... 100% guarantee that each of us has experiencedsuch a concept as "jealousy" ... familiar, is not it? .. Yesterday and I again remembered this already all podnadoevshey topic, and decided to talk with my young chelovek.esche 100 times I'll regret that I thought of the idea of ​​talking about It turned out that he was uneducated at all, and I, on the contrary, was a terrible owner, and they had quarreled with such conversations ... somehow it turns out that I turn everything into a paranoia, so it's my fault. But, today I thought again about this topic once more, and I realized that in reality there are no grounds for jealousy to me. So I decided to develop this topic here. I think each of us often caught herself thinking that she was jealous for absolutely no reason . Probably, it can be connected with the fact that as soon as someone in our life appears important, someone who is afraid to lose to death, someone with whom he wants to spend all the time, not sharing this person with anyone, we immediately begin to invent for ourselves non-existent competitors, which, it seems to us, are also stolen the most important thing that has appeared in our life, although more often than not it is ... I decided to reconsider my habit of being jealous, and try to somehow reduce the effect of this feeling on me, and on our relations as a result. After all, they say, and not in vain , that thoughts and self-hypnosis are very powerful helpers in such matters. why there is jealousy? With my nature, even the answer is possible: the desire to hang a sign on the person * is occupied *, and not only ... but there is one important point that I'm sure many are missing. answer a simple question: this person is with you, is not it? among thousands, he, apparently for very important reasons for him, chose you? .. if you are sure that he does not change, why spoil the nerves because of unfounded suspicions, if in life and without them there is enough stress ?. . Think about it ... allow yourself to trust the person, as if no one ever betrayed you, ve We once did not suspect about such a feeling as jealousy, something made us show it-it does not matter what, but it was, and now the experience that we got once does not allow us to believe, love, live as before ... you know , I want to wish you all to forget about what happened, and to behave with new people as if they were the first people in your life ... there are too many disappointments, betrayals, episodes that slowly but purposefully kill our faith, but in fact really want to believe. after all, after all? .. I'm not talking about the fact that you need to wear rose-colored glasses, and raschatsya in naive fools, just leave a person to show you that all these emotions are irrelevant, that an important and necessary person for you WITH YOU, and is it important that everything else ... Author: