The ease is extraordinary In an ancient Egyptian song, an unknown authorcalled to dress in thin fabrics. In ancient Egypt it was hot. That is why clothes of light, delicate matter were so valued there. Russia, of course, is far away from Egypt, and even outside the window there is snow mixed with melt water. But, firstly, some already in the spring go on vacation in hot countries. Secondly, in our snowy expanses we manage to get tired during the winter from wearing heavy coats (well, lightened, but with thick sweaters and trousers under them) that, hardly warms the sun, we begin to rapidly expose. And I want at the same time that the remaining on the body was easy, like a breeze blowing ... Well, now is the time to take care of summer dresses. Someone sews, someone starts a marathon race in the shops to study the summer range. And if you do not like this popular sport or it is difficult in your city to find something for your taste, size and financial possibilities at the same time, you can try . There is, for example, such an online store "She". There is sold , but there is one small secret: you will not find there trousers. Only dresses, skirts, blouses, tops, sarafans ... By the way, about sarafans and thin fabrics. If the figure allows, why not pay attention to a short sarafan of chiffon with a delicate floral print? His charm is that he is "dimensionless" - suitable for both the Russian 40-th size and the 46-th. So if you do not have time to start the summer season and beach parties to build up to the right condition, do not worry. Dress with fashionable empire waistline and frivolous collar will withstand all the seasonal fluctuations of your figure. If you prefer a long - well, there is a variant with a multi-tiered skirt in the floor and a bodice, gathered on an elastic band. Cloth is also a chiffon, we are looking for ease, remember? And if we want natural silk? He is! How do you like such a short dress, whose semi-adjoining silhouette implicitly refers to the 60th years? Flying sleeve-wings - one of the fashion trends this season. You can choose a discreet but noble silvery-gray version with a light abstract print, or you can - more elegant, from an iridescent silk, called in the olden times "shanzhan." The front of the dress is decorated with a stylish pattern reminiscent of hand painting. If you like the unfading classic, pay attention to the cut-off on the waist line, a devilishly charming dress, captivating just its simplicity. Semicircular cut, a broad skirt with collar folds, just a little behind the knee and a delicate floral pattern on a pearly gray background. Flower prints are considered to be the most relevant in the spring-summer-2012 season, and the cut skirt of "Italian" length is now at the height of fashion. What is it made of? Imagine - cotton with silk! Thin and light. The prices for these dresses, by the way, are also quite high. With a flying gait, we will leave May. And the summer will come!