summer hats for women This summer, summer women's hats willan integral part of the women's wardrobe. This fashion accessory will help create an individual style and advantageously stand out from the general crowd. In addition, it will hide the defects of the hairstyle, as well as protect your face and hair from the scorching rays of the sun, and your head - from sunstroke. And this is not all the benefits of fashionable women's summer hats, photos of which you can see in our photo gallery, as well as in the catalogs and fashion magazines of the new season. Fashionable hat this year will help to transform your image, bring a special charm and even turn the most boring outfit into a dazzling ensemble. The main thing is to correctly choose the size and style of this amazing detail of the women's wardrobe, which many ladies neglect, but in vain! After all, in the creation of an individual and unique image of a hat, the summer 2016 women are simply irreplaceable. Want to know what summer hats 2016 will be at the peak of popularity this summer? You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the fashion trends of the season right now, without leaving home. Having glanced on our site, you can look a photo from fashionable podiums of the world and learn, that have prepared for women eminent brands for hot weather.

Fashion Trends

summer hats 2016 Modern fashion offers a huge varietythe most diverse styles of wide-brimmed hats. For the summer season of 2016, you can choose any of them: with straight or curved fields, with a low and high crown. However, the most fashionable in this season will be summer hats with wide margins, which in addition to reliable protection from the sun will add romanticism to your image. In some collections there are also unusual hats of the square form, which, undoubtedly, will draw attention to owners of a fashionable accessory. Also very relevant this summer cowboy hats. This style of summer wide-brimmed hat will be appropriate not only on the beach, but also with a classic little black dress and even with evening dress. The sea theme is still relevant. In fashion, there is also an animal print, which has not left fashionable podiums for a season. Therefore, the coloring of female headdresses under a zebra and leopard this summer again at the peak of popularity. A fashionable accessory will emphasize the presence of good taste and can become the highlight of your image.

Fashionable colors, fabrics and decor

summer hats with large fields For summer models this year, designersuse predominantly colored straws and imitating materials, textiles and cotton yarn. Fashion for any kind of decor elements this year did not pass by and women's hats. The most extravagant summer straw hats for women in the summer of 2016 season can be decorated with artificial flowers, floral prints, multi-colored ribbons, beads or paillettes. Regarding the color scheme this summer there are no restrictions. In this season, the models are relevant in a wide variety of color solutions. However, the most fashionable hats are straw, dairy and natural golden hats. The most common are hats of classical colors: red, black, white, as well as orange, lilac, yellow and blue. And since retro style is always relevant, in this season its primary colors are all shades of beige, as well as black and light gray.

Summer hats with big brim

    Straw Hats

summer hats crochet A woman's hat is always fashionable, stylish,actual and romantic. Is it any wonder that among other accessories in the collections of the new season, cute and feminine summer straw hats are put by designers in the first place. No matter what style of clothing you prefer: romantic, classic, glamor, hard rock, hippie, ethno or any other, this season's hat is enough for everyone. After all, the assortment of headdresses in the collections of 2016 is simply stunning. And if you are looking for an accessory for a beach holiday or city walks, then you better not find a better option than a romantic summer hat with wide margins. Hats with a wide lapel, which are offered this year by eminent brands, will surely appeal to many women of fashion and can satisfy the taste of even the most demanding of them. Straw hats were popular in the Middle Ages. In European countries until the XVI century, this fashionable now accessory was worn mainly by peasants and only at the beginning of the XVIII century they became the prerogative of ladies from high society. Unlike their predecessors, woven from straws modern hats are more feminine. They have wider fields, smooth and soft forms.

    Summer Knitted Hats

hats for women summer 2016 Knitted summer hats crochet this summer will beespecially fashionable. Wonderful little delightful crocheted hats will not only protect you from scorching sun rays, but also a beautiful decoration of your head. After all, openwork hats for women's knitted summer are a great addition to almost any combination. They look equally good with the top, and with a jacket, and even with a sarafan. Luxury models of summer knitted hats with fields and without fields, bound by openwork viscous and just stitches without a crochet, presented in collections of famous designers for the summer season of 2016, amaze with their beauty, fineness of the pattern and accuracy of shape. A stylish crocheted summer hat made of cotton yarn, iris or lily will suit any fashionista. Many needlewomen can make a unique, unique and irreplaceable object of the summer wardrobe with their own hands. And if you decorate a hat with knitted flowers, starched and steamed, it will very effectively look at your mistress, will add charm and irresistibility to the owner of such a masterpiece.

    Other variants of hats

year-old broad-brimmed hat In addition to the most fashionable straw hats this seasonand hats with wide and very wide margins, designers offer many other equally interesting hats for the summer. Kepi ​​and the so-called "Fedor" hats. This incredibly popular headdress in the first half of the twentieth century to this day has not lost its relevance, becoming a trendy accessory for modern women's wardrobe. Also relevant this summer are baseball caps, caps, cowboy hats, as well as hats klosh - women's summer hats, whose photos in the catalogs of the new season are very similar to those models worn by ladies in the 1920s. Kettles - another model of summer hats female in retro style. This type of headgear was very popular in the late nineteenth century, both among males and among females. Fashionable in the summer of this year will be panamki, which are ideal for both daytime and evening walks around the city. This kind of headgear can be chosen in the color of clothes or, conversely, make a bright unexpected accent. So this year's hat is enough for everyone. No one will remain without a hat. The main thing is to choose the right style.

Learning to wear stylish headgear

Women's hats have long adorned the image of anywomen of fashion. The new season has not become an exception. How to make the right choice of a much-needed accessory in the summer heat? If only recently, summer hats with large fields were considered exclusively beach accessories, then in the new season without this fashion accessory there can not be a single walk both within the city and beyond. Fashion headwear perfectly matches with any kind of clothes. Therefore, whatever style of clothes you wear, and whatever the style of the female summer straw hat you choose, it will look harmonious as with a short cocktail dress and a long dress, which goes to the floor, and democratic jeans clothes and even a swimsuit. Hats with very wide margins designers and stylists advise to combine with long skirts, loose cut trousers and shorts. Whichever you prefer a female knitted summer hat, crocheted or braided from straw, it can play the main role in the ensemble, or can be simply matched to the color of the shoes or bags. How to wear wide-brimmed hats? Variants of socks of fashionable hats of female summer in 2016 set. We offer only some of them:

  • covering her face;
  • slightly shifting the cap to the back of the head;
  • pushing the front edge upward;
  • fastening with a tape around the neck;
  • putting his head over his shoulders.

To create a more conservative image,lay your hair in a bun at the back of your neck. If you want to achieve ease - wear with loose hair. Particularly impressive are the straw hats on the hairs of contrasting hues. Red-haired young ladies are very black straws, and the owners of chestnut locks, on the contrary, light. To feel confident and at ease in any situation, designers offer fashionable combinations of hats with other clothing elements:

  • A cowboy hat - with jeans and a shirt in a cage;
  • baseball cap - exclusively with sportswear;
  • a cap - with things in a semi-sport style;
  • bowler - with trousers on suspenders and a white shirt;
  • Panama - with summer dresses, sarafans and shorts;
  • a leather cannon - with cloaks and wearing tight suits on the naked body;
  • The hat of Fedor and her closest relative of the tribe - with overalls;
  • turban - with closed swimsuits, with wide silk trousers or long skirts;
  • The hats like the Papaya-sailor perfectly match the outfits in the naval style.

Choose a fashion hat

summer hat with wide brim Despite the fact that designers offer a verya large selection of a wide variety of hats, caps, berets, bandanas, panam, kerchiefs and bandages for the new season, in the collections of 2016, special attention is paid to summer wide-brimmed hats. Such a variety of fashion hats as this year was not long ago. Impressive designers, creating their new collections, made sure that the scorching rays of the sun as little as possible cause inconvenience to female representatives and they, in turn, could look this summer stylishly, elegantly, exquisitely and unrepeatably. All the headdresses in the collections of this year symbolize femininity. Which of them give their preference this summer, depends only on you. But whatever style you choose, in any of them you will feel confident, comfortable, and at the same time stylish. On vacation, especially in the summer, beach hats 2016 with wide margins are simply irreplaceable. They are ideal not only for visiting beaches, swimming pools and picnics, but also relevant in the urban environment. Almost all of this season are designed for beach and rest fashionable headdresses decorated with colorful ribbons, which in turn are decorated with beads, sequins or fabric flowers. In collections of 2016 beach hats predominantly predominantly bright colors, but there are also patterns in a multi-colored strip. Such an accessory will be a perfect addition to this summer's striped beach bags. In order to find out which style is right for your type of face, you need to try on several different models:

  • Holders of an elongated thin face should pay attention to berets.
  • Ladies with a square type of face are recommended to choose models with frills and veils.
  • Chubby ladies with cheeks are ideally suited asymmetrical hats.
  • Girls with small growth should not buy a headdress with wide margins.

Also, when choosing, it is worth considering that the styleThe hat can change your appearance beyond recognition. So, for example, kepi and Fedory not only grow young, but also give an image of carelessness, and wide-brimmed hats add romanticism. In pursuit of fashion, try not to copy anyone and not take an example with your girlfriends, but create your own unique image. And the fashionable summer hat 2016 is simply irreplaceable. We advise you to read: