fashionable sneakers 2011 Increasingly popular is such a simple andcomfortable shoes like sneakers. For those who are a fan of such shoes, the feeling of youth is inherent always. They are suitable for everyday use, and when buying, do not involve high costs. Now a lot of shops offer our choice a large number of different shoes: flat sole and laces, platform and fasteners, heel and Velcro, high cut and low, etc. With what you can wear sneakers, and which of them are fashionable in this season of 2011, try to understand our article.

We select a wardrobe for sneakers according to the figure

Each time, sneakers are increasingly transformed andappear in front of customers in a variety of colors and with new creative prints. In order to understand what you can wear under these shoes, you need to dig a little in your closet and find the right things from your wardrobe, which will certainly fit this ensemble. Although there are women who they do not fit, due to a certain style of clothing. Or you just have to spend a lot to create a new image. For example, those who got skirts, and again I want to wear jeans, but not just under sneakers, but standing out in the crowd. This will help to make sneakers. So, if you are the owner:

  • An impeccable slim figure, a sports warehouse andYou like to wear sportswear, then you will not be difficult to find something under which you can wear sneakers. It can be skirts, shorts, jeans, and dresses. If you are not afraid to come to work in an outrageous form, then jeans jumpsuits or short narrow trousers with a shapeless shirt are ideally suited for sneakers, successfully selecting the appropriate strap for this ensemble. This option will answer the question: how to wear sneakers with jeans.
  • With a figure in the form of a "guitar", in which clearlytraced waist and wide hips, you can pick up blue jeans and a t-shirt of bright colors to the sneakers. A beautiful accessory in this case will be a hoop or belt.
  • If you have slender beautiful legs, which you do notashamed to show, then you can use them to demonstrate to others how to wear high sneakers with gaiters. This is an ideal option for this model, besides, when it's cool outside, they will help warm your feet and keep your muscles from chilling.

Connect your imagination and fantasize

with what to wear sneakers At times, it's funny how to wear sneakers withjeans, picking the wrong cut of trousers or inappropriate shoe color. Speaking about giving charm and brilliance to your appearance, you can connect to the imagination the ability to experiment. Having in your wardrobe white jeans, you can not worry about what it is possible to wear sneakers pink and blue. An ideal variant for this style will be chosen jeans bag-clutch, which can be in the tone of shoes, or top. Black sneakers, although they look trite and more associated with informal youth movements such as "Emo" or "Goths", but are able to give the girl a modest and decent look, with a pleated black skirt and white socks. In this way, you will remind a cheerful and carefree schoolgirl. This style will help to show others that this season fashionable gym shoes 2011 is also a place! how to wear high sneakers It is also possible the combination of black cedar with longPants and clumsy multi-layered T-shirts or T-shirts with long sleeves. This option is suitable for those girls who are not used to bother with the choice of clothing. An example of exquisite style and fashion favors is Natalya Vodyanova, which journalists found on the street in a long green dress with a narrow cut, combined with green laced sneakers. They decorated such a glamorous outfit with green beads, a brown belt and a black clutch bag. This is another vivid example of how to properly wear sneakers. how to wear sneakers correctly Tights and leggings are one of the options with whichwear high sneakers. Throwing a leather jacket and a bag over your shoulder with a long handle on your shoulders, you will make those around you draw attention to themselves. And to consider in more detail the various options for what the high-end sneakers are wearing, let us consider below.

What to wear with high sneakers

A bit of history ... Such sneakers used by touristsfor rafting along mountain rivers and passing long tourist routes. After all, they are very comfortable and easy. One of the first models of such high shoes, was the "olliepad", in which the heel was slightly raised. Now the models of high cut are widely popular among the female. This model is particularly stylish looks, dressed in tight jeans and combined with jeans skinny. They will visually extend the legs and clearly emphasize the line of the thighs. This option can take note of those girls who do not know how to wear high sneakers with jeans. The question of how to properly wear high sneakers, many women and girls are asked, but all of them should remember that any model should be combined with a wardrobe. If high sneakers have rivets and the effect of antiquity, then under the chiffon dress is gently pink, they are unlikely to fit, except as a new model on the podium for some creative designer. But if you have high shoes in the wardrobe with famous logos of world brands, presented with a classic lacing and an elegant toe, then this is another suitable option, like wearing high sneakers with jeans, giving the image of chic and glitter, such nuances and details, inherent in shoes.


with what to wear sneakers high For those who are accustomed to stand out from the crowd, thisthe model will have to taste. Heels come in a variety of colors and designs, decorated with various prints or decorated with colorful laces. We will try to understand with what wearing sneakers on a heel and who likes to do it. If you like to visit fashion parties and all sorts of parties, then you need to know what to wear sneakers with heels. And if the stylists who notice a lot of details and know far more intricacies about our wardrobe than we are, not ready for us in every way to concede and help in everything, then what should women do then? In this Season they offer us sneakers in heels. These sneakers are hard to attribute to sports shoes, but they can quite well provoke the envy of girlfriends. Statistics give very strange data on the question of how women relate to sneakers in heels, she says that 50% is 50%. It happens because most women simply do not know what they wear with sneakers on their heels. After all, a lot of different models of shoes have appeared recently, and if earlier the sneakers were worn by tourists only, now not only the male but also the female sex "pies" from them. And now the species is just the sea: both heel and platform and high and low and with laces and without them. Just look, with what to wear sneakers photos, which our site has given you, and you will see that these shoes are not just comfortable, but also fashionable.

  • They are perfect for short jeans shorts, in combination with a T-shirt. This image will be very sexy and in it many men will pay attention to you!
  • A great option would be ragged jeans with such shoes or breeches with suspenders. Then the question of what to wear sneakers on his heel, disappears by itself.
  • Going to the party, you can wear a tight-fitting mini-dress, sleeveless, decorating this outfit with large bracelets and a cap, an interesting cut, and on your feet all the same shoes on the heel ...
  • Pants without arrows to these sneakers will do, too.

Advantages and disadvantages of a cedar

with what to wear sneakers photo One of the main advantages of choosing this footwear for women is:

  • Convenience and practicality;
  • Style and fashion;
  • Complete absence of tights (for those who do not like them);
  • Comfortable and reliable (heel to break on such shoes is extremely difficult);
  • It can be combined with almost all kinds of clothes;
  • A wide range of different brands and trends.

Perhaps you could add morepoints, but this is enough to understand one of the worthy representatives of this year on the part of the shoes will be - fashionable sneakers 2011. As for the shortcomings, then here's the issue, of course, the question of how to properly wear sneakers, cares women around the world. After all, whether they are high or low, with or without a heel, there is only one drawback - the lack of a pad. Any flat sole badly damages the shock (heels) against the surface of the earth, in this connection the skeleton of women gets small injuries (micro-injuries). And due to the lack of proper support, the feet, muscles on the legs and tendons, feel a constant tension, which increases the risk of rasstyazhk and damage. But! What does not a woman sacrifice for fashion and style? Would her opinion of the doctors stop her if she already wondered about what sneakers are wearing this season? Yes, and shoes with heels, doctors advise not to wear, but where without the charm of something? But in order to warn yourself against the bad consequences, it is worth considering. Doctors say that wearing sneakers, the weight of the body is incorrectly distributed over the foot and gradually the clubfoot effect is acquired, which contributes to the displacement of the knee and hip joints. However, we are all changing, and today fashionable sneakers have flooded the shelves of our stores, and tomorrow something else. Life does not stand still, therefore, such statements apply to those who are not used to changing neither the style of clothing nor the way of life. We advise you to read: