summer knitted boots Paradoxical popularity is the second seasonsummer women's boots are used in a row. Have not you got it yet? How? After all, more often on the streets you can see female legs, shod in this extravagant product. Summer women's boots 2016 - an indispensable part of the wardrobe and assistant to create a bright, evocative image, their owner clearly will not suffer from a lack of attention, so this option is chosen by young and daring young men. Our designers have long made a bet on shocking and paradoxical compatibility - summer boots in a fashionable conveyor are headed by these rules. What is this product? Why is this peculiar detail of the wardrobe kept in the trend for the second consecutive season and is not going to surrender its positions? Let's start with another revelation: the fashion on the model of summer boots originated in hot countries, in which there is virtually no winter, migrated to Asian regions, this footwear became especially popular in Japan, and afterwards the love for lace graceful boots embraced the good half of the whole world . Summer women's boots were presented in many collections of famous couturiers, and now it is impossible to complain about the lack of choice of this product. This can be boots made of natural materials, such as leather, naturally, using carved elements, it is also common to find summer women's boots made of light fabrics, like summer knitted boots. Practically for all models of summer boots of this season, designers use abundant decor: all kinds of rhinestones, interesting stripes, rivets "in rock style", patterned slits that make these shoes airy and betray their grace. These are the main distinctive trends that are set by the designers for this season.

Choose summer boots 2016

In order to feel the feet in the hot season of summeryourself is comfortable, you need to be very attentive to the choice of shoes. It is recommended to pay special attention to models with an open toe and heel, they, first, visually look lighter, and therefore less flashy (an additional advantage for those who do not want to feel excessive attention to themselves), but most importantly - it's freedom for a leg in a hot time. Separately, it should be said about the summer women's boots with perforations in 2016, it will not only give an individual style for a particular model, it will not only serve as a decorative element in the design, but it will be a very practical and functional addition that can bring comfort to the leg, since the perforated product passes air much better, the leg can "breathe" and ventilate. Summer perforated boots are an ideal option for especially hot countries. On the show, you can often find a heel, which has become an indispensable attribute of summer boots in 2016, the summer obliges the girl to be feminine, and that this task can cope better than the heel? The most relevant are the same bright and ambiguous heels, for example, it can be a heel-carrot or a heel-column, which is massive and highly resistant. If last season at the peak of popularity there were knitted models on a flat sole as Ugly, now designers in their creativity have stepped far ahead. What kind of girl you can surprise with carved summer boots, or who did not meet summer boots on a rubber platform? Just do not get carried away, dear ladies, the platform is now relevant to the average height - no more than 5 centimeters, so despite the abundance of options, some restrictions still exist. You can learn more about them in magazines by looking at the models of women's summer boots - photos will show at once what to wear and what is not allowed. Summer time simply obliges young girls to be bright, so be guided in the choice of shoes of juicy, mischievous colors - trendy violet, yellow, green shades. If it's leather products, then give preference to brown or gray models, you will not lose if you buy shoes of turquoise colors - now it is very important. There are options even with print colors, but this is for the most daring and eager to shock. The abundance of colors in his collection was presented by Viktor & Rolf. Very often in the collections at the displays are boots with an open toe with thick lacing, fringing, a large number of metal rivets, a very popular floral ornament and huge buckles, to which the accent shifts, is often used for decoration. Do not be afraid to look bright, summer encourages courageous decisions!

What will give us the designers: new collections

summer boots 2016 The famous couturiers decided to take up thepopularization of this type of footwear and in their shows presented not only summer boots, but also complete sets, created images that reduce the question of what to wear this type of shoes "to no." The combination of men's style boots (models in the style of military) with a light flowing dress midi length - another nonsense in the fashion world, which, however, firmly strengthened its position. The dress is worth picking up light fabrics, such as chiffon, silk, very successful combinations of male-style boots with short skirts, often multi-layered. In addition, if the dress will be defiant, bright colors, then this outfit will be akin to the effect of "bombs", sensations, no girl will not remain without a good portion of attention in this manner. Something similar can be found in the collections of Vivienne Westwood and Emilio Pucci, John Rocha. Summer knitted boots 2016 with a wide mouth - another squeak of fashion. These are very practical models, they are ideal for everyday wear, but no less original in their performance. For an active and young girl - this is the best option, especially in the summer, when recreation involves greater dynamism. Nicolas K, Gareth Pugh combined this version of shoes with short skirts and overalls. In many displays, there are models with a wide spout of natural suede. Gareth Pugh has already provided magazines for women's summer boots, photos of the novelties of his collection can be seen in the latest fashion reviews. If the lady prefers comfort and convenience, but at the same time wishes to remain without excessive obsessive attention, then the designers will find something in their arsenal for them. For example, models that are close to the classical style. However, in order not to lose any individuality, such shoes were awarded with small elements in the form of buckles. Classical style was preferred couturier Diesel Black Gold, making a collection of beige tones, Jill Stuart stopped on cream shades, Betsey Johnson preferred a completely neutral design, but played on the color, preferring red. Another surprise, which can cause shock in young women of fashion, is the length of summer boots. The trend of this season - shoes to the knee, but often there are lace boots. Women's magazines abounded with fashionable summer boots 2016, photos of tall models of boots were stunned, but almost all designers agreed that it is really fashionable and stylish. This style of summer shoes was widely presented on the track at Baldinini.

For those who doubt: "for" and "against"

summer boots 2016 photos Despite the high popularity and recognition,which won the boots in the fashion world, many women are afraid to have such an extravagant detail in their wardrobe. Some are generally so categorical in their judgments that they consider this model of footwear literally superfluous, referring to the hot season. Partially it is justified, but only until the moment it is closer to get acquainted with the design of these products. The most important thing that can provide free air access is the embossed pattern, which is found in summer perforated boots, even more intricate fabrics have a very light patterned fabric. Ideal option in this case will be a model of summer knitted boots 2016. In order for the leg to feel good, it is always worth giving preference to a natural product, more precisely the material from which it is made. Of course, this skin, firstly, it always had such properties that gave comfort to the foot, and secondly, such models look extremely solid and presentable. Usually the variants of leather summer boots have an open toe or heel, but more often both. Of course, there are limitations in the sock of such extraordinary shoes - this is excessively sunny weather. The fact is that the patterned texture, especially if it rises to the knees, has the property of hiding some of the skin's part and discovering the other that can be seen in summer knitted boots. Accordingly, if the sun's rays get on the skin of the feet very often and for a long time, it threatens with uneven sunburn. For sure you should refrain from wearing high summer boots, if you are going, for example, to the beach. It will be very inappropriate to look such a spectacle, if not to say, ridiculous. The summer season is always sun, dry weather and heat, endless heat, so refrain from boots, especially on a leather basis at a temperature of more than 25 degrees, and best of all, it's a rule to alternate wearing boots or an ankle boot with ordinary sandals. This will definitely benefit the hygiene of the feet and the question of whether or not to wear such shoes will disappear. Not so long ago we touched the skin as a material that serves as the basis for making women's summer boots, but in the collections of famous designers there is an abundance of cotton, flax and denim, which are taken as a basis, for example, the summer botilions of the Loriblu collection. The models "boots-skeletons" and "boots-cage" differ with special chic. Dear women of fashion, did you desire beauty and extraordinaryity while maintaining maximum comfort? It is these models of boots that are doomed to give you this. It is not difficult to guess from the names exactly how these models look, only a small foot area is closed with such boots with the help of small cords that are intertwined in a checkered pattern. Especially often on the podium were high woven heels made by René Caovilla, women's magazines often feature fashionable summer boots 2016, photos of which can clearly demonstrate what "skeleton boots" are.

Summer women's boots - learn how to wear correctly

summer boots photo Stylish and comfortable, bright and practical, allThe models of such shoes converge in one - in their universality. Often, the boots are associated with the Western style of cowboy. This is the combination on their shows consistently applied the most famous fashion designer couturiers. Therefore, this style migrated to the streets of cities and popularized among ordinary women very quickly. In order to withstand the image of the Wild West as much as possible, it is necessary to be guided by the choice of boots for their length - the optimum will be that which reaches the middle of the calves. Combining them is worth short, somewhat careless, but no-frills, denim shorts, as well as a checkered shirt made from natural fabrics. In general, the shirt must match the style of the country: a loose, slightly rolled up sleeves, a few men's cut. To complete the image, use a wide leather belt with a large buckle and a hat. Yes, it is the cowboy wide-brimmed hat, the ideal option will be a sand tint. This style is actively used in fashion magazines, knitted summer boots, photos of which give the color of the Wild West, promote even faster popularization than just shows that are inaccessible to most women, in contrast to fashion magazines. knitted boots summer photos Many women dare not showTheir feet due to prejudices about the ideality of their form. And no matter how funny it sounds, they decide to wear skirts only in the winter season. Now, summer models of summer boots 2016 will make an unforgettable summer, as they will be given the opportunity to bare their legs, adjusting their shape. It is in connection with this circumstance that the boots have become such an attractive find for young girls who now will not go unnoticed. summer boots for women For a casual image, you can combine these shoeswith jeans skinny, short shorts, a very promising option is the knitted summer boots, photos of which are dappled in the pages of women's magazines, with summer overalls, which are now also a trendy part of the wardrobe. If a woman faces the task of shocking the public with appearance and collecting as much attention as possible, then one can easily choose an extreme option. To do this, just look for a light romantic dress of medium length, preferably with a floral print, and put on a leather model of summer boots on a flat thin soles. To finish the image is easy: to place accents on the waist with a thin leather belt in the tone of the boots. women's summer boots Another option may be a combination of bootswith a fluffy mini skirt. Short skirts for this season are irrelevant, but they were given a second life, combining them into a crazy tandem with summer boots. It should be noted that the skirt can be multi-layered and differ in excessive pomp, its beauty can complement the summer lace boots, photo of similar sets were shot at the last shows of Alejandro Ingelmo. The main models of boots, popular:

  • Model mesh
  • Straps (most often leather)
  • Ankle boots
  • Summer knitted boots: patterned styles, lace designs
  • Denim shoes
  • Treads above the knee, are a type of summer lace boots, photos of these models are presented in the latest catalogs and women's magazines
  • "Boots - skeletons" and products "mesh"
  • Models decorated with floral ornaments
  • Boots on a thin flat sole, high heel and rubber platform of low height

How to properly care for delicate footwear?

Such elegant shoes require special delicacy andcautiousness when cleaning it. Do not try to do this, resorting to the help of a washing machine, hand washing is also not the most reliable option. But what then remains? Ideal option will be dry cleaning, because only professionals can properly and with all the features of the material bring the boots in the proper form. It is worth paying attention to how to wear this type of shoe, because the finest stitching or weaving of laces that abound in such products can quickly become unusable: breaks in the fabric, tightening, breaking the structure of the pattern, or simply rapid wear of the knitted material are just a few troubles , which threaten negligent owner of such elegant shoes. Thus, every self-respecting fashionista should have summer boots in her wardrobe, and styles, finishes and styles are more than enough to satisfy any demanding taste. Women's boots are a must-have of the summer season 2016, feel your originality! We advise you to read: