beautiful manicure with your hands In ancient Egypt, China and some othersOnly the elite could care for the nails of the notorious countries. They were either rich people belonging to a noble family, or girls who are related to religion. In this case, the color of paint in those days played a rather important, almost mystical role. And if one of the slaves violated the established rules and used golden, red and other bright colors, those who disobeyed were cruelly punished. Nowadays, women rarely give any special significance to manicure. It's usually done to get your hands in order and look neat. Agree, broken nails with peeling paint look, to put it mildly, not attractive. In addition, through damaged skin and microcracks, bacteria and infection can enter the human body.

Fashion Trends in 2013

Nail length Like last year, beautifulshort or medium length nails (up to three millimeters) are considered. Accumulated centimeter claws, of course, are allowed. But in this case, the manicure of the girl should not be too catchy and provocative. About stones, beads and other ornaments such ladies should be forgotten. Colors Choosing the right color, you should consider factors such as dress code, time of year and age. In the office it is not necessary to paint nails with red lacquer, and for the wedding - black. In winter it is better to give preference to calmer warm tones. In the summer, you can come off to the fullest.

  • Dark Tones

Mannequins Valentino, Vera Wong, BurberryProrsum and other fashion houses on the shows make a dark manicure. He does not distract attention to his hands, but at the same time complements the image as a whole. Black, blue, chocolate and other shades look great on short nails. But be careful with these varnishes. If a girl is dressed in an outfit, they look very vulgar.

  • Celestial Tones

Blue and blue colors are recommended to use,when the outside of the window a thermometer shows a minus temperature or if there is a fog in the street. Perfectly match such varnishes with smoky gray clothes. As the stylists promise, in cloudy weather a mint creamy shade will give you the missing heat.

  • Nude

In this season, natural beauty has become fashionable. Nails also were not an exception. Therefore, if you want your hands to look neat and stylish, choose beige tones. In addition, this varnish is considered universal. It can be used both on weekdays, especially if a dress code is introduced at work, and on holidays.

  • Red Tones

Red lips, red lipstick and the same colora dress is a bust. Recently, even celebrities do not use such an element in creating their image. But if you still want to attract the gaze of men to your person, stick to minimalism. To look sexy, focus on one thing.

  • Combination of several colors

French, black and white, brown-beige andother similar manicures, perhaps, will never go out of fashion. When choosing nail varnishes, pay attention to the fact that they are similar in structure and composition. Otherwise, after applying, one of the colors will be too stand out. Or it will be difficult for you to make the right design.

  • Drawings and patterns

The peak of skill is the creation of complex and beautifulpatterns. Such a manicure does not just look original. With his help, the girl can stand out from the crowd. Do you think you can not draw twigs, smooth lines, not to mention the whole landscape? You are mistaken. It is enough to show a little imagination and practice with your friends. Or on your beloved while he's asleep. fashionable handsome manicure with your hands

Drawing on nails: tips for beginners

  • Preparing the pen

Before proceeding with staining, it is necessaryto put oneself in order. Use a special remover to remove any old varnish. Steer your hands in a decoction of herbs, then apply a nourishing cream. With a wooden spatula, carefully slide the cuticles. Pay attention, you can not trim the peel. It acts as a natural barrier and prevents infection. At the end of the procedure, wipe the treated areas with peroxide.

  • Making lines

Straight lines, perhaps the most simple and interestingan example of how you can quickly make a beautiful manicure with your own hands. First, we make a foundation - we apply a firming varnish in order not to spoil the upper layers of the nail, then - red, pink or brown. We are waiting for two or three minutes until the paint dries. Now take a thin brush, soak the tip in black lacquer, remove the excess (so that the blots do not turn out) and make two perpendicular lines. Vertical passes from the left side, horizontal is located three millimeters from the tip of the nail. In parallel, the upper strip draws white. The result is fixed with a colorless varnish.

  • Making Chamomile

To begin with, choose the basis. It can be pink, white or even black lacquer. After the paint dries a little, put on a circle droplets (five pieces), which will act as petals. The yellow middle is done last.

  • We make abstraction

Apply a red varnish along the entire length of the nail. In the middle, make a thin white line, on the right and left side - purple. On the contour you can walk a silvery or golden paint. We do everything quickly so that the manicure does not dry before the time. Take a thin needle (or toothpick) and zigzag over the strips, draw it with a sharp end.

  • Drawing notes

We apply a white base, as in the Frenchmanicure. We put a black blob, and from it we deduce a long and thin tail, just like a note. Also you can draw a treble clef and other similar elements. By the way, it is not necessary that on every nail all the signs are repeated or located symmetrically.

  • Drawing peas

First you should choose two varnishes that are excellentare combined with each other. The first will serve as the basis, the second will be applied pointwise. You can make either a large pea, leaving a blob with a brush, or a thin one. In the second case a toothpick is used.

  • Colorful joy

In summer, when there are so many bright colors around,I want to bring these colors into my image. Take green, yellow, blue, orange, pink varnishes and make them every nail. This option is great for girls who like to wear colorful clothes and hate gray.

  • Color madness

Extravagance is your middle name? Then try to connect in a manicure at once five or six colors. First draw a base, then make a few different lines with a fine brush. You can choose any shape, direction and thickness. The only thing you need to remember is the right combination of shades. bright beautiful manicure with your hands

Tools and accessories for drawing on nails

If you decide to learn how to do not justbeautiful, and professional manicure with their own hands, without the additional equipment and accessories you will not be easy to cope with. At first you can do with what you have anyway. In the future, if you want, you can get a special machine.

  • Sequins

Some beauties prefer to do manicureonly with their own hands, even using a cosmetic bag. Representatives of the fair sex use the work of ordinary sequins and pearlescent eye shadow. They either sprinkle around the perimeter of the nail, or decorate only the tip.

  • Lucky

To make it easier for you to draw elegant patternshands, buy special varnishes with a long tassel. Pay attention, the thinner it will be, the easier it will be to draw a contour and paint over thin patterns. Thick (standard) is suitable only for applying the substrate.

  • Needles

Needles are needed so that you can even fromone single droplet make a real masterpiece. The varnish must remain liquid during this process. You can work as a thin side, and a thick eye. However, be careful and do not push hard to scratch the nail.

  • Scotch

It is usually used, if necessary, to drawFrench manicure. At first, a stencil is made, which is then superimposed on the part of that nail, where the lacquer should not fall. After the paint has dried, you can remove the adhesive tape. Also for this purpose you can use food film or paper.

  • Gel pens

If you do not know how to work with a brush and a needle,at first you can do with ordinary pens. First, the substrate is applied, then a pattern is drawn on a dry and hard surface. To ensure that the manicure does not wear off before the time, the top should be gently covered with a clear varnish.

  • Beads, rhinestones, stones

Usually decorations are used to createholiday manicure. In everyday life, the protruding and sharp parts will cling to the fabric. In addition, if you fix these decor elements incorrectly, they will disappear at the most inopportune moment.

  • Stickers

No time fiddling with drawings, but at the same timewant to walk with beautiful nails? Use stickers that are sold in specialty stores. Just do not take products in the markets or in conventional trading establishments. Such elements look quite cheap and can be seen immediately that this is a low-quality counterfeit. Good patterns, even with a close inspection is quite difficult to distinguish from a real manicure. lunar beautiful manicure with your hands

Drawing on nails correctly

Not necessarily be able to draw and buy wellexpensive equipment to do a pretty manicure on your hands. But, unfortunately, one desire and enthusiasm will still not be enough. To make your nails look perfect, and not like the work of an inexperienced beginner, observe a few basic rules.

  • Use a high-quality varnish

Never buy cheap products, becauseit is incredibly dangerous to health. Plus, it can be bad in consistency and begin to spread, but does not lie flat on one level. In addition, this paint dries very long.

  • Do not start with complex patterns

Do everything gradually, follow the instructions,train as often as possible. And never stop on what has been achieved. Perhaps, at first you will have curved lines, but after two or three days you will learn to control your hands.

  • Learn how to combine colors

Read fashion magazines, study catalogs,learn about the latest news. By the way, many manufacturers release special sets for beginners. They consist of three to four varnishes, applications and stencils. As you can see, being beautiful in our time is quite simple. Girls no longer have to visit the salons, sit there for an hour and leave there fabulous sums. It is enough to follow the above tips and experiment with the style. We advise you to read: