Of course every person wants to live his lifeby special and I really want to be happy, but I just probably have such a fate. Now cats are croaking in my heart and you think that further, that unexpected and terrible things can be presented to you by fate, tears appear in my eyes when I remember what kind of life I have. I'm only 19, and the feeling that I have lived almost all my life, I restrain myself before my friends and relatives, I'm just such a person I can not tell what's going on in my heart, what happened. It seems that everything I'm happy with that can still happen, and fate throws up suffering. I have two older brothers and a mother, when I was two, my mother and father parted, he cheated on her, walked, she dragged him because of him, pregnant with 4m and as a result she gave birth to a dead child, and when I was 8 my mother came up with one man, after living for several years he began to drink and rush at us, my mother drinks and tolerates me when I drink every night. We lived in fear that someday he would cut us, we ran away from him and he ran with a knife or a stop from his booze ripped off the roof. Once I went with my brothers to the mountains to matchmaking every other day, we find out that he once again got drunk and beat up my mom, rushed to my grandmother and stabbed her in the heart, miraculously managed to save it until the heart knife lacked 2mm, she lay for 2 months in intensive care , but our damned police did not put him on board, they told us when he killed someone and killed you and then came, we called the police and every day, as he repeatedly came and yelled, burned the hay for 27 thousand, we prdali farmyavovo and hired odovokata, of course 3 months later he was imprisoned ko for 7 years, even to this day I feel fear and can not calm down, everything is starting to get better and my mother was seriously ill. We needed money for the operation. We climbed into the credits. Thank God everything was normal, as again our bad police had to close the case further. I will not speak, it's shorter than mine my brother is going to be put in jail, but he's innocent we'll see what to expect, I've had a lot of things in my life and it's only a tiny part, I do not know what to do, I'm very worried, but I keep everything in myself, well, how is life unjust, I'm so big cant even I wanted to commit suicide, but at one moment changed my mind, in my life all wrong, of course others ludey is even worse, but I was asked to nerves already nevyderzhivayut. Author: