Mint dress A gentle and pleasant light green color, which infashion-use is called mint, does not go down from the leading podiums of the world. You can even say that now there is something like a boom for mint color - it was included in their collections Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Miu Miu, Ellie Saab and other eminent fashion houses. In addition, the European mass market is also keeping pace with fashion trends - excellent shirts, T-shirts and tops of different shades of soft green color have been presented in new collections of H & M, C & A, Mango, Zara, etc.

Stylish combinations

Designers unanimously believe that the mostit looks like mint-colored dresses - thanks to lightness, tenderness and airiness. In addition, these dresses look great in combination with a huge number of other types of clothing of different colors and styles. For example, if you need to choose a coat or jacket for a dress, you can safely stop the choice of things white or beige - they will emphasize the tenderness and fragility of the image. If you want something "heavier", then the skinny "scythe" and jeans jacket are ideal. Gilded furniture accessories such as lightning bolts, rivets, buttons will help to give chic to this image. A very interesting, caramel-pastel image can be created with a mint-colored dress and shoes and accessories of ice-pink, light-yellow, blue and coral colors. Such a gentle and watercolor image will go very young slender girls with fair skin. Mint dress

Mint color goes to everyone

Ladies of an older age should also not deny themselvespleasure to wear dresses of light green color. To emphasize their status and chic, the designers came up with a combination of mint with a gentle lilac, as well as with gray and chocolate - especially elegant and noble, such color compositions look like women "for 30".

Variety of shades

In addition to dresses in which mint color isthe only shade, it is worth paying attention to things in which the gentle-green blends harmoniously with other colors. For example, few could imagine that this shade, it turns out, looks great in a checkered pattern, combined with a pink, pale blue and thin orange stripe. In addition, dresses with a gradient coloring are also good - from dark to light shade. Do not forget about the classic combination of the same color in different shades - here the mint works wonderfully with grassy-green, rich turquoise, moss and dark green. It is, however, to avoid emerald and swampy shades - they will muffle and crush the light green, and it will simply get lost against their background. And, of course, a dress of mint color will not "make friends" with clothes and accessories of other light shades of green - with the color of a green apple, light green and other - they will simply "clog" each other and will not let it open. Article on the materials of