Claims of men to women's wardrobe Today, we can say, in the world of women's fashionthere was a small coup. It turns out that the strong sex has accumulated a lot of claims to the women's wardrobe: they do not like all the most popular things among ladies, even more, men find them unattractive, strange and completely non-sexual. In total anti-rating hit several things - from the sandals of the gladiators to sunglasses. In short, to please the current men, you need to abandon the following trend things that the fair sex representatives mistakenly consider sexual:


Overalls For men this item of women's wardrobe is alsoI did not like it. For many representatives of the stronger sex, the overalls are associated with childhood. Therefore, they believe that the girl in this outfit looks like a little girl from the nursery group. Although many famous women prefer to go in overalls, not only for shopping. Often they appear in them on fashion shows, premieres and even charity evenings.

Oriental style trousers

Trousers This item of a female toilet has got in ladies'wardrobe comparatively recently. For the first time dared to appear in public in such sharovarov only celebrities of the first magnitude. Following the stars, not really thinking about how they look, they began to go to fashion women around the world. Is it any wonder that the shapeless trousers, which not only visually shorten the legs, but also make the hips wider, immediately got into male anti-rating. In these pants, any woman turns into a ridiculous parody of Carlson. Agree, what kind of man like this spectacle?


Uggi "Uggs" - sheep's boots, which in theirthe appearance is very similar to the colored felt boots. In such valenochkah very comfortable: the legs remain dry and warm even after a long stay in the water. Therefore, they are chosen by people of different ages - from carefree schoolgirls to housewives of old age.


Headbands Men believe that there is nothing on the woman's headexcept for hair in general should not be: no gum, no hair, or even more bandages. It turns out that various decorations on the head of women irritate them for one simple reason - the representatives of the stronger sex really like to stroke them on the head.


Sandals-Gladiators Women who look at the last fewfashion trends, unanimously declare that there are no more sexy shoes than gladiator sandals. However, this time men do not share the raptures of the weaker sex. Firstly, before taking off such shoes, they will have to tinker with them for a long time. Secondly, numerous straps leave traces on the skin, and also - visually shorten the ladies' legs.


Leggings This hybrid of pantyhose and tight trousers is swift andirrevocably conquered the fashion market, becoming a real hit. And all thanks to the fact that such a convenient and practical thing has become a worthy alternative to your favorite jeans. In addition, leggings perfectly match almost everything, except for the male image of seductiveness. Men believe that leggings do not conceal in themselves any riddle: everything is visible and understandable. Most likely, too tight trousers deprive men of the opportunity to fantasize.


The tuxedo Many fashion designers believe that the girl in whiteshirt and evening black jacket looks very sexy. However, men are of a completely different opinion, they consider this outfit very inconvenient. After all, as is known, men like eyes, and even a sexy female tuxedo fully covers the arms and décolletage zone. What is sexual?

Overalls with an open back

Overalls with an open back Women who came to fashion from a children's wardrobeoveralls of free cut with an open back were immediately taken with bayonets by representatives of a male. Although there is no association with girls from the sandbox, this outfit does not cause them, in their opinion, a woman in such clothes is more like a builder than a charming young lady. Men do not like that they do not see any figure in overalls made of sufficiently dense fabric, and even of a free cut.

Large Sunglasses

Large Sunglasses Large glasses that hide the face, manymen seem suspicious. In their opinion, in such glasses the woman looks as if she has some problems in her life. Who knows, maybe she is addicted to alcohol or hides a huge bruise? However, in fact, the main reason for men's dislike for too large sunny points is the inability to kiss a woman. The question arises: who prevents them from being removed before the kiss? Although men do not like many things, so beloved by the fair sex, the latter do not think to part with them. It's no secret that women, first of all, want to like themselves. Therefore, recovering to the store for new things, they choose things that they like, and not the opposite sex.