dress code cocktail At an important event, for example, at the Routh,a corporate party or a buffet reception on the occasion of the conclusion of a new partnership, it is necessary to dress appropriately. Therefore, the dress code specially created for such events and called "cocktail" is so actual. He is followed by women who want to be an example of style in important business and social events. Of course, every business lady has to be at parties and corporate receptions, so it is so important for her to know how to dress properly in such cases. To clarify the situation will help this review, fully devoted to the principles and subtleties of the cocktail dress code. Let's see what decisions should be taken in the process of creating a look for a party organized by the company, for presentation and any other similar event. Let's start with the general rules that deserve the attention of every woman. dress code for a party

Dress code cocktail: requirements for dress

Already from the title it is clear what should beevening clothes girls. For a social event, you need to choose a dress, which is emphatically elegant, made with taste and corresponding to a whole series of parameters. Let's list them:

  • Length Choose options that will not bebolder than just above the knee. In this regard, the cocktail dress code is classically conservative - sexy mini is best left for nightclubs. And at a presentation, a roulette or a solemn meeting of partners, even an ankle-length model will be more appropriate than a short dress.
  • Color Traditional popularblack, but other options are possible. It is important that evening wear looks stylish and luxurious, but not too bright. Therefore, a woman does not make a mistake by choosing a dark blue, gold, silver, beige or even a white dress. But from lemon, light green, pink options it is better to refuse - at a serious event they will not look.
  • Style and ornaments Cocktail dress code givespreference is not lush, but tight-fitting dresses. But this allows some freedom in the decor. The chosen model can be decorated with lace, embroidery and even appliques or sequins. The main thing is that all these decor elements look appropriate and interesting, but not the central element of the look.
  • Footwear and accessories Rauts, corporate receptions,presentations and similar events do not assume too active pastime, so the cocktail dress code includes high-heeled shoes. It is also important to choose the right handbag: on a serious event'e it should be small. As for the hats, it is better to either abandon them altogether, or choose only miniature versions - this requirement is dictated by the spirit of the business event.

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Cocktail dress code: options and branches

Of course, style rules can change independing on the nature and requirements of the event. Yes, even for a corporate buffet, associated with the celebration of the company's birthday and promising to be fun, the girl still does not need to choose a mini-skirt and a jersey for the party, but a certain degree of freedom will still be given to her. So, for example, a dress code can change into a more bold "cocktail-chic" format, when the dresses become more lush, richly decorated and luxurious. Also you can not be afraid to add to the image an abundance of precious jewelry, choose the original bag and generally make the accessories brighter. Let's say more: in a "chic" case the dress is not mandatory at all - it can be replaced with a two-piece suit. Effectively and appropriately will look combinations of a fashionable blouse and skirt, trousers and knitted blouse, lacy top and gaucho. Of course, everything, and courage, too, should be in moderation - remember that even the most free image should look elegant. It is for this reason that many designer houses advise choosing a black dress, albeit in a non-standard version. It will always be appropriate, and all its original features can perfectly fit into the requirements of the dress code called "cocktail chic." Here are the basic rules that should be followed by a woman who wants and knows how to emphasize the flawlessness of her taste. Guided by them, you can accurately create images for the most important, large-scale, solemn business events or corporate events'ov and be the queen of the party, buffet, presentation.