I recently came across an explanation-motivation forwhat you need to lose weight and added your corrections. "1. Why should I lose weight? To be attractive ... I will continue - healthy, active, energetic, cheerful. 2. Why should I be attractive? To be popular with men - and I'll start with myself. In order to admire yourself, to be confident in any situation, to enjoy life to the fullest. The body is my temple and I must keep it in shape, so as not to get sick, play sports, feed quality food and so on. FOR YOURSELF, oh how men feel IT FOR YOURSELF! Your self-confidence. The fact that you love yourself, that's what catches your eye, and not that you're thin. How many thin models surrounds me, I myself model. Most are just thin, underestimating themselves and there is no man of good. And there are non-models, but confident and loving themselves and them in return love so that no model with her will not stand next! 3. Why should I be popular with men? To meet your love. You will meet your second half, when your half will be filled to the brim with love for yourself, value, develop yourself and you will attract your loved one even if you do not become super popular among all men! tastes are different, and you will feel your own man and he will you ..) Learn how to get the buzz from the fact that you are alone, this is temporary! What can you do now, while that same one, the faithful on the way? A million things! Develop, read, find something that you will give unreal pleasure, put yourself in order at last and go in for sports! 4. Why should I meet my love? To be happy. - Be happy now. In search of happiness - you will not find happiness. Look at yourself! You are wonderful, you are the only one and you should be happy and thank for everything in any situation .. 5. Why should I be happy? To rejoice in every day. Live one day, and make it so beautiful to remember for life !!!!! 6. Why should I rejoice at every day? To find your place in the world - you've already found it, just take a look at it! Rejoice in every day, cherish and cherish yourself, love and protect, taste deliciously, beautifully dress, develop, temper, qualitatively and profitably feed, you are the most precious thing that you have, and you all wait for someone ... ((and then your kilograms superfluous will just melt, do not even notice how! Love your body now, it is in great need of it, do not struggle with excess weight, but do everything for good! to be toned, healthy, etc. Do not look for quick results. comes with time., do not need to be adjusted.) The hasty begin and ... lose! 7. Why should I seek I want to love my place! "To love yourself!" But, firstly, you have to love yourself! Doing something for someone is pointless! In our life, something always changes, someone leaves, someone comes, and we always stay with ourselves and on how much we love ourselves depends what we are: our weight, how we behave, how we dress, how happy we are and how lucky we are in life. That depends on it, not vice versa! who and what we are surrounded by! Go not from yourself, but to yourself, be yourself interesting, discover yourself as a new book every day, check what you are capable of, you even E represents how much you are strong in spirit and awesome! And then you will always be interesting to everyone and you will always and everywhere be accompanied only by success! Author: