pilot jacket Speaking of popular trends and topicaltrends of the already come autumn-winter season, it is necessary to give special attention to outer clothing, because it will be an obligatory element of the wardrobe of any Russian beauty. And first and foremost, we should talk about the pilot's jackets - they can be safely attributed to the must have autumn and winter. And all because this comfortable and practical model even before the onset of the cold has managed to become a real hit of the season. It is the "pilots" that flash in all collections of designer houses, decorating the image of a modern girl with their strict and at the same time stylish lines. It is difficult to say unequivocally what attracts in such outer clothing, perhaps its courage and originality, perhaps a spectacular combination of leather and fur. It is important that the "pilots" will be popular, that with their help the girl will be able to subtly emphasize her impeccable taste and say that she has time for the latest fashion trends. Therefore, let's make a detailed review of this model, paying attention to color, style and combinations with other items of the wardrobe. This will help our beautiful woman to decide and choose the model with which she will definitely be in the focus of attention of admiring men and enthusiastic girlfriends.

Colors and styles of jacket Pilot

leather pilot jacket Let's see what trends alreadythere were outlined in this area on what gamut to orient the girl: Traditionally, black models will be popular, with all their emphasized severity and decades of proven elegance - they will perfectly match with all kinds of furs. That's why a leather jacket female pilot will be on the wave of success - it will be chosen as self-confident subjugators of male hearts, as well as born modest women. At the same time, the coming autumn-winter season pays tribute to the classics, highlighting the "army" models of protective shades - green and brown. They will look pretty impressive and unusual, but at the same time they will inevitably bring into the look of the girl light retro notes, always attracting their impeccable style. Well, lovers of glamor and stressed maiden chic, we advise to dwell on more daring and vivid colors, especially since in the coming season, there will be a variety of colors, from sky-blue to maroon. The upcoming season 2011-2012 promises to be not only stylish, but also bright - the outer clothing in your wardrobe needs to be selected in view of this circumstance. With the shape, we think everything is clear - any jacket pilot should be short, to the waist. And do not be afraid to buy it - choose boldly: remember, it will suit not only bikersham or avid motorists, but also stressed stylish ladies, accustomed to shine in high society. Yes, it looks like this outerwear will be as effective as luxurious fur coats or fashionable sheepskin coats, and in its practicality it will give its "long" girlfriends a hundred points ahead.

Fur jacket Pilot for chic lovers

In the coming season, we will not save on fur -fashion designers of fashion houses declare about it in full voice. Finishing will be really rich, with equal attention paid to the collar, cuffs, hem. Fur pilot jackets will be executed both from a luxurious mink or sable, and from a practical fox or rabbit. Finishing can be different, but this model in any case will look luxurious and look chic: the collections from Chanel, Gucci, Acne, J.Crew prove it to us. This new trend is adequately represented by many designer houses. Naturally, at all couturiers the jacket of the fur pilot remains traditionally short, to the waist, after all it is its "chip", easily recognizable at first sight. But many designers boldly go further, presenting models with shortened sleeves to the attention of women of fashion - well, they also look very effective and interesting. The combination of luxury of bellows and minimalism of lines turns out really attractive. That's why we can confidently say that in the autumn-winter 2011-2012 season, girls will wear such outerwear with pride and pleasure.

Leather jacket Pilot

pilot's jacket Yes, fashionable women, keeping up to date, willto choose such models with joy. After all, the skin is always interesting and popular, it looks strictly and stylishly at any season, and in the coming autumn-winter season of 2011-2012, many design houses will also accent on it. So, Versace, Burberry Prorsum, Helmut Lang and many other couturiers have already presented their collections to us - they consider our outerwear proudly occupies a central place in the shows. By the way, the leather pilot jacket promises to be popular for more than one year and a season - it will be honored after the canopy and winter of 2012. Therefore, if you are practical and like to pick up outerwear for a long time, it is worth giving preference to the classic lines of this style. Well, if you are a supporter of daring decisions that will remain on the wave of success here and now, we recommend giving preference to models of bright colors. As we said above, pilots can be the most diverse, not necessarily black or khaki colors, so fashionists really have a rich choice. It is important that all of them will be successful - this is what the fashionista needs to be guided by.

With what to wear a Pilot jacket?

Here, the girls have a wide enough space forchoice, because we consider the model of outerwear will be appropriate to look both with Casual attire, and with the same office look'om. You can safely experiment without fear of contrasts and various combinations - and we want to advise you a few interesting options: Always look stylish pants, especially with the classic black "Pilot". Of course, in such a situation it is important to choose the right color for trousers, for harmony. To ensure that all the pieces of clothing blend seamlessly, we recommend to stay on black, white, blue models - together with the classic leather pilot jacket they perfectly underline your delicate taste. Short models of outerwear can be stylishly and effectively combined with shoes on high soles. It will also be cool to look fashionable boots or boots-stockings - together with a jacket they will help the girl to effectively emphasize all the grace and grace of her slim figure. Fashionista needs to pay attention to gloves, especially if she chooses a model with fur trim and a short sleeve. In this case, long gloves fit just perfectly: with their help you can focus on gentle and delicate girl's pens, not forgetting to emphasize your spectacular image of a stylish woman, keeping up with fashion trends. But you do not have to forget about accessories, about the same handbag, because it's always very important to choose it. Looking at the collection of European fashion houses, we can come to the conclusion that the handbag should not be in the tone of the jacket - it needs to be in harmony with the same trousers or blouse, and as if we choose the classically black version, and in the situation, when we give preference to more daring colors of outerwear. As you can see, in the coming autumn-winter season 2011-2012 fashionista can effectively complement her image.

Fashion collections of designers?

jacket the pilot fur European fashion houses promise to please loversstylishly dress girls, in their collections they have already presented us a variety of interesting and stylish solutions. On the ideas and "chips" of some designers, you just need to pay attention - so let's do it: Always the current classic - it's in our collections are represented by Gucci, Burberry Prorsum, Derek Lam, ADAM and a number of other couturiers. They bet on the outerwear, which remains popular for many seasons, and comes absolutely right. At the same time, ultra-short models of leather jackets will also be popular. Pilot for women - they are presented to our attention by Versace, Gap, Wunderkind, Elie Tahari. Such outerwear looks quite bold and 100% effective - it always attracts attention and is created for girls who like to be in the center of any company. But Blumarine and all the same fashion house Burberry go even further - they make the "pilots" biker, turning them into an interesting variant of "kosuhi." Many masterpieces from their collection of outerwear in a literal and figurative sense shine with rivets and lightnings, while attracting attention with original fringe and stylish rhinestones. Couturier Burberry Prorsum and Blumarine harmoniously combine those trends that seemingly simply can not be combined. The wealth of fur models pleases us Jeremy Scott, Gucci, J.Crew, Chanel - their jackets with short sleeves look chic and luxurious, immediately attracting attention. And, of course, this kind of outerwear like gentle fashioners also because it gives warmth and comfort of sensations in cold weather - for all its beauty it remains 100% practical. Separately, we want to say about the collection of Isabel Marant, because this design house offered a very bold and from this doubly interesting to our attention solutions. So, lovers of glamor just like his "pilots" with the original coloring under the leopard. And moderately extravagant girls will be delighted with the silver model, performed in the style of disco. Looking back at all these collections, one can come to the conclusion that in the coming season there will be a place for everything, and is emphasized by the classic, and original in its boldness decisions. But most importantly, all these ideas and ideas will be dedicated to "pilots" - fashionable and interesting outerwear. We advise you to read: