hromchenko evelina advice A well-known journalist, a novice writer,leading numerous television programs and editor in chief of the popular Russian edition of the magazine entitled "L'Officiel". Surely you already guessed who we are talking about - of course, about Evelina Khromchenko: the advice of this stylish and elegant woman regarding the selection of wardrobes helps representatives of the beautiful half of humanity become even more fascinating. Following her recommendations, even a gray mouse can turn into a real queen, the main thing is to learn how to create harmonious images, correctly combining things, accessories and shoes. Not every person has an innate taste and sense of style, but as you know, with maximum effort, you can master any skill, and the ability to wear clothes is no exception. Following the advice of Evelina Khromchenko and translating this knowledge into practice, you will learn how to buy quality items, combine them with each other, and as a result, always, despite the weather outside your window, your mood and other circumstances, will look elegant and fashionable.

Portrait of Evelina Khromchenko

Agree, listen only tothe advice of a successful and successful person, otherwise they are of no value. Therefore, before you start to follow the recommendations of a woman who today is rightly considered an icon of style, let's first find out what kind of person it is. So, Evelina Khromchenko is the wife of the owner of one of the Russian PR agencies and a woman who successfully combines work and personal life. At the age of seventeen she entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, and a year later she first tried on television, hitting the staff of the All-Union Committee on TV and Radio Broadcasting. Khromchenko began with the usual position of the referent and for three years of hard work she took the place of the columnist. Later she was entrusted with the author's programs about the youth fashion on the radio, however, being a smart, energetic and ambitious person, young Evelina was not going to stop there. Doing everything possible for her development, she worked hard, read, engaged in self-study, and all this soon gave its results. The girl began to be published in Izvestia and Ogonek, her materials appeared in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Sobesednik and other publications known not only in Russia but also far beyond. Twenty-two-year-old Khromchenko already led her very first magazine project, and two years later she became the owner of her own business. At the age of 25 the girl found a job in the magazine "L'Officiel", which for quite a short time turned out of an inconspicuous gloss into a very popular, readable and intelligent fashion edition. Being its editor-in-chief, Evelina Leonidovna patronizes the shows of famous Russian designers and takes an active part in the cultural life of the country. She opened such talents as Alena Akhmadulina, fashion designer Igor Chapurin, Denis Simachev, Lilia Pustovit and many other talents. In addition, that Khromchenko is a true professional in her business, she is primarily a woman. As Evelina herself notes, even being smart and strong, it is necessary to skillfully pretend, playing the role of a weak girl. "If in my time I used girlish devices and tools, I would be even richer than today. Many ladies, making a career, focus on their professional abilities, sweeping aside small female tricks. But do not despise and abandon them, because this is a very effective weapon! Unfortunately, our world is ruled by men, but you notice this, only reaching a certain level, where a strong half of humanity starts to compete with you, "says the wise woman of Khromchenko's experience. Evelina advises you to bet not only on your mind and abilities, but also innate beauty, to use it as a weapon in the struggle for a place under the sun. "Men help only until you are not a competitor to them. When a weak girl turns into a woman with clear goals and tasks, she begins to pose a danger, "notes the editor of L'Officiel. "With age, you understand that you could have achieved more if you used your femininity, which sometimes opens even tightly closed doors. Men will still bite you for the fact that you are women, so give them under the breath of their skillfully applied makeup. " To the advice of such a wise, educated and successful lady is certainly worth listening to! evelina hromchenko advice

We dress stylishly with Evelina Khromchenko

Evelina Khromchenko has an innate taste andsense of style, thanks to which she not only looks stunning, but also helps to properly dress Russian women. As the fashion critic remarked more than once, "a groom will never raise her salary". Therefore, if you want to make good money, make an impression and just feel confident, study some of the recommendations of the editor-in-chief of L'Officiel, under which you will always be in the center of attention:

  • The first rule of a stylish wardrobe - things shouldbe of high quality. It is not necessary to buy insanely expensive clothes, because domestic firms can also produce good quality products. In addition, do not pursue the forgeries of well-known brands. Shoes under the "Labuten", made by the Chinese in the underground factory, will look tasteless.
  • Buying fashionable things, wear them, not putting off onthen, otherwise, what is popular this season, the next will lose its relevance. At least once a year, clean the wardrobe of old worn things, which only clutter up your wardrobe. The main rule: if you have not once worn a sweater, dress, skirt, trousers and so on for twelve months, you can safely get rid of them.
  • Do not blindly follow fashion trends,buying up all of the latest collections. Such things quickly go into circulation, but the classic is eternal. Therefore, try to acquire elegant clothes of calm tones, which in time does not lose its relevance, but turns into a "vintage", thereby becoming even more valuable and refined.
  • Forever forget about ruches, artificial stones,beads, embroideries, lace, fringes and rhinestones on things of classic cut. Such elements look too defiant and tasteless. The only exception is expensive designer clothes, but even such an exclusive must be worn skillfully. So, for example, if you wear jeans with an unusual bright pattern or rhinestones, then the rest of the wardrobe items should be restrained.
  • Things may not be too expensive, but that's whatAs for shoes, in this case this rule does not work. Good quality and, most importantly, comfortable shoes, sandals and boots are often quite expensive, but this price justifies itself with a long toe. Cheap shoes, first, looks ugly, and secondly, affects your health: an uncomfortable shoe and unstable heel injures your leg, lead to varicose veins.
  • Always buy things, given the type of your figureand the color scheme that suits you. After all, even the most beautiful dress, but incorrectly selected, can emphasize the shortcomings of appearance. The main task of clothing - to cover where necessary, and draw attention to the virtues that a woman has.
  • Choosing the trend of the season, try to make it not too fashionable, that is moderately. Otherwise, a new sweater or boots will have to change the entire wardrobe.

Buying clothes, some women forget,how old are they. Note that youth things are meant for young girls, so they look harmonious in them, and adult ladies are often comical. Staying in Balzac's age, you should pay attention to stylish classic things that will emphasize your status, position and position. A woman should look young, but in no case not young, but this effect is obtained if we follow the teenage fashion. Stylish wardrobe eliminates the presence of screaming vulgar and tasteless things, such as pink sweaters, leopard leggings, golden-colored bags. Evelina Khromchenko, who knows everything about fashion and even a little more, strongly recommends that you forget about tops, T-shirts and T-shirts, denuding your belly, shoes with long socks, straps with a massive buckle. Lurex, sparkles, mother of pearl, lacquered boots, tights in a mesh and animal prints also do not belong in the closet of an elegant girl. advice from Evelina Khromchenko

Tips for selecting a basic wardrobe

As mentioned above, classical clothingnever goes out of fashion, while it is perfectly combined with any things in style and style, thereby forming an elegant image. As a professional and just an elegant fashionista, Evelina Khromchenko knows what a girl's wardrobe should be. Certain things make up its base, and by selecting appropriate accessories for them, you can create an up-to-date ensemble, which is suitable for any occasion. So, let's consider in more detail what according to the expert's recommendations should hang in the cabinet of each fashionista:

  • "Regardless of his age and occupationpositions a stylish woman must buy the right jeans "- assures Khromchenko. This means that they should be dark, solid and tailored according to the classical style. No rhinestones and stones, embroidery and excessive fittings - this is a strict clothing, which must be selected, based on the type of your figure. For example, narrow jeans look great on slim tall girls, and hide full hips allow models that are slightly flared down.
  • Must have from Evelina - a white shirt with a deepV-neck. It is suitable for any occasion: negotiations, work, a hike with friends in a cafe. With the onset of cold weather on top of her, you can put on a cream or light beige jumper.
  • Another indispensable thing in the wardrobe is a stylishlady - a dark turtleneck. It can be worn as with trousers or jeans, and with sarafans, skirts. If you want to give the image a "twist", pick up the original little silk scarf and tie it around your neck, beautiful beads will also suit you.
  • In the arsenal of every fashionista should beclassic black trousers - the presence of rhinestones, stripes, artificial stones and other shiny elements is prohibited. The ideal length is the one at which the half-panties hide your shoe's heel, and to visually lengthen your legs, buy a model just below the ankle. These clothes fit well with light blouses or shirts, jackets and shortened jackets.
  • Do not forget about the small elegant black dress that every girl should have. After all, this is an eternal trend since the time of the great Chanel!
  • As for shoes, Khromchenko recommendsbuy classic boats on an average heel or on a hairpin. In addition, another must have - beige shoes. Going on a trip, shopping or on a picnic, choose more convenient options: moccasins, ballet flats or sneakers.
  • Cream and beige shades go to almost everyonewomen, so the fashion guru advises to purchase a classic cashmere coat of the same name. Combining it with dark trousers, slipper-boats and appropriate accessories, you will create an elegant and memorable image of a confident girl.
  • Jewelry of a stylish lady must meet the principlesminimalism. No plastic bracelets and pseudo-precious stones in your ears! The ideal option - a thin thread of natural pearls, elegant gold or silver earrings. Do not forget about shawls and scarves, learn how to tie them beautifully, and you will always look exquisite.

At secular events, the editor of L'Officieloften appears with miniature clutches, which recommends the purchase of other women. "I do not understand girls dragging huge trunks with unnecessary things," says the expert. "The ideal bag should be small and made of genuine leather." Having studied fashion advice from Evelina Khromchenko and following them, you will eventually learn to "feel" things and combine them. Remember that not only the right wardrobe, but also love for yourself make a woman truly attractive. We advise you to read: