swimwear 2012 Waiting for a new holiday season is alwaysanticipation of pleasure, romance and adventure. And what kind of rest on the sea can do without the most important beach attribute - a fashionable, stylish and beautiful swimsuit! It's no secret that the closer the vacation season, the more women are puzzled by the search for that cherished model that can deliver not only comfort and pleasure during socks, but also in a favorable light to present its owner on the beach. Swimwear 2016 pleases fashionistas with its variety. Creating their new collections of fashionable beachwear, designers and fashion designers worked to fame, presenting women with a choice of bathing suits of different styles. To find out what styles and colors of this irreplaceable object of beach wardrobe will be at the peak of popularity in the spring and summer of this year, we offer you to get acquainted with the main trends of the beach fashion of the new season.

The most fashionable styles of summer - 2016

This summer, on the fashion podiums, there are a variety of models, among which each woman will be able to choose the most optimal option, given her taste and features of her figure. swimsuit 2012Bikini Among the separate swimsuits the leadingthe place is occupied by classic bikinis. Without this favorite model for many women of fashion can not do any summer. So this season is no exception. Bikini 2016 is so miniature that barely cover the most intimate parts of the female body. In the collections of world designers, a bathing suit of this style is presented in a variety of solutions. Special attention should be paid to models with a bodo bodice and a shoulder strap. By choosing a maximally open model, you will always be in the center of attention. swimwear 2012 photoTankini Tankini - another fashionable version of the bathing suit, the upper part of which consists of T-shirts. In the collections of 2016, such swimsuits attract attention with tight forms and deep cutouts. swimwear summer 2012Trikini Trikini is a stylish hybrid of solid anda separate swimsuit promises to become a real hit of the beach season in 2016. And although such a swimsuit has recently become fashionable, in such a short time has already conquered many women's hearts around the world. Agree, such a bathing suit, covering a small strip of tissue only minor areas of the female body, is able to intrigue any member of the stronger sex. swimsuit season 2012Swimsuits are not going to leave fashionOlympus, at least this summer, and swimsuits. In the new beach season, bathing suits of this style surprise with their variety: with a cut to the throat and a deep neckline, with straps and without them, on one shoulder, with neck straps, with a small playful skirt. Still remain in fashion and swimwear monokini, attracting attention with their intricate shapes and cut-outs. On the fashion podiums this summer, such models can be found in the most unexpected solutions. No girl in such a sexy outfit on the beach will not be left without attention of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, such a swimsuit can not afford to every woman, but only the most seductive and intriguing person. swimwear summer 2012 photoSwimsuits for pregnant women Do not forget the designers and aboutfuture mothers. Swimsuits 2016 for pregnant women in designer collections are presented for every taste: bikini, tankini, solid and even hikini. Thanks to a wide assortment, every stylish woman can find a stylish beach attribute this summer.

Fashionable colors

Pay attention to swimwear 2016, photowhich are presented in our gallery. Among the general variety of colors, special attention is drawn to the classic duo - a combination of black and white. This year, both completely white and black swimsuits are relevant, as well as an alliance of these two colors, which looks incredibly exquisite and stylish on a female figure. swimwear spring summer 2012 As for other colors, most fashionablecouturier when developing swimsuits for the new beach season, preferred muffled tones, which also included shiny silver and gold. But, in spite of this, in the rich color palette of trendy swimwear this year also included bright shades: red, blue, bright orange and sunny-yellow. At the height of popularity swimsuits 2016 with different patterns. Especially fashionable are ethnic ornaments that adorn the models either completely or in part. Also relevant are geometric figures and maritime themes. Still remain in fashion and animal prints, which have passed this summer from last season. Especially popular colors for tiger, leopard and zebra. Floral patterns - another actual figure on the swimsuit of the summer of 2016. Models with floral motifs are very romantic and feminine. 2012 fashionable swimwear For the manufacture of fashionable swimsuits this year inIn most cases, traditional fabrics are used. However, on fashion podiums this summer it will be possible to meet many interesting models, for example, from denim or knitted variants. The hit of the season is a swimsuit with knitted inserts. This year's trendy bathing suits are characterized by a restrained decor. Most modern couturiers preferred to use such elements as transparent inserts made of lace, organza or mesh, ethno-style fabrics, various chains and laces, decorative tapes, buttons and wooden details in the form of rings, buckles, etc., to decorate their models. Which one to prefer - depends on your personal taste and preferences. Whichever swimsuit 2016 you choose - bikini, tankini, monokini or solid - you can rest assured, in any of them, an unforgettable vacation will be provided to you at any resort.