Fashion Trends for the Autumn-Winter 2013/14 season Exact calculation when choosing a wardrobe for autumn andwinter - it's just as important as picking the right colors for make-up, making a good hairstyle, shoe fashion shoes. No wonder designers regularly update fashion trends, trying to please the beautiful women. In the autumn and winter of 2016/17 the past will be fashionable. Now a retrospective of fashion from the Baroque to the 80's becomes the top of chic. At the same time, the main focus is not on strange clothes, but on luxury and elegance of the past. So from the St. Petersburg designer Svetlana Zotovais a harmonious combination of gold embroidery, embroidery, lace, tapestry prints. At the same time, fans of bright colors will definitely be happy. Rich rich shades, even boring autumn and winter will make it special. Add to this expensive fabrics, and you will get unique clothes that amaze your magnificence. By the way, in a fashion there will be also complex silhouettes. So fans of simple cut can slightly reconsider their views. Most likely, they will still have to give in to the fashionable onslaught, at least once to try on the unique clothes of this season. Although the designers here and went on a compromise. So minimalism in the classic modern version looks very fashionable and original. Clean silhouette and complex cut perfectly combined. Curiously, the designers are very boldly using such areas as "military" and "safari". In combination with the classical style, they create real miracles. The femininity of the silhouette amazes and surprises. Stitches, lapels, vertical lines - this and much more makes things fashionable, stylish, original. Ethnic style is represented by prints, which can be accurately called "bestial". They are combined with a floral design and narrow stripes. This option looks almost fabulous, you can not tear your eyes from the lady in such clothes. By the way, designers have prepared and curtsy towards Scotland. In particular, the cell of different size and saturation perfectly harmonizes with other features of the autumn and winter collections of designers. These and other trends are present in many collections. Brighter and more thoughtful of all, they are expressed in the autumn-winter collection "Exact calculation" of St. Petersburg designer Svetlana Zotova, who produces women's clothing under the t.m. «S & S by S.Zotova». This designer is always at the height of fashion. Material is prepared on the materials of the site