stretch marks after childbirth It is believed that the birth of a baby is decorated with a woman. In order to make sure of this, it is enough to look at the young mother walking with a stroller in the park. With nothing comparable joy illuminates a woman's face, the figure acquires a pleasant roundness, teenage angularity disappears (if a woman is young), the movements are smooth. But there are several reasons that can cloud the joy of becoming a mother. One of them is stretch marks after childbirth. Treacherous strips appear on the body during pregnancy and do not disappear after the birth of the baby. Some women put up with the changes and buy an indoor swimsuit. The other half of the young mothers continue to fight for the lost beauty. We decided to help women in an unequal battle with stretch marks on the skin and tell a few tricks on getting rid of them.

Prevent the appearance of stretch marks

Worry about preserving the beauty of the skin afterchildbirth is needed in the first weeks of pregnancy. Good prevention will help to save not only the figure. You will save time and money, because any procedure requires preparation (read - costs) and at least a few minutes of free time. And if you do not feel sorry for your favorite banknotes, then in time, every young mother is always difficult. Even more so - we are sure that a good half of the newly-made parents would gladly buy a couple of hours to sleep off. And where can I find time for peeling, ointment and massage? Unless in dreams. Therefore, let us try to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, so that after the birth we should dream of something more pleasant!

  • The old, kind, proven method is olive oil. Rub them every day, and stretch marks will not appear. Do not overdo it, otherwise you will resemble a glossy Christmas duck.
  • Want to wash the olive oil off the skin? Good decision. But before you bathe, add one tablespoon of pine extract to the bathroom. Just do not make the water too hot. The temperature should not be above 38 degrees, otherwise there is a risk of harming the child.
  • Wear a prenatal bandage.
  • Each evening rub your breasts with a slice of lemon or ice cubes. You can use frozen lemon juice, then you can combine the two procedures.
  • A good effect helps to achieve a special cream to prevent stretch marks. Only to prescribe them should the doctor taking into account the type and condition of your skin.
  • Eat right. We understand that during pregnancy, the appetite increases and often you want quite not fresh fruits, but harmful fried potatoes, but keep in mind that stretch marks appear due to a sharp weight gain. So put the frying pan aside and eat an apple.
  • To avoid stagnation of blood will help easy massage and tingle of the chest, thighs, buttocks. Entrust this procedure to the husband, and you do not have to justify yourself for the small bruises on the body.
  • how to remove stretch marks after childbirth

    Remove stretch marks: treatment methods

    Let's say that you are not among the lucky ones,whose skin after delivery remained smooth. Dont be upset. After all, the main thing is not the absence or presence of stretch marks, but the health of your baby. Appearance can always be arranged. Every woman can confirm this to you. After all, 20% of beauty is a gift of nature, and 80% is the ability to take care of yourself. And not every girl uses all the secrets of caring for herself, referring to the fashionable now natural. But in vain. Because with naturalness in appearance things are exactly the same as with impromptu. Do you remember what an impromptu is the most successful? Carefully prepared. That's natural beauty shines only when she is given maximum attention and care. But enough for today lectures. Let us turn to practical exercises. Namely - find out how to remove stretch marks after childbirth.

    • Peeling The procedure for exfoliating the skin isspend three months after giving birth, when your body has recovered sufficiently after pregnancy. Of course, it's best to do peeling in a beauty salon, but this luxury is not available to all young mothers. It is unlikely that anyone will dare to leave the baby in the care of strangers, even for the sake of such an important task as the return of the beauty of his own body. And if the trip to the cosmetologist for you is the same unattainable dream as to sing a karaoke with Alla Pugacheva, do not despair. You can treat stretch marks with peeling at home. To do this, you can use a regular scrub. Rub it into damaged areas of the body several times a week, and the surface of the skin will begin to gradually flatten.
    • Massage A very effective way to get rid offresh stretch marks. And, I must admit, quite pleasant. And do not look nervously at the baby carriage. Baby does not hurt. Call the masseur on the house for the time when the child usually sleeps. Moreover, the treatment will not last for many months. You will need only 6 to 10 sessions of manual or vacuum massage.
    • Fresh stretch marks can be reduced (note, we do notwritten: to get rid completely) with the help of special creams such as "Mederma" or "Kontraktubeks" But remember that the treatment should be regular. If you buy both creams and put on the shelf in the bathroom, remembering the medicine once a week, there will be no sense.
    • Another method - the mummy As many young mothers who tried to get rid of stretch marks in this way, the ointment from the mummy does just miracles.

    You will need:

  • 4 grams of mummy;
  • 1 tube of baby cream;
  • 1 teaspoon of boiled water.
  • Dissolve the mummy in water and mix with baby cream. Put the medicine in a jar and store it in the refrigerator. Do not forget to smear cream spots once a day.

    • This ends the household funds, andbegins treatment of stretch marks in salons under the strict guidance of professional cosmetologists Is it worth saying that these methods should be resorted to when all four of the above described funds have been tried and powerless? So, dial the number of a certified beautician and sign up for seaweed wraps. This procedure is not only effective enough, but also extraordinarily pleasant. Algae moisturizes the skin, saturates it with minerals, removes toxins from the body and contributes to weight loss. Therefore, cease to be skeptical about the impartial mass and trust the miraculous properties of the former inhabitants of the sea.
    • And again call the beautician This time to usyou need microdermabrasion. This is the elder sister of peeling, which you unsuccessfully tried to spend in a close bathroom. Only the smallest abrasive particles will be removed from the skin with a vacuum. Microdermabrasion helps to remove the top layer of the skin and stimulate the rapid growth of new cells. And if the cosmetologist forgets to warn you, we hasten to announce the entire list of contraindications. First, you can not perform the exfoliation procedure too often. Secondly, you can not sunbathe after microdermabrasion in either the solarium or under the ordinary sun. But lactating mothers such a method is even shown, so you can safely decant milk and run to a beauty salon.
    • Another newfangled way that offerswomen cosmetologists This is mesotherapy. Here, affected areas of the skin are crammed with all kinds of drugs that stimulate the growth of skin cells. During the procedure, both embryonic preparations and all kinds of hydrogels of non-animal origin can be used. And although the composition of all drugs is fundamentally different, but the mission is one. All drugs are aimed at one problem: how to remove stretch marks after childbirth for a maximum of 10 procedures.

    Whether the mesotherapy will cope with the task in viewor not - here the answer will be strictly individual. The result of the procedure depends on the size of the stretch marks, the skin condition of the patient, her age and the professionalism of the cosmetologist. And although we all are accustomed to sin on the last factor, we should not discount our own heredity. If all women of your family before the fifth generation had stretch marks, then you must assume that you will not be able to cope with them easily.

    • Laser Therapy Here to treat stretch marks helpsfractional photothermolysis. Simply put, the skin is polished with a laser. This method is very controversial, because one patient completely restores the skin, and the other can not reduce the width of the stretch marks, even by a millimeter. Therefore, before ordering the procedure of laser therapy on the whole body, ask for a trial removal on a small piece of skin.
    • Abdominoplasty is one of the varietiesplastic surgery Here, the surgeon simply carves the affected area of ​​the skin. Advantages are that instead of a set of stretch marks of different length and width, you get one unnoticeable (according to doctors) scar. Disadvantages lie in a complex postoperative period (think for yourself: you have just experienced difficult births, and after that you doom your body to a new, even more severe stress), the possibilities of undesirable consequences (such as "left" towards the navel) and relative limitations procedure (the doctor will be able to remove only those stretch marks that are located below the navel).

    Often, all of the above methods areimpotent in the fight against postnatal stretch marks, and the woman has to live with the acquired shortcoming. How to be in this case? Do you want to give up on yourself? To include in the group of hopeless, aging mothers, whose destiny is the kitchen and the upbringing of children? No and no again! You are beautiful. From the top to the tips of the nails, including all of their stretch marks. Can someone strip on the body and may seem ugly, but not to your husband, who was waiting for the appearance of the long-awaited child, and for which every appearance of the next stretch on the body meant the approach of the magical moment of birth of the heir. Therefore, do not rush to dim the light in your bedroom or hide under the sheet. Be yourself. Special, unique and most beloved. We advise you to read: