beach dress photo Spring has just entered its rights, and we have alreadyWe are looking forward to summer when it will be possible to go to the coast of the warm sea. Time flies imperceptibly, so now is the time to take care of the summer wardrobe for recreation. What things other than a swimsuit should be in the arsenal of every girl going to the resort? Of course, fashionable, stylish, beautiful and comfortable clothes for the beach and rest! This year, the beach fashion offers beautiful ladies and young ladies a huge selection of tunics, dresses and sarafans for summer holidays, among which the beach dress will be an unquestionable hit of the season - you can see the photos of the most actual models of the new fashion season in our gallery. Having become acquainted with fashion trends of the new beach season, any representative of the fair sex can easily choose the irreplaceable thing in the holiday - dress or sarafan. beach dresses and sarafans 2012 photos

Fashion Trends - Summer 2016

To be fashionable and stylish look this summer onrest, designers advise to choose dresses for walks and a campaign on a beach as it is possible more bright colors with every possible displays of floristry. Fascinating with their unusual beauty, beach dresses and sarafans with fruit prints and various patterns on a bright background already managed to conquer many women's hearts. Is it worth it to be surprised? Such an elegant outfit can decorate any girl, emphasize her personality and make the image more vivid and memorable. Also, pastel colors are also relevant - yellow, light brown, soft-green and beige beach dresses will be very popular this spring and summer. The favorite of the season 2016 is a white beach dress that looks best on a tanned body. When choosing a fashionable dress, do not forget about the convenience and practicality of this detail of the women's wardrobe, giving preference to natural fabrics. The most suitable fabrics for sultry summer are cotton, linen, chiffon, silk, muslin, viscose and mesh. It is advisable to take a few different dresses and sarafans on vacation for any occasion of life. On holiday this summer can not do without the fashionable in this season short dress-shirts and a long trapezoidal sundress of bright positive shades - they are very convenient and versatile and suitable for a trip to the beach, and for walks around the city or along the embankment. Again returned to fashion dress-hoodie - this option can be a good solution to the problem of going to the beach. This dress looks particularly impressive on the owners of a slim figure and beautiful legs. For a holiday, comfortable kimono dresses are also great. Judging by the photos, beach dresses of this style this summer on the fashionable catwalks can be found in a variety of variations: decorated with floral prints, drawings of oriental themes, with a smell and without it, made of the most delicate silk, gauze and other delicate fabrics. Also very impressive look at the coast and summer knit mini-dresses. The knitted dress always looks very refined and feminine. In addition, such an outfit, like no other, is capable of giving the female image tenderness and charm. Women's tunic dresses are another indispensable version of the summer beach wardrobe, which every year is more and more firmly established in the lines of casual dresses. Tunic on almost any figure looks very impressive and stylish, it is good for both the beach and the city. Especially fashionable in this season are bright tunic dresses embroidered with beads, glass beads or sequins. Beach dresses and sarafans 2016, photos of which you see here, have pleased many prelestnitsam from different parts of the world. Which of them will attract the attention of our women of fashion and conquer your heart?