fashionable rubber boots Start a conversation about this useful in allrelations of shoes, it is necessary with historical facts. The first models of rubber boots were created specifically to protect feet from rain, snow and dirt, and they were ugly and uncomfortable. However, despite this, rubber shoes of that time enjoyed high demand. Buyers from the very first days were able to appreciate the functionality of various models of rubber. After all, they really well defended their feet in bad weather. The first batch of such American-made shoes was brought to Russia almost 150 years ago, by German businessman Fernand Krauzkopf. Subsequently, in just a few months of fruitful work, he managed to establish his own production of rubber footwear. And after three years, the production of rubber boots was already about 20 million pairs a year. At that time, no one could imagine that ordinary galoshes can be elegant and stylish, and will turn into fashionable rubber boots, without which none today, even the most fastidious lady, can do without.

Modern rubber boots: types and purpose

Modern rubber footwear of high qualityis made on a knitted basis, and the winter one in a warmed-up version. Such footwear is practical and universal, and practically eternal. For more than a year designers have been focusing on this footwear, which, undoubtedly, is an integral part of a fashionable wardrobe. Today, high fashion houses represent in their collections rubber women's boots, stylized under the skin, textiles and other materials. Among the huge assortment you can find both classic models and boots with the most unimaginable drawings and with all kinds of decorations and prints. In general, rubber boots are an independent kind of footwear. However, a couple of years ago, designers released light boots, designed to, if necessary, shoe them over exquisite shoes or sandals. And this can not but please modern women of fashion. The advantages of such models are that the feet are always dry and the shoes are clean.

Stylish rubber boots - what are they?

The modern rubber shoes are cardinallydiffers from its predecessors. However, today many representatives of the fair sex phrase "rubber boots" is still horrified. After all, each of us remembers from childhood those ugly and clumsy boots that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers wore. But those times have long passed, and along with them, inconvenient models have disappeared. Since then, rubber shoes for women have undergone many changes. If more recently it was only black, now, women's boots and rubber boots are available in a wide variety of color variations. Introducing elegant shoes of fashionable colors and a wide variety of models, the current fashion allowed everyone to plunge into the world of childhood. Female rubber boots with heels are not only a trendy hit of the current season, but also very comfortable and comfortable shoes, which is appropriate for walking, visiting or visiting a club. This trend, which came to us from the west a few seasons ago, still remains at the peak of popularity. Those who are accustomed to appreciate comfort and convenience in any season, make their choice in favor of winter rubber boots. Is it any wonder that the popularity of footwear growing day by day, which combines beauty, elegance and practicality? Fashionable models of winter rubber boots, presented by modern designers, can be equipped with any decorative imitations, for example, laces, zippers, various fasteners. These shoes are designed for women who appreciate simplicity, comfort and beauty. Showcases of shoe shops and boutiques offer an unusually wide assortment of various models of rubber, boots of both foreign and domestic manufacturers. To the joy of women of fashion designers offer bright cute boots for every taste. Among the presented abundance, warm models deserve special attention, since such shoes are ideal for off-season, slush, wet snow and mud. In addition, such an attribute of the wardrobe, like rubber boots with a heater, allows its owner to always look individual, fashionable and stylish. After all, this is what many girls want. Still some 10 years ago about beautiful, stylish, and simultaneously convenient rubber footwear, many women could not even dream. Buy them in Russia was almost impossible, they could be seen only on the pages of popular glossy magazines, in the catalogs of manufacturers or in the windows of foreign stores. Fashionable rubber boots

Where to buy rubber boots?

On the eve of spring or autumn, this issuebecomes relevant for many Russian women, not only from rural areas. This footwear does not hurt the residents of large cities, because in certain weather, they simply can not do without them. Modern designers, caring about the beauty and comfort of women's legs, have developed many great models that will not leave any woman indifferent. Buy trendy boots from well-known brands and the best fashion designers can be in most network shoe stores. But since in season the novelties diverge at an incredible speed, the purchase of shoes via the Internet is becoming especially popular. Today, a huge number of people around the world prefer not to waste their precious time searching for the right product, but increasingly resort to the services of an online store - it's not only convenient, but also profitable.

How to choose rubber shoes?

The fashion of last seasons is persistently offeredfashionable women buy for their wardrobe several models of rubber boots, which can be worn for almost any clothing. In addition, such shoes are unpretentious in operation and do not require special care. If you decide to buy yourself this accessory, it's not superfluous to remember a few important nuances that are necessary for selection and operation:

  • Since any rubber footwear does not warm the leg, but, on the contrary, it has a cool effect, it should be worn on a tight cotton sock.
  • Rubber is not skin, it does not stretch when worn for a long time. Therefore, one should not choose too tight shoes, even if she liked it very much.
  • If you use the services of an online store, and there is no way to try on rubber boots, then it is better to order one size more than usual.
  • Pay attention to the lining of rubber boots withinsulation, and if it is - it's just wonderful. It is better if it is made of their natural cotton materials, this adds comfort when socked. If the lining is made of synthetics, then most likely in such shoes your feet will sweat. The same applies to the heater, which is found in some models of rubber shoes.
  • Check for any damage to the surface: punctures, scratches and other things.
  • Putting your hand inside the boot, carefully feel the lining for irregularities and folds, paying special attention to the nasal part of the shoe when inspecting.
  • If you choose warm boots, check that the backing layer does not hang out, make sure that in your chosen shoes it is necessarily glued to the base.
  • Grayish plaque and stains on the surface are a poor indicator of the quality of the rubber used. Therefore, it is better to refuse such a product.
  • Check if the lining in the boot does not shed. To do this, moisten a clean handkerchief in the water and rub it under the lining fabric, if the kerchief is painted, it means that during use, the lining will shed and stain your pantyhose or socks.
  • To make sure that you are comfortable with the chosen shoes, try it on both feet.
  • Of course, if you buy branded women's boots, then their quality will be guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • Rubber is an artificial material that is notdesigned for daily wear. Therefore, after getting to the premises, if possible, change your shoes. And do not forget to ventilate your boots, as the environment inside them is ideal for bacterial multiplication.
  • Choosing boots, it is worth paying attention not only to visual characteristics, but also to some features of the materials from which they are made.
  • Caring for rubber is easy. Since it does not require special care, it is enough to wipe the boots with a damp cloth and from time to time with glycerin - for shine.

Where and with what to wear?

Thanks to the fact that modern fashion andmanufacturers of rubber shoes made it appear even in the office dress code, modern women have the opportunity to walk in rubber boots on their heels or on a wedge not only for boarding events, but also for work. This unusual hit is an amazing and distinctive addition to any image. Famous designers offer shoes such boots for almost any clothing. This shoe fits well with a raincoat, trousers, jeans, skirts, shorts and even a dress. A variety of models allows you to pick up rubber shoes to any thing in your wardrobe. Now your feet will always feel comfortable, and you will look irresistible, regardless of the weather conditions! We advise you to read: