lip mask Due to the fact that there are no sebaceous lipsglands, they need moisture - especially in winter and spring. In the cold season, the lips often crack, dry out and sometimes they even cause inflammation. Therefore, care for the lips in winter is especially important, especially if they are already cracked. Of course, the lip mask will help to quickly save the situation, but forget about complex care. We will tell you about the basic rules of lip care and, of course, how to make effective masks for the lips at home. Virtually all masks are completely safe for your health. The only thing. what you need to pay attention to before choosing this or that mask are its components. They should not have an allergic reaction. In case you are in doubt - check. Apply a small amount of the finished mask on your wrist and leave for 20 minutes. If there are no signs of allergy, you can experiment and apply the mask. lip mask

Several rules for lip care

To ensure that your sponges are always in order, do notforget to lubricate them with hygienic lipstick, lip gloss or balm, those that contain cosmetic fats. Lips need such vitamins as: A, E, K, B. At any time of the day, even at night your lips should be moistened. Buy several lip balms at once, let one be stored on your desktop, another in your purse, and the third on the dressing table. And do not get hung up on one manufacturing company - change hygienic lipsticks at least once a month. And once again we remind you - you must always moisturize your lips! Morning and evening, summer and winter. True, the means must be selected for each season of the year individually. When buying balsam, pay attention to its composition, it should contain hyaluronic acid. And those balms that contain retinol, alcohol, glycerin and menthol should be put off until the summer - they will dry your already damaged skin of the lips. In frosts, it is better to give up the stamping lipstick, because its components clog the pores of the lips. If without lipstick you do not think of your life, then apply it only after you apply a moisturizing balm to your lips. While your sponges are injured, do not put on decorative lipsticks and shine, they even more irritate the skin of the lips. lip masks at home

Emergency rescue of your lips

If you have not followed your sponges and they have alreadymuch cracked and scaly, you should immediately save them. In the store, buy a children's fat cream, preferably Russian. In the morning and before bedtime, lubricate with a thick layer of lip cream and leave until completely absorbed. In addition, there are very effective lip masks for such emergencies. And especially those that are based on honey:

  • Honey mask

How can I have a honey mask for lips. For its preparation you will need only any natural honey. Lightly melt it, check the temperature so as not to burn yourself and apply a thick layer on the lips. The mask should be left for about 15 minutes, then rinse with water. Just one such mask using honey will cause the lips to be in relative order.

  • Honey cucumber mask

Grate a fresh cucumber on a grater - you will needhalf a teaspoon, mix it with half a tablespoon of honey and leave to infuse for about an hour. Then apply a thick mask on the skin of the lips and cover with a plastic wrap. After about 15 minutes, wash the mask with cool water. Such a mask should be done once a day, for one week - as a rule, this time is enough to bring your lips in order.

  • Milk and honey mask

Melt one tablespoon on a water bathhoney, mix with a teaspoon of milk and apply to the skin of the lips. The mask absorbs quickly enough, so periodically update the layer - for 20 minutes. Do the mask twice a day, three days in a row. If necessary, treatment can be continued for as long as necessary. But as a rule, when using honey, the lips regenerate very, very quickly.

  • Egg-honey mask

If the lips cracked very much, trymask of egg yolk and honey. To make this mask, take one raw egg yolk, mix it with honey - you should get a homogeneous creamy mass. Apply it to the skin of your lips and leave for 120 minutes, then rinse with water. The mask should be done once a day, until the cracks are healed completely. Those. who resorted to the help of honey, on their own experience know how effective these masks are. But, alas, honey often provokes allergic reactions. And in this case, the honey should be discarded. But how to be, after all sponges it is necessary to put in order? It does not matter, and you can do without honey - there are other, equally effective mask for the lips.

  • Mask with vegetable oil and chamomile

On a water bath bring to a boil two dining roomsspoons of any vegetable oil, pour half a teaspoon of dry chemist's chamomile and boil for about five minutes. Periodically lubricate the lips with this vegetable oil - always let it absorb.

  • Banana mask

Combine warm milk and a banana to consistencysour cream. Apply mask on the lips for 15 minutes, then remove it with a cotton swab and apply lip balm or greasy cream. If you follow our advice, and the problem remains, then most likely the cause of peeling of the lips is covered in infection or lack of vitamins. In this case, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. We advise you to read: