My situation is interesting not only because II'm expecting a baby. This magic happens to every woman, with rare exceptions. My situation is also interesting because I will raise a son without his father. There is a very sad trend - in our time, few people will be surprised by single mothers. And very much tormented by the question - why does this happen? I am a very happy woman! I believe that for every person the most important thing in life is children, and this is very natural when a person wants to have children! It is very unnatural, when a person does not want to have children, especially when a person is already under forty. That's right, happened to the father of my child. He is fourteen years older than me, and we worked with him in one firm. Quite a banal story, a service romance, an affair: I'm a young free girl, he is an adult wealthy man. In the modern sense, we did not do anything bad - just met, went to the movies, cafes, etc. I knew that he was an inveterate bachelor and a womanizer, but I did not need a serious relationship either. We are not Gods and everyone is subject to earthly passions and temptations. So I succumbed. And the events have acquired a rather unexpected turn, for me the desired, for him there is: under the New Year, I became pregnant. I realized that something was wrong with me before I turned to a consultation. Not fully aware of what is happening, I instinctively began to protect myself more. Because I categorically do not drink alcohol, I did not worry that I would stay on the New Year without a glass of champagne - it did not seem strange to anyone. But it's time to learn a great secret, and I went to the consultation, where everything was confirmed. I was happy incredibly, and I did not care what others would say. I decided to give birth, by all means. But Papa had a different reaction - he did not need a child. This I was ready to accept, but I was not ready to accept his offer very cruel and immoral. A few days later I went to the hospital with a threat of miscarriage. He apparently felt guilty in front of me, began to call, come, buy medicines and food ... But I'll never forget his words: "Do you want it? Do not ruin your life! "Yes, do I ruin it ??? This is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman !!! Then, he sort of changed his mind: we were together for six months, even decided to live together, he said that he would give his name to the child, that he would bring him up. But no initiative came from him, and he laughed at the words "When will you begin to educate your son?" And replied that he was not yet born! But it's no secret that the child's upbringing begins in the womb. Now I'm in the seventh month, with my father we do not see each other and do not communicate for two months. The Kid is already familiar with everyone: he recognizes the grandmother, is very glad to the appearance of his grandfather and uncle, calmly feels himself and does not worry in the presence of my friends. But he does not know his own father. I do not regret that I ran away with him - it was my initiative. I will not forbid him to see my son, I will not refuse help either, although I will not ask for anything. I have favorite parents who dream about grandchildren, I have close people and true friends who support me. I dreamed of a child, and I can accept gifts of fate! This child is given to me from the Gods, the next child will be given to me from my husband. I thought about somehow to keep the relationship: after all the son needs a father, besides he can provide me and the child, because in the near future I will be financially not wealthy. But then I thought, is it really going to be good for a child if I live with an unloved person? If we constantly scandal and swear, it is unlikely that it will benefit my little son. My great love will be enough for him for two, and he will have a full-fledged family with his mother, grandmother and grandfather. One day I have lost my temper and so it will be: I will never marry either by calculation or because of a child! Only for love! And ate love in this world, I will not meet, I will not be very upset: my dearest and closest man to me now with me, and I will never be alone! Besides, no matter how hard I tried, I can not forget those words in our first conversation and the fear in his eyes. He really was afraid of this! The grown man was frightened! My child does not need a father-a coward. I give my son my name. But all the same my female curiosity does not give me rest: I'm wondering how he will behave when the baby is born? And his hot blood and pride still want to look at his child. But this is another story, for now ... The diapers are all washed, the crib is collected, and I'm all in anticipation of the miracle that will come in the autumn! Be all happy as I am and all of you good! Author: