women's trousers with stripes In our dynamic time, when the style is unisexfirmly established in all fashion trends, pants have become an integral part of the women's wardrobe. Now they are sewn not only for men, but also for female representatives. In this article we will talk about such an original thing, as women's pants with stripes. They send us to the era of the 70s of the last century, but rather modest flares, lamphas and a monotonous color palette make them an indispensable attribute of the wardrobe in our time. This trend in the spring of 2012 will be worn even hopelessly distant from the sport of girls of any age and complexion.

Models that designers offer

  • Women's leather pants with stripes fit for self-confident girls. They can be worn for both a walk and a club party.
  • Cotton trousers with elastane on a wide belt,which are perfectly stretched and pleasant to the body, made specifically for girls "with tummy." They are perfect as an addition to the tunics used by young mothers for feeding.
  • Free Denim trousers, which are embroidered manually with various decorative elements, can be useful in creating almost any image. They look very beautiful.
  • In fashion, there will also be classic trousers, the key part of which is lanterns with protectors. This style, probably, will never leave us!
  • Very original look narrow stylish pants with stripes, which effectively emphasize the dignity of girls with slender legs.
  • · The golden autumn season inspires designers to new records, one more of which became gold trousers with stripes, made in a sports-romantic style.

Pants with stripes now went to the forefrontposition of fashion shows, winning a lot of fans. They perfectly filled a popular casual look. For their creation, designers choose lightweight and flowing natural fabrics, the most popular of which are cotton, satin and linen. Products made of these materials will please you with comfort and excellent quality. stylish pants with stripes

With what to wear fashionable trousers with stripes?

  • By combining tight trousers with high-heeled boots, you can visually pull out the silhouette, adding to it slimness. Such an ensemble will be win-win in any environment.
  • To create a sophisticated image, trousers can be supplemented with an air blouse or soft cardigan.
  • For trousers with stripes, a simple and comfortable jumper from knitwear with bruising effect is perfect. The accent in the image will bring a knitted ornament on the back in the form of a flower that is made in the tone of the fabric.
  • In the ensemble with spectacular gold trousers, a sweatshirt made in the same style will look great.

Answering the question, what to wear trousers withit should be noted that when choosing such models, first of all, it is necessary to focus on convenience and comfort. Their length should be adjusted independently, as it will be different depending on the chosen footwear. It should also be remembered that the presence of extra folds, lying harmonica, is simply unacceptable, since this can spoil the harmony of the whole image. If your goal is beneficial to emphasize all the dignity of the figure, then pants with stripes will be just an indispensable thing! We advise you to read: