nail care "You can be a sensible person and think about beautynails "(AS Pushkin" Eugene Onegin ") Agree that well-groomed hands not only adorn us, but also raise our status in the eyes of others. What is there to say, beautiful hands - the pride of any woman. And if the nature of the shape of brushes and nails can not be adjusted, then it is within our power to make our well-groomed hands evoke admiring glances. However, modern technology allows you to adjust even the most unpresentable nails. But this does not mean that nail care should be limited only to professional procedures. At home, to achieve beauty nails is also possible. Believe that it is always possible to strengthen the nails, keep them healthy and make a good manicure at home. As they say, there would be a desire, but there will be opportunities. Although manicure is a whole complex of necessary procedures, however, they do not require any virtuosity skills and specific knowledge. The manicure consists of several stages: removing the old varnish, moving the cuticle, sawing, removing the burrs and painting the nails with varnish. And additional care for nails is reduced to systematic baths, compresses and masks. How to make a manicure and how to exercise proper nail care? Let's figure it out.


Manicure at home begins by removing the oldlacquer with a cotton swab dipped in a solvent. After the varnish has been completely removed from the nails, wash hands thoroughly. The optimum option for such washing is the bath with the addition of softening aromatic oil. It can be lavender, bergamot, peach and other oils. After this hygienic procedure is completed, hands are carefully wiped, dried and begin to polish the nails and create their shape. To do this, you will need a polishing file, nail files, nail clippers, a dull scoop and scissors. It is desirable to have the abrasives abrasive, on a non-metallic basis. Nails should be given the same shape and length, removing the cuticle. To do this, a special remedy is applied to the cuticle area, massage this area a little, and then gently push the cuticle backward. If you perform this procedure regularly, the cuticle grows slower and becomes less noticeable. Cuticles are removed with the help of a dull spatula or a special orange stick. Cut the cuticle should not be - it will accelerate its growth. With regular care of her, she will grow slowly and become less noticeable. After the cuticle is removed, manicure cutters or scissors are cut to the same length edges of all nails, giving them a shape. The next stage of the manicure is the removal of burrs, which is carried out with the help of small tweezers or scissors, after which the nails are polished with a medium-sized file, moving it from the edge of the nail to its middle. The wicker is kept easily. Carefully, by smooth movements, trying to keep the shape of the nail, first process its sides. Then the nail file is sent to the left and to the right along a semicircle, trying not to touch the upper, smooth surface of the nail and the skin at the fingertips. It is better to give the nails an oval shape, since it looks much more attractive and tidy than a too pointed form. After this procedure, the nails should be applied a special gel, which strengthens the nails and makes them smooth and smooth. After the treatment of the nails is finished, hands are rinsed again, wiped with a napkin, apply a nourishing cream and massage lightly, stroking the brushes from the fingertips to the forearm. This manicure can be completed, and if desired, the nails can be applied decorative varnish. Under the color varnish you need to put the base (colorless varnish), which can also be considered a decorative coating, if the protruding edge of the nail is painted with a lighter varnish. After applying a colorless varnish, a colored varnish is applied, the bottle with which is shaken several times. A brush when applying a colored lacquer is dipped in a vial each time, collecting as much lacquer as there is enough for one smear. To lacquer lay flat and smooth, the brush, giving it the shape of a fan, leads from the cuticle to the edge of the nail. Apply the varnish, which should be quite liquid, small careful smears first to the center of the nail, and then to its sides. To the nail was covered evenly, the lateral sections of the nail are painted so that they slightly overlap the central smear. After this, the varnish on the tip of the free edge is gently leveled, and then a reinforcing, additional layer of varnish is applied in the same way on the nails. Now our manicure is completely finished. nail care at home

Baths and masks

Treated marigolds always lookdelicious, true, provided that they are healthy and strong. If the nails are fragile, uneven, and still fade, then no varnish will hide their unpresentable appearance. Moreover, the weakened nails manicure has far from the most beneficial effect. Therefore, nail care at home should not be reduced to a single manicure. Nails need to be strengthened, nourished, moistened, in general, to take care of them according to all the rules. We offer you a selection of recipes for masks, trays and compresses for nails. Common restorative salt bath With the systematic conduct of this procedure, and you need to do a bath at least once a week, after a month and a half your nails will become much stronger. To prepare a salt bath, dissolve with a glass of warm boiled water one tablespoon of sea salt or even ordinary table salt. Immerse your fingers in this solution and soak for fifteen to twenty minutes. If the procedure is carried out more often, then the result will be much faster. A tray against brittle nails Strengthen brittle nails will help the tub with olive oil. For it you will need a warmed little vegetable and a few drops of lemon juice. Pour oil into the bowl, add lemon juice to it. For the effect of the effect, it is recommended to add vitamin A oil solution to the bath. Another variant of the recipe is vegetable oil, mixed in equal quantities with natural apple cider vinegar. You can do such baths constantly, with a frequency of once or twice a week. Herbal baths Very useful for nails herbal baths, for the preparation of which use a mixture of dry herbs. One tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, cook for a slow fire for about three to five minutes, then insist, filter and keep in this hands on about twenty minutes. The most useful herbs for nails are:

  • plantain,
  • mother and stepmother,
  • nettle,
  • althea root.

After taking a bath, rinse your hands warmwater and lubricate with a nutritious cream. If you are doing a manicure, then for pre-steaming use not ordinary water, but herbal decoction. Iodine Mask One of the most popular and available remedies is an iodine mask. The usual medical iodine, which is in every home medicine cabinet, you need to lubricate the nail plates, using, for example, the earwax. This procedure is done at night, applying iodine to clean, non-lubricated nails. During the night, iodine will be completely absorbed, and there will be no traces left on the nails. Mask of oil and salt Care of marigolds with a systematic oil-salt mask will make your marigolds shiny and smooth. To do this, it is necessary to mix the heated vegetable oil with the salt to the state of the liquid slurry. In this gruel you need to hold your nails for about fifteen minutes, and then put on cotton gloves. Oil-salt grounds at the same wash away from hands is not necessary. After three hours, gloves are removed, and hands are washed with soap and oiled with a nutritious cream. Glycerin mask This mask has a restoring effect and is suitable for weakened and damaged nails. For its preparation, a tablespoon of glycerin is mixed with a tablespoon of water and a teaspoon of corn or potato starch. The mask is applied to the hands and nails, put on cotton gloves and stand for about an hour. Then remove the gloves, and wash off the mask with warm water and soap and smear hands with a nutritious cream. Try to make masks and baths for nails. Soon you will find that the nails have become less fragile and soft, smoothness has been smoothed over them, and the nail plates have acquired shine. However, this is possible only if you observe the rules of nail care, not only during hygienic and cosmetic procedures, but also in everyday life. nails care

Proper nail care

Adhere to the basic rules of care with your handsnails, and then your nails will not separate and break. And only then you can get the maximum effect from masks and baths to achieve an impeccable kind of nails after manicure.

  • Eat foods that are good for the nails. Namely: milk, cottage cheese, kefir, cheese, cabbage, egg yolks, brewer's yeast, jelly.
  • Before going to bed, be sure to lubricate the nails with a special nourishing cream, rubbing it into the nail plate, and into the okolonogte bed.
  • Let nails rest from the nail polish. Ideally, the lacquer needs to be washed off from the nails before going to bed. If this is not possible, spend at least a weekend without a manicure.
  • Do not use liquids containing acetone to remove varnish.
  • All domestic work requiring usedetergent and cleaning products, only use gloves. Remember that when contacting the ground, nails are damaged. Therefore, taking care of indoor or garden plants, also wear gloves.
  • Take calcium with vitamin D.
  • Do not gnaw your nails! Try not to use your nails as a scraper or tweezers.
  • E buy cheap varnishes of poor quality. So you save on the health and beauty of your nails.
  • Do not make a bath with soda for nails.
  • If possible, rub into the nail plates juice of sour berries and fruits and also rub nails with lemon crust.
  • Manicure is mandatory, and at least once every two weeks.
  • Never scrape off old nail polish, but remove it only with a special liquid.
  • Doing hand massage, do not forget about your marigolds.
  • Remember that a manicure is not only and not so much cosmetic as a hygienic procedure. Even non-varnished, but processed nails always look beautiful.
  • So, lovely, ladies, as you already understood, care fornails at home - this is not just a manicure. Remember that in addition to this mandatory hygienic procedure, nails are useful for restoring, firming and nourishing masks and baths. Try to protect your nails during homework and take care of them. And in general, remain beautiful always and in spite of everything! We advise you to read: