So the long-awaited summer has come! Someone already had time to go on vacation, splash in the sea, bask in the sun and boast of his figurine on the beach in a swimsuit! And someone just looks for permits and selects a resort for their summer vacation. Our today's article is dedicated to those who are just going to go on a long-awaited vacation and are looking for new swimsuits and dresses. So let's find out that today is a 2010 hit? Today's fashion for swimwear has not deprived anyone of its attention. In this season, in my opinion, everything is fashionable! And swimwear in retro power, and with prints, in peas and stripes, with a lot of straps and cuts, asymmetrical and solid, the main thing is not to get confused and choose what will suit you! And now let's consider the most fashionable swimwear 2010:

Swimsuit in retro style

Swimsuit in retro style is not the first season onpeak of popularity. The peculiarity of such swimsuits is that he skillfully emphasizes the dignity of the figure and perfectly conceals its shortcomings, if any. They can be with high panties and strains of strict cut, can be separate and continuous, here you have to choose!

Swimsuit in peas

Trend 2010 is a swimsuit in polka dots. Large and small peas are perfect for your beach attire, but remember that big peas fill the figure! The advantage of this design is that it fits perfectly with the strip or cage, so you can combine the bodice and panties from different swimsuits, the main thing is that they are combined in color. For example, a bodice in polka dots, and panties in a strip, or a striped top and a checkered bottom.

Swimsuit with straps

Fashion this season is a lot of strapless andribbons crossed with each other. They can be located both on the hips, and on the shoulders, on the abdomen and in deep cuts. But remember that such a swimsuit does not give you an even tan, so it is suitable only for parties by the pool.

Swimsuit with print

Prints are very fashionable this year, and especiallyvegetable, this game of color pleases both your eye and the eye of those around you. Choose swimsuits with images of palm trees, exotic flowers, berries and leaves. But remember that fashion designers advise to purchase such a swimsuit for girls with a fragile figure and a small bust, as this coloring can increase the shape. Today's abundance of dresses and sarafans simply dazzles with its colors and styles. Among all this variety, we will select for you the most fashionable and interesting models that will suit you the best way. So, let's consider the most fashionable summer dresses 2010:


Sarafan - the most suitable outfit for the frysummer weather. This year, the fashion for floral print, light shades and natural fabrics, the length can be any. If you are the owner of the figure "inverted triangle", then you will fit a sarafan on thin straps or expanding to the bottom. If you have a small height, then choose a sundress not below the knee.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses at the peak of popularity is the secondseason. These dresses are perfectly combined with flat shoes, for example with sandals with a lot of thin straps, as well as great jewelry here, for example large beads, or one or two large bracelets. Choose a dress from thin air fabric with various prints and embroidery.

Mini dresses

This summer, the mini can be both tightand a free cut, just mini dresses this year can decorate the semblance of a corset. Mini-length dresses will fit any type of figure. But remember that if you have the type of figure "triangle", then the dress should be with the shoulders, and if your figure is "rectangle", then the dress should decorate the corset or belt, to emphasize the waist.


In this season the ball is ruled by drapery! Therefore, if your figure does not have enough volume, the drapery will perfectly add it in those places where it is necessary. For example, if you need a volume in the hip area, then opt for a dress or a skirt with drape at the waist and hips. If you need volume in the chest area, then choose a dress with drapery, located in the neck and neck area.


The hit of this summer is voluminous dresses,pear-shaped and oval-shaped. This silhouette of the dress will give femininity and airiness to your image. Oborniki, flounces and various drawings will give you an incredibly touching appearance. At the slightest blow of the wind, frills and ruffles will be cute to worry, and you will feel at ease easily. Author: