ши д C Cши C д C C Cшиши Cши Cши Cши Cши Cши Cши Cши C C Winter has already entered its rights, before the onsetall our favorite holiday - the New Year - there is not much time left. So now is the time to take care of the evening attire, which will turn you into a real queen. After all, it's no secret that on New Year's Eve every woman dreams to appear before others in a new seductive and sexual image. What to wear for the New Year, to outshine everyone with its beauty? Of course, the dress, - the stylists declare unanimously. And they are right, because no other outfit is able to give the female image so much charm, femininity and sexuality at the same time. What New Year's dresses 2016 have included in their collections fashion couturier? In each design collection, you can find many fashionable, stylish and elegant evening dresses that are perfect for celebrating the New Year. To have a better idea of ​​how the New Year's dresses look like 2016, we suggest to make a small trip behind the scenes of the fashion podiums. This will allow each woman to get acquainted with fashionable novelties and to choose in advance the most suitable option for a New Year's ball.

The most actual New Year's dresses

For every holiday, designers do not stopsurprise and delight us with exquisite attire. We suggest that you pay attention only to the most current models and styles of women's dresses that can turn you into a real queen of the New Year's ball. long Christmas dresses 2016 Long classic dresses -a win-win option for tall women with a beautiful figure. It does not matter what style you give your preference, be it a strapless model, with a deep V-neck or a maxi-length dress with an American armhole - in any of them you will look extraordinarily attractive. To emphasize the beautiful neck and open shoulders, stylists are advised not to use accessories such as necklaces and necklaces. At the last fashion show, there were many models of evening dresses in length, decorated with pockets, belts and wide belts. It was these details that became the "zest" that gave the classics modern touches. Such dresses can be found in the collections of such famous brands as Carolina Herrera, Elie Saab, Monique Lhuillier and many other designers. Midi length dresses are best suited for New Year's corporate. Especially luxurious look silk dresses just above the knees of bright colors. Stylish hairstyle, low-key make-up and tastefully selected accessories - all this will make it look perfect at a corporate party and not go unnoticed. Fashionable Christmas Dresses 2016 Short New Year's Dresses 2016 - beautifuloption for happy owners of slender beautiful legs. Especially tempting on New Year's Eve looks mini dresses of white or cream color. And to complete the image of the seductress will help choose in the tone of dress shoes or sandals on high heels. Evening dress with a lush skirt is another great option for celebrating the New Year. If you prefer this style, you will not be ignored by the opposite sex. Such a New Year's dress will turn you into a defenseless girl, for whom, of course, almost all representatives of the stronger sex present at the party will want to pamper themselves. Golden New Year's dresses 2016 will allow not only to sparkle and shine at a New Year's party, but also to attract money luck for the whole year. Stylish laconic dress on New Year's Eve - the most suitable option to show present your impeccable figure and cause admiring glances of the opposite sex. In order not to freeze in a delicate evening dress, designers are advised to throw a stylish fur over their shoulders or make a soft fluffy fur part of their New Year's attire. Whatever choice you make, you can rest assured, in any of the dresses you will be the most charming and attractive. We advise you to read: