Yesterday I understood, until the last I did not want to believe, butall became obvious ....... clear, BUT and not accepted. Beautiful, stylish, intelligent women are surrounded by a huge number of men who pay attention, admire, are constantly in sight of this woman, but not close. They give flowers and invite to restaurants, to talk, but unfortunately not about love. About work, about the world, about politics and about anything) Conversations interesting, exciting ... .No not about us ... .we are not ... together. She lives, rejoices at every meeting, looking into his eyes, hoping for love in his gaze, BUT ...... You are considered strong, so in demand in all respects, and you do not need his love at all, so the man thinks about a strong and successful woman. And in her soul, the emptiness and loneliness that tears her at night, suffocates to tears, making her life one-sided, curve and lame ... ..So why men eschew strong women, because the power of a man is much greater than any hardened, stinker. It's so! So why can not you love such a woman, she is just as weak as any other? Weak before a beloved and strong man! Why do men not show their power ?? A year has passed, I can answer my own question! Strong women do not exist, there are girls with complexes who can not build interesting and serious relationships with a man. It is good to marry and fulfill their direct responsibilities - to be a mother, mistress and beloved wife! Such girls at best realize their unclaimed, complexed potential in work, study, achievement of high goals, improving their knowledge, experience, personal growth. Therefore, their life concentrates on one thing, most often they are alone or live for a tick with someone just not "one", but the soul is still lonely because she could not fall in love with his sick head and learn how to choose! And the man in her perception becomes a partner, a colleague, a teacher or a good friend, but not loved by whom she could trust herself with everything, give all the passion that boils in her heart, warmth and care. Gradually, all that is not in demand, all feelings, which nobody needs, they are reflected, they just disappear. And this girl has a man's thinking, habits and interests, she easily and easily grasps the man's logic, easily parries and comments on the situation, men are interested in her, but perceive her as "her boyfriend!" No man can love "his boyfriend" , men want to love the feminine, capricious beauties want, they dream of selfish bitters, they crave the forbidden fruit, touching fools, it is naive stupidity that attracts and excites men, all that is so beautiful to the beautiful half! Here is the answer for you, but there is a question! What for? Why do you have a woman's life if you live and behave like a man? Why do we need such a life? Author: