summer dresses in the floor There is nothing more mysterious in the world thana beautiful half of the population. Every lady wants to bathe in the rays of attention. Dresses are an indispensable part of the women's wardrobe. Very soon, warmth and pleasant warm sun rays will return to us, and summer is just around the corner. Regardless of what event awaits you - an official reception or graduation party, a wedding banquet or a party with friends, - the etiquette of such events requires you to have at least one long, elegant dress in the closet. In our time, the choice of the outfit of such a plan is very diverse, and in order not to lose and not to miss "one's own", one must look at both. Summer dresses on the floor in the last few years have gained a crazy popularity, as they are light, soft, bright colors and delicate fabrics, ethnic ornaments and a variety of prints. It is now completely impossible to imagine the hot summer days without fresh, bright and very comfortable long dresses. This element of the wardrobe is very important in the warm and hot seasons because of its versatility and practicality. summer dress in the floor

What fashion trends should be expected in the summer of 2016?

  • The coming summer season will continue the fashion trendswinter and spring season - this is the femininity of silhouettes and the maximum length of dresses. Of course, the colors and fabrics will change significantly. The gray, black and blue winter shades are replaced by a summer riot of colors. Now in vogue the brightest and even neon colors: lime, violet, turquoise, yellow, lime, etc.
  • Many designers have decided that the cut should notgo to the detriment of femininity, so the fashion introduced minimalism and rigor of silhouettes. Also, fashion designers diversified the coloring of fabrics with unusual bright prints, for example, drawings in the style of "ethno", animal predatory, bright flowers and various oriental and African motifs.
  • Also the fashionable color trend of the future warmseason will be all shades of white and gentle pastel colors. The most fashionable recognized the combination of white and white, so you can easily add a summer dress to the floor with white shoes and accessories.
  • The most important material remains chiffon. Only he will give your clothes some flowing lines, especially taking into account the maximum length. A lot of models will perform in the classic simple cut. The novelty will be diluted with romantic dresses, sewn from light semi-transparent fabrics, supplemented with cuts or layers. As decorating details use guipure inserts, bows, draperies, pleating and flounces.
  • Probably, in every fashion show attendedDresses in a floor - summer with pleasant floral prints. And now colorful outfits from fashion shows have easily passed into the everyday wardrobe of every fair sex. Dolce & Gabbana also fell in love with the flower fashion and presented several models in this style.
  • The material from which the outfit will be sewn, is capable ofto miracles. For example, emphasize the merits of the figure and quietly hide all the shortcomings. In the new summer season is to give preference to dresses made of satin, chiffon and knitwear. Concerning the atlas - it will always favorably emphasize your figure, and properly chosen color and texture will add along an unusual chic and elegance. This year, the most fashionable colors in satin are green, blue and yellow. As for chiffon, you can say that he always gives your image a softness and airiness. In the color choice, there is a difference from the atlas: for chiffon dresses shades of scarlet, lavender, light pink, light beige, white, orange, turquoise and yellow are more appropriate. With respect to the cut, we can say that every woman has freedom of choice today, but at the height of popularity there are dresses in the Greek style. To the list of materials, you can add an organza that will give a splendor. Also do not forget to pay attention to long dresses with a sleeve and a closed neck and on a model that emphasize all the dignity of your figure. These styles will add elegance to your image. But what to choose? A long dress on the floor, go for a short cocktail? Of course, it is best to have both. If in your wardrobe a little black dress from Koko also settles, then no secular party or party will catch you unawares. But the evening long outfits are, apparently, some kind of mysterious clothes, since it always turns out to sparkle, eclipsing everyone around. Of course, not every girl can boast of Scarlett's appearance, which suited any dress, even sewn from curtains. Therefore, you need to have some skills in choosing your "dress" to successfully hide all your shortcomings and demonstrate the pros. summer dresses

    How to choose the right dress for a figure?

    If you have a "heavy" top, then the shoulders and arms are betterjust cover with stole. Those who can not boast of slender legs, it is better to choose a style that will not only tighten the waist, but also the hips. It is best that your outfit expand to the bottom, and be very light, non-intrusive, otherwise it will fill you. Try to distract your gaze from your hips, and accentuate it with a deep neckline. To look slimmer, it is better to choose a dress with a slightly overstated waistline. From this place, let the vertical folds go downwards, so that you can feel more free. Large shoulders should not be decorated with large ornaments or draperies made of heavy fabrics. If you are the owner of full hands, then sleeveless dresses will not suit you. In a long evening dress, there is also the idea of ​​openness, and therefore it is better to focus on the neckline or open back. The shattered sleeve is also a very interesting detail for plump hands. To seem superior, it is best to choose an outfit in the Empire style, that is, with a high waist, just under the chest. Only light flowing fabric will fit here, which will stretch out the contour and concentrate attention on the horizontal lines of your figure. But the skirt should not be above the knee, and the shoes, as an addition to this dress, should be on high heels. Also, the lower part of the dress can not be too wide, the hip line should be well drawn. We advise you to read: