Internet. There is nothing that slips past the sharp eye of a network monster. Information gets into the network in seconds, which instantly entails the appearance of new collections of such popular online shops today. Vivid Russian examples are Asos, Lamoda, Yoox and Wildberries. Going to these sites, the first thing you can see and feel is the message "Be in a trend"! Even things are visually divided into trend, that is, hits, and ordinary goods. Of course, after or with the online follow and the range of all non-virtual stores. Well, how then do not get into the trend? Let not even specifically? Here are a few tips, we will not call them "rules". So, turning to the point: How not to be like everyone else, but to follow fashion? Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev repeats tirelessly: "It's ridiculous to follow fashion, and not to follow stupidly." If to reflect, it is possible to make for itself one simple conclusion - follow reasonably! Okay, in a trend floral print on everything that you can - buy a decoration in the form of a flower or, after all, use fresh flowers to create a summer hairstyle! Without a shade of fashionable mint, the life of a fashionista is not possible? - buy a bright accessory, but do not run to buy up pants, sweaters and socks of fashionable color! Maxi - fetish fashion-world, but you do not decorate? Do not chase the skirt on the floor, choose a sundress-midi and do not forget about observing the proportions - overstate the waist, choose the right top. And, of course, do not rush to put on an anchor chain just because the massive jewelry in fashion - just choose bright accessories. In fact, look at the root: grab the idea, but do not copy the style! Trends are not a verdict! How not to be like everyone else, but to follow fashion? Do not waste your entire salary on trends. This is even funnier than dressing "for a copy". Surely, something from the long forgotten in your (or even my mother's) wardrobe can traditionally turn into a fashion hit of the season! And if this was not found and buy something just necessary - use discounts. Following the online shopping has long been followed by promotional codes. Check and your wallet will be more secure, and the trends are more accessible. And the last - never follow what you do not like or do not go just because it's fashionable. You will not get any brighter out of this, the thing will not decorate, but will be safely forgotten in the wardrobe. Always choose the right styles and follow the style already developed. Do not be mistaken, after saying the banality: stay yourself and this will be the main factor that sets you apart from the crowd!