Rare costumes for Halloween for women If you are looking for, where , but not a banal devil, schoolgirl orangel, and someone such - then the online store "Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru" offers you a rare kit of only 1,000 rubles. In our catalog you will find 69 suits, many of which will taste even the most "experienced" club party-goers. We selected them based on ratings from such fashion magazines as GQ, Men's Health, Cosmo, Fashion Collection and Burda.

What costume for Halloween can you still surprise

Nurse, Vampire, Schoolgirl, Waitress andAngel - these costumes have long become a classic of the genre. Choosing any of them, you are guaranteed to pass the dress code merge with the club get-togethers. But the whole drive from Halloween is not to merge with the general mass, but to stand out from it. And the "usual" costume here is unlikely to help. Especially for lovers of all the most unusual and original, the online store "Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru" selected very bright and interesting, but at the same time, rare costumes for Halloween - from the sexy Bee and Conqueror of Hearts to the majestic Queen and inimitable Sweet Strawberry .

Why we remain the No. 1 store for Halloween costumes

Every year we add to our assortment allnew and new Masquerade Halloween costumes that not only look stylish and bright at a party on the eve of All Saints Day, but are of high quality. And if a few years ago we started with only 20-30 suits, now in our catalog we mail 70 models at a price of 1,000 rubles. On the first place we put professional service and polite attitude to clients, therefore:

  • You can order a suit not only through the online store, but also by phone from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.
  • We offer full-fledged ensembles (costume + accessories) from just 1,000 rubles.
  • In Moscow (within the MKAD) we deliver costumes for FREE.
  • In any other region of Russia we offer 2 options for delivery: mail of Russia (7-14 days) and courier service (3-7 days).
  • Payment is made by cash on delivery (for regions) or personally to the courier (for Moscow) after receiving the order "on hand".
  • If you have any claims for quality, then you can return the suit within 14 days from the date of purchase in accordance with the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

But the main thing is the high quality of all costumes,which are presented in the online store "Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru". All the models we order at a proven factory that has already earned a reputation as a reliable and professional supplier. Moreover, before we send an order to our client, we additionally check the quality of the fabric, seams and threads. As a result, many of those girls who bought costumes in "Kostumy-Na-Hellouin.Ru" a year ago, turn to us again before the next Halloween holiday. They are confident in our quality, low prices and professional approach to work.

How not to go wrong with the size of the costume for Halloween

The perfect costume for Halloween is the one that sits onyour figure as glued. And if in an ordinary clothing store it can be measured and immediately evaluated "fit or not", then in the online store you can see only the picture. However, if you know your exact size, then there will be no problems with the selection of a suit or a dress. In Russia, as the main parameter, the breast is half-seized, and in some cases - half-dressing of the hips and waist. To learn how to properly measure your "parameters" - read a useful article on the store page .