how to remove pigment spots on the face Beauty can be different. Someone likes high girls, someone - low. Someone likes blondes, the heart of some freezes after the red-haired ladies. In a word, how many people, so many opinions. But there is one quality that is unanimously entered by all into the list of shortcomings. These are pigmented spots. Each girl perceives their appearance on the face as a personal tragedy and in every possible way tries to bring out the hateful darkness on the skin. Some people succeed, and they forget about the problem. Those who still unsuccessfully remove pigment spots from the face, we offer several options for getting rid of the defect.

Pigmented spots: the cause of appearance

So why do all the same appear darkening of the skin? The reasons can be several:

  • Age. In women over 40, pigmentation spots appear due to hormonal changes in the body.
  • Pregnancy. The same hormones rage in the period of bearing the baby, rewarding the young mother with not only a bad mood, but also spots on the skin.
  • Ultraviolet. Lovers of sunbath also often pay for their passion for skin pigmentation.
  • Diseases. Dark or white spots on the skin can signal a disease. This may be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, liver or kidney.
  • Avitaminosis. In the spring, pigment spots appear most often, and this is due to the usual lack of vitamins, coupled with the bright sun, from which the skin has become out of habit for the winter period.
  • Exposure to skin chemicals. Very often women, frightened by the fact that a trip to the sea will bring not only joy, but also pigment spots, begin to smear the skin with all sorts of sunscreen. But they forget that all ointments and gels are designed for a certain type of skin. Sometimes even a very good (but improperly chosen) remedy can do harm.

to remove pigment spots on the face

How to prevent the appearance of age spots?

Agree that it is easier to prevent the problem,rather than puzzle over how to remove pigmentation spots? So let's learn to competently care for the skin, so that she would thank us every day with a healthy appearance and even color? To begin with, you need to train yourself to use the means that suppress the production of melatonin. How to identify them? Very simple. Look for creams, retinol, arbutin or vitamin C. It is not superfluous to have vegetable oils with natural UV (jojoba, orange, shea butter). But, perhaps, the most simple and effective method to prevent the appearance of age spots is protection from sunlight. Suitable for everyone: special sunscreen (suitable for your skin type), wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses. The main thing is not to expose your face to scorching rays, and then problems can be avoided. Especially cautious should be older women and girls who have recently done face cleansing or peeling. It is believed that their skin is as vulnerable as possible. Therefore, if you just returned from the beauty salon yesterday, we advise you to refrain from walking around the sun and even more so from sunbathing.

Folk remedies against pigment spots

What pigmentation spots are the most problematic? That's right, those that are on the face. They are so diligently trying to bring women. That only they do not smear on the skin to even her tone! But meanwhile, it's not only not necessary to engage in amateur activities, but even harmful. Therefore, use only proven folk methods, and pigmented spots will remain in the past.

  • The first thing to note is lemon juice. This is the most popular and effective remedy for pigment spots, freckles and other skin features that girls are so desperately struggling with. Wipe with fresh lemon juice, pigment spots 2 times a day, and they will lighten.
  • Washing with tincture from dandelions also gives good effect. There are no dandelions near at hand? Make a cocktail of lemon juice and cucumber.
  • Mask of sour milk or yogurt if you do not remove pigment spots, it will make them a little lighter. And if you apply the mask regularly, then the skin will improve.
  • And again cucumbers come to the rescue. Rub them on a grater and apply a thick layer on your face. Allow the mask to dry and rinse with cool water. By the way, in order for the mask to be more effective, any vegetables should be rubbed not on a metal grater, but on a plastic one.
  • Well brightens the pigment spots of parsley. Finely chop it and pour a small amount of boiling water (that the tincture was more dense and concentrated). Wipe the resulting lotion from the parsley 3 times a day, the skin of the face, and it will become much lighter.
  • The yeast mask copes with spots on the skinno worse than all the above. But to do such a mask you need to consider the type of your skin and only fresh yeast. Girls with oily skin should be diluted with yeast followed by 3% hydrogen peroxide; with normal - boiled water; owners of dry skin will need warm milk. Prepared? Now put the mask on the cleansed face and allow it to dry thoroughly, then thoroughly wash off the herbal decoction.
  • As we said earlier, pigment spotsare afraid of vitamin C. But meanwhile it can be found not only in a jar with a cream or in a bottle of lotion. The real vitamin C grows on the bed - it's sweet pepper. Rub the vegetable on a grater (preferably plastic) and apply a fragrant gruel to your face. And get rid of pigment spots, and nourish the skin with nutrients.
  • Mustard mask also whitens the skin well. Plus, it's easy to use - it's enough to dilute the mustard powder with warm boiled water to a mushy state, and the mask is ready. However, this method is not suitable for girls with enlarged pores and owners of vegetation on the face. Otherwise, the pores will become wider, and the hair on the face will begin to grow thicker (it is not in vain that mustard is actively used to prepare masks against alopecia).
  • Next comes the carrot mask. Grate the vegetable on a grater, add 1 yolk and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the slurry to the face, allow to dry. If the pigmentation spots begin to lighten, add carrot lotion to your arsenal. To make it, grate a couple of carrots on a grater, squeeze the juice from the resulting mixture, add to it the same teaspoon of lemon juice and rub it with an orange liquid twice a day.
  • The last in the list of recipes is kefirmask. According to the lovers of folk cosmetology, it also whitens the pigment spots well and moisturizes the skin of the face. Sift a tablespoon of flour and dilute it with kefir until it is mushy. The mask is ready. Apply it in a dense layer on the affected areas of the skin and let it absorb.
  • how to remove pigmentation spots on the face correctly

    Hardware peeling in the fight against pigment spots

    Agree that no matter how good people would betherapy, but sometimes the pigmentation spots do not respond to its treatment. And then modern cosmetology comes to the rescue. One of the most effective procedures in the fight against pigmentation is peeling. During the session, the upper layer of the skin is removed, and with it all the defects that are present. The skin heals, renews, and from the dark spots on the face are only memories. And there are several types of peeling, which not only remove pigment spots, but also perform a number of other restorative procedures. For example, ultrasonic peeling by tradition removes the top layer of the skin, and besides enriches the face with nutrients. Which ones? Each cosmetologist selects a "vitamin cocktail" individually for each client. Therefore, if your skin is peeling and does not look the best, ultrasonic peeling is for you. Very often the procedure is refused by the owners of sensitive skin. And not without reason. Traditional peeling usually led the skin to reddening, which did not take several days. As a result, there was more harm to the skin than good. But this was before the appearance of laser peeling. Here removal of the top layer of the skin is so gentle that it is suitable for all women without exception. Chemical peeling is more aggressive, but also more effective at the same time. He takes more old cells and improves regeneration better. However, if the procedure is improperly performed, chemical peeling can severely burn the skin. Therefore, we advise you to be as accurate as possible when choosing a cosmetologist. If you have tried all the known ways to fight pigmented spots, and they have not disappeared from your face, do not despair. Summer will pass, and your skin will become lighter. In the meantime, enjoy the first rays of the sun and the long-awaited warmth. We advise you to read: